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WIP Supply type

WIP Supply type

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Published by: sajeedmujawar on Apr 19, 2011
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i. Based on Bill Components required for the Bill has to be issued.

Method of issuing the compone nts is given as supply type in Bill of Material. If we can use the same , select based on Bill. ii. Push If all the components to be used as PUSH type, select PUSH. In PUSH, we need to issue the components through WIP Component Issue transactions before starting th e Job. iii. Operation Pull Components Issue will be taken care of by the system itself. Once the operation is completed, required components will be pulled from the mentioned supply subin ventory . iv. Assembly Pull Once the assembly is completed, required components for that assembly will be pu lled from the given supply subinventory. v. Supplier Issue of item by supplier, need not to transact this item . It is only for refer ence only to the WIP Person as this component need not to be used. vi .Bulk Bulk component requirements can be viewed and are displayed on reports. They can be used to communicate to the shop floor that bulk components must be used but need not be transacted.Bulk supply type components are not backflushed nor do th ey default when issuing all components for an assembly. we can, however, manuall y issue specific bulk components to a discrete job or repetitive schedule.

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