` ` ` ` Executive Summary Identification of business requirements Overview of proposed information systems Current and proposed processes Process of flow charts .

` ` ` ` Riordan in need of a new computer system Improve inventory process efficiency Update database to process less than 24 hours Improve operations and reporting .

real-time computing (RTC) .` ` ` ` ` Improve Inventory Tracking Modify inventory process Periodic cycle counting Consolidation of manufacturing & inventory systems Accounting reporting .

Money. Rapid tracking and updating of all systems. Efficiency. instant access to all information about any product.` ` ` Time. .

check shipping documents .` Implement new inventory system barcode scanners Receiving and shipments of raw materials ` Input orders in system Reduced paperwork.

all inventory systems New software proposed x Golden Web Inventory Systems .` Network Security functions Networking .

` Network Security Functions .Symantec Symantec Backup Executive 2010 x Backup and security functions .

` Shipping Supervisor Inventory ` ` The production manager process Paperwork input by inventory personnel .

` Shipping Supervisor Inventory ` Shipped product scanned .Shipping Supervisor Eliminates the need for an inventory clerk .

` Sub Assemblies Manufacturing & Assembly Clerk Inventory Form .

` ` ` Inventory forms submitted by Sub assembly crew Inventory forms submitted & approved Inventory personnel inputs form .

Sub Assemblies Manufacturing & Assembly .

` Sub assembly crew inputs data Eliminates steps for an inventory clerk Data is processed in real time x no need for 24-hour processing .

` Sales orders are complete Manually on paper by Sales ` Order Shipping Team Prints out orders to be filled .

` ` Sale order entered directly in system Order Shipping Team Prints out orders and labels directly ` Annual Inventory process a barcode on all product .Saves time .

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