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Dan and Henry's Guide to Woodland

Airsoft Etiquette
2010 Edition©
1.No shots above the shoulders are permitted.

2.Groin shots are just cruel. But still legal. However, anyone hit in the
groin area has permission to beat the shooter over the head with
his/her weapon.

3.The panic word is banana, and if anyone says this, he/she may not
be shot. There must also be a reason stated for saying “banana.” If it
is not acceptable, then the panicked will be given a groin shot.

4. Hand-to-hand combat, such as beating one another with the

butt of a rifle, is only to be utilized after one has been shot in the

5.There are no more rules, except for any rules that may follow.

6.Knives and bayonets are fair game, but must only be used in a
stabbing manner (i.e., no "slashing" is permitted).

7.The use of landmines, grenades, C4, and improvised explosive

devices is applauded.

8.To be allowed to airsoft, one must first pledge his/her allegiance to

Voltron, Defender of the Universe©.

9.The digging of foxholes for cover is permitted, as long as all holes

are filled in afterwards so as to prevent the nesting of wild turkeys.

10.No combat is to occur near ledges, and I like the wild turkey