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Published by: Chad Kaisryk Krysiak on Apr 19, 2011
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five point seven millimeter fever hollow point ether cavity cleaver army man teacher thirty two

cleaner yo no use to be a preacher equips legit no stun setting, I'm verbal bloodletting virgil infernal circle stepping grab it and run I pops pills sentries pez gun slops bodies chopped shotty 870 glock 17 when becomes numb severing battery? wanna batter me we see who the better batter be battle slasher fiend punks can only dream I'm badder turn brains cake batter rebuke an army of undead nine casts harming in effect epic cleric divine plate protects Edged weapons militant brethren ah none of the above but I can’t escape them record checkers violent matters crystal shatterers got heat packers saigon suicide squad on them pokemons captured he's trolled to the point where he's almost at the end of his realm, split another shell figure me catalyst chapmans come and get me while I fuck this planet when I’m lennon indebted I eat a bleeding heart kick a diplomat out the a la cart im yellin madness no, sparta clones dodgin spots of pacman cops flashlights, it’s all knuckledruggery and mindfuckery apparently the breads buttery i’m wondering the shit's intimidation shuffle up the mental patient you don't know hatred till I create it eotech leupold basement battle station no cremation brofist with satan he said yo you didn't do shit you're insignificant take this refine your statements reality strikes i'm speaking to nothing wielding steakknives or I'm going to die denied my right haven't released a motherfucking song since trash singles I'd take em down but I fuckin cant I'd erase em burn the pages to ash minute man gettin static this shit is outlandish, I’m stuck as captain as earth water wind etcetera gonna summon utgar the world destroyer while companies of soda bottle poisoners form a new ad campaign it’s strange, tastes good and our bones melt away all the gear I can’t afford no tallies no dry erase board highly modified ability scores no bullies but I don’t ignore no slowdown to the fast forward

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