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operation procedure of the company and financial. and description of different division.Executive Summary In this business plan. . investor s. It will reflect a pure planning for starting a new concept of business. we want to give our customer the experience of world class ship cruise from Dhaka to Saint Martin s Island. We also exhibited our company s SWOT analysis and every kind of possible details in this business plan. By this ship service. We have given the whole details of the company. we would like to present a new concept of traveling by a luxurious cruise ship. marketing and management details of the company.

In this tour. we provide every kind of facility to our customer. This is our main business concept. Our cruise ship will start journey from Dhaka and the journey will end to the Saint Martin. We will buy a ship from other country or make it from the Chittagong ship yard and then we start our main operational work. Our service is mainly customer based.Description of the Business Business Concept: We will create a company of cruise ship and we decided to give our company name is Banglar Tori Private Limited . .

people goes to Cox Bazaar or Saint Martin s Island for normal vacation or honeymoon tour. We hope to attract people as we launch this business for the thrill and adventure of travelling at sea. there is no company which provides river and sea cruise services. then we will move further and later we will bring a true luxurious ship for our company. We want to start cruise ship business with a medium size ship. But in the context of our country. . If the people of Bangladesh accept this.Current Situation: In our country.

2 million taka profits per year. we will take loan from any reputed bank of Bangladesh and then we will start our business. As we are three entrepreneurs for this business. our key financial factor is our capital. we will not be able to bring all the capital for the business.Key Financial Factors: In our business. our revenue and our service. And we will focus to get 6. So. This is our key financial factors. Also our authorized capital will be 240 million taka. .

If the bank wants to join our business as our partner. then we will consider their proposal. . we must need some help from the bank. And the rest of taka we will get from a reputed bank as loan for our business. We three members of the board of directors will provide 100 million taka for the business.Key Financial Needs: As it is a huge project with the capital amount of 240 million taka. But our main target is to run the business by this authorized amount of capital.

Vision : Our vision is to establish our company in our country and we are promised to our customer to give them the world class service of luxurious cruise ship. . We want to concentrate to satisfy our customer more then give them all the service they want. Our customer will get an experience of a life time and they will say that it will be one of their greatest experiences in their life. This is our mainly visionary proposal for our company. We will provide so good service so that we will take soft place in our customer heart and they will be our regular customer.

we will give two name of the management team.Management Management Team & their Responsibilities: According to the work. They are: Team Delta : Office Management Team Team Alpha : Ship Management Team .

M Shahed Shopneel Director of accounts & finances Given Capital: 25 million taka (25% profit) .Management Name of the Investors & their Proportions and designations: Isteaque Ahmed Tamim Managing Director Given Capital: 40 million taka (40% profit) Afsana Jahan Director of management & operations control Given Capital: 35 million taka (35% profit) S.

Martins Island. Martins Island. When to compete: on October 1st 2011 we hope to start our first cruise from Shadorghat . Martin s Island by sea and river in Bangladesh. there is no prominent competitor existing yet. . Dhaka for St.Marketing The overall Market: Where to compete: The marine route from Dhaka . How to compete: This. being a new Business.St. But there are some small and medium sea trucks on the route providing transportation services from Teknaff to St.

Clear-cut objectives and a sharp focus on target customers are necessary for an effective promotional program . and control of persuasive communication with customers. implementation.Marketing Marketing Promotion: Promotion strategies are concerned with the planning.

inform or remind the customer) ii) Advertising Purpose: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ To prompt direct response To provide service information and queries To match services with customer needs and wants To revitalize the tradition of river cruising To attract foreign tourists and encourage tourism .Marketing Marketing Advertising & Advertising Strategy: i) Advertising Objective: ‡Sales Objective (to generate a certain volume of sales within a fixed period of time) ‡Communication Objective (to communicate.

An advertising strategy consists of creative strategy which describes and develops the message what an advertiser wants to say to the audience and media strategy which consist of where. . how and when they want to place their message.Marketing Advertising & Advertising Strategy: iii) Advertising Strategy: The advertising strategy is to assist the advertiser to achieve quoted objectives.

. The rationale behind suggesting that is.Marketing Advertising & Advertising Strategy: iv) Budgeting Method for Advertising: ‡ Affordability method ‡ Percentage of Sales Method ‡ Competitive Method ‡ Objective and Task Method ‡ Inertia In this regard our advertising agency suggests that we go for Affordability method in the aid of the advertising campaign. we are launching a new service to the customers in Bangladesh.

We hope to create a positive impression on our target customers and ensure customer satisfaction through finer services. In this business. the target customer is High income class people and medium income class people.Marketing Advertising & Advertising Strategy: v) Our Target Market: To generate profit it is essential to identify and select the target customer. .

Marketing : Core Strategies of our Service: ‡ Be obsessed with target customer satisfaction ‡ Build reputation through providing quality service. ‡ Finer services at a reasonable price. . ‡ Be dedicated to continuous growth in the market ‡ Widespread availability of information through web and mass media.

Marketing : Our Positioning Strategy: To set up effective perception for a new brand is a Complex task. the customer does not get effective perception. But they cannot achieve their goal and attain success. The reason behind this. So we chose some specific strategy by which we can create positive impression on the customer. company use huge investment on creating positive impression of a new product. As a new brand if we are effective we can generate high market share . Most of the time what happens is.

000Tk/ prsn 50. we selected 2 strategies for our service.000Tk/prsn 20.000Tk/prsn 15.000Tk/ cpl . ‡ Skimming Pricing ‡ Penetration Pricing Class A Customer: VIP Class Customer Class B Customer: Medium Class Customer Class C Customer: Economy Class Customer Class S Customer: Special Class Customer 30.Marketing : Pricing Strategy choices: As a probable pricing strategy.

. It can last from weeks to years. These stages require different marketing strategies at different times. We have to take an effective decision based on the business situation.Marketing : Industry Analysis: Our business tends to go through different stages. Not all business can keep sustainable profit overtime. each stage being affected by different competitive conditions. Competitors come into the market and they are ready to provide better service at lower price to survive. So overtime we have to defend and strengthen our position in the market. if sales and profits are to be efficiently realized. The length of our new business life cycle is in no way a fixed period of time. depending on the business condition.

Marketing : SWOT Analysis of the Business: A SWOT analysis is done to reflect the Strengths. Here is the SWOT analysis of our business plan: Strengths ‡ First movers advantage ‡ Price skimming privilege ‡ Freedom of operating in our own way ‡ Strong financial resources to grow up the business. Opportunities and Threats of our company. . Weakness.

SWOT Analysis of the Business: Weakness ‡ Lack of experience in the new market ‡ Lack of knowledge about how the customers will perceive our services ‡ Lack of consistency of internal people ‡ Risk of failure as it is a new project. ‡ It is a totally innovative and unique business. ‡ Target customer will show their desire to our services . ‡ Luxurious cruise ship is bound to attract the target customer. Opportunities ‡ Customers want to visit in a new way & want new kind of experience.

Purchasing power is low. ‡ People do not get that much leave and could get bored to stay 3 or 4 days in the same ship.SWOT Analysis of the Business: Threats ‡ Our country is in a unstable economic condition. ‡ Probability of future competitors ‡ We have to suspend our services for some months in a year because of natural disaster like Tornado. . and Hurricane. etc. Flood.

So. in short we can say that the persons who are the director of the four departments. marketing department & Customer Service Department. Accounts & Finance Department and Management & Operations control department. . other departments also do same time of work which falls under their departments. they are the key personnel for the company. etc.Operations: Key Personnel: Our company has three divisional sectors. corporate marketing and new services launching. Marketing & Customer Service department is responsible for all the activities regarding sales and service.

Operations: Organizational Structure: Board of Directors the Company 1 . Director of Management & Operations Control . Director of Finance & Accounts 3.Director of Marketing & Customer Service 2.

Operations: Human Resource Plan: ‡ Job Analysis ‡ Job Description ‡ Job Requirements ‡ Customer Service & Facilities .

our net income of the year will be 62.000 taka where there will be no profit and no loss for the company. our total assets will be 14. 70. The break even point of the company will be 15.Financial Data: Income Statement (projected): ‡ according to the projected income statement.000 taka (approximate). 02. 02. 00. This portion of profit will directly distribute to the investors. 68. 00. 70.000 taka per year Break Even Analysis: we target 20.000 taka and our total liability will be 14. Balance Sheet (projected): ‡ According to the balance sheet.000 taka as our yearly profit exempting all the expenses and liabilities. .

we don t have any kind of service like this. Those who can effort to go with us in this tour.Conclusion In conclusion. we just want to say that this is basically our business plan for the luxurious cruise ship. . As in our country. but also for the customers we want to give them the best experience of travelling by ship. so we hope that if we able to establish this project then it will be a profitable business for us. we can make assure you that it will be one of the memorable journey of your life. We want to try our best to give all the marketing and financial data of the company and also the company details. Not only for business.

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