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THE SENATE RANKING MINORITY MEMBER STATE OF NEW YORK ces, ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION COMMITTEES AGRICULTURE AGING EDUCATION = \VETERANS, HOMELAND SECURITY & MILITARY AFFAIRS, TONY AVELLA SENATOR, ITH DISTRICT April 8, 2011 BY FAX AND REGULAR MAIL Mr. Seth W. Pinsky President Economic Development Corporati 110 William Street ‘New York, NY 10038 Dear Mr. Pinsky: ALBANY OFFICE: ROOM 504, LOB ALBANY. NEW YORK 12817 (618) 45-2210 OFFICE (518) 26-6796 FAX DISTRICT OFFICE: 3850 BELL BOULEVARD SUITEC BAYSIDE, NEW YORK (7s) 57.3094 OFFIck (Tig) 357-3401 FAX, INTERNET ADDRESS: AVELLA@NYSENATE GOV 61 Ithas come to my attention that New York Supreme Court Justice Joan Madden has recently issued an Order to Show Cause in relation to a request that the Court vacate an August 2010 Order which dismissed an Article 78 case brought against the city by Willets Point United. Given the Judge’s decision, I think it is appropriate for the city and EDC to suspend any and all condemnation action in relation to the Willets Point area until such time as the Judge has issued her decision. Please let me know how you intend to proceed. Sincerely ee Tony Avella State Senator 11 Senatorial District