For cvery battle honour, a thousand hcroes die alone, unsunS, and unremembered.
Each player picks an 'army'


This special Warhammer 40,000 scenario allows players to recreate a deadly firefight between a crack team sent out on a deadly mission and

worth 200 points using the

the defending troops ordered to stop them. It could be a team of Ork Kommandos sneaking into a Necron tomb complex, a pack of Kroot
Mercenaries sent to 'liberate' a priceless Dark Eldar artefact from its twisted shrine, or a squad of Space Marine Scouts avoiding patrolling Gun Drones as they make their way to assassinate a Tau Ethereal; the possibilities really are endless!
Kill Team is designed to be played with a small number

following force organisation chart:
O-1 Elite

0-2 Troops

0-1 Fast Attack

Kill Team is ideally played on a table that is three or four foot square. Much smaller than this and models will start right on top of each other, and much larger they may never find each other! Place as much terrain as you can on the table - in Kill Team, the more terrain

of models, each of which


treated as an individual

unit. This means that games will be quick: you'll easily finish a game in a lunchtime, and may even have time

the better.
Split the table into four quarters and roll-off to see which player picks the quarter they will deploy in The opposing player deploys in the opposite quarter. The player that won the roll-off deploys first. He must

for a rematch ln addition we've included a special rule for 'specialist troopers' that is perfect for those players that like to convert the models in their armies. So click off the safety catch and ensure you brought along
those extra ammo clips. lt5 a battle to the death, and only the most ruthless warriors will survive...

deploy all of his army in his deployment area, anywhere

that is more than 9" from the centre of the table



Battle Missions: Special Missions

opponent then does likewise. Neither side may place any units in reserve in this scenario.

Every Man For Himself: All models operate as individual units in this mission, even if they were chosen as part of a squad or squadron. ln addition, when a model shoots or fights in an assault it may split its attacks up amongst any eligible targets if desired.

Roll a D6. On a 2 o!' more the player that deployed first

first turn. On a roll of 1 the enemy seize the initiative and go first
has the


The battle continues until one side has been reduced to

Players may choose


use the

following rule if desired.

half its starting number of models or less. Once


player's army has been reduced to half strength he

must take a Leadership test at the start of each of his turns; rf he fails the test then his army flees and the

other player wins the battle. lf the test is passed then the battle continues, but the player will have to take another test at the start of his next turn Note that it is entirely possible for both player's to have to take Leadership tests at the start of their turns and that the first one to fail will lose the battle.
The Leadership test is always taken using the highest Leadership of any of the player's surviving models. Apply a -1 modifier to the second test that a player has to take, a -2 modifier to the third test, and so on.

Specialist Troopers: Each player is allowed to pick up to three different models in their army as being 'specialists' that benefit from one of the universal special rules in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. Each player picks their specialists out loud at the start of the
mission, before the armies deploy. Each specialist counts as having one of the universal special rules. You must

which rule applies when you declare the model

is a

specialist. For example, you might say "This model is a specialist Tank Hunter", or "This specialist is Fearless"

and so on. Keep a note as to which rule applies to each specialist. All specialists on the same side must pick different universal special rules, and you may not give
more than one specialist rule to each model.

Design Note: Players really should represent specialists with suitably converted models. You don't have to do
this, but we think you'll find that converted models will perform much better on the tabletop!

Deploy the armies in opposite table quafteR

Set-Up 5ummary
Roll-off for deployment areas
The winner of the roll-off deploys first,

9" from the centre of the table
The opposing player deploys second,

9" from the centre of the table.


Neither player may place units in reserve

Battle Missions: Special Missions