Saving on Gasoline Exploration with Excel Exploration 1: That great deal on a gallon of gasoline may not be worth the

trip. The task before you is to determine which (if any) gas station’s price and distance combine to save you the most money. The number of Miles out of the way is the distance outside your routine driving area. Construction Instructions: Step 1: Enter the constant values outlined below into an Excel spreadsheet. Miles per 1 gallon 2 Al’s fuel stop Bob’s Petrol Creekz Dirgo Gas Price per 3 $2.91 $3.02 $2.86 $3.08 gallon Miles out 4 10 1.5 11 2.3 of the way

Esso $3.01 0.25

Name the file using your name and NumAlg – for example, JSmithNumAlg.xls Step 2: The independent variable in this question is the miles per gallon for your car. The dependent variables are the costs of driving to each of the given stations. Complete row 5 of the spreadsheet with formulas that calculate the costs of driving to each station. Your formulas should include both absolute and relative cell references. Investigate: Begin with a car that gets 20 miles per gallon. Display the costs of driving to each station in a bar graph in your Excel file. Identify the location that is the most economical (the lowest cost for the additional distance). Explore the cost of driving to each location for various levels of miles per gallon. Use of a slider for the miles per gallon value would make exploration more visually appealing. Conjecture: Record your conjectures about which station offers the best value. Include your reasoning.

Explore More: Does the best deal change depending upon your car’s gas mileage? At what level does this change? Justify: Verify that your conjectures are true or false. Create an argument to convince your classmates that your conjectures are true (or false).

Submit both your Excel spreadsheet and a word processed document of your investigation through Moodle.

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