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control your mind by swami sivananda

control your mind by swami sivananda

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Published by: Suryapatro Narayan on Apr 19, 2011
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The mind has three Gunas, viz., Sattva (light, bliss, goodness), Rajas (passion, motion) and

Tamas (inertia, darkness). There are three Vrittis in the mind corresponding to the three Gunas.


Tamo Guna. Equilibrium or balance is Santa Vritti; anger is Ghora Vritti; laziness (Alasya),

carelessness (Pramada) and drowsiness (Tandri) are Mudha Vrittis.


Sattva Guna is purity. It is Prakasa (illumination, light). Sattva Guna is a force favourable

for the attainment of Moksha. Daivi Sampat—virtues such as fearlessness, purity of heart,


for Truth; differentiation between Sat and Asat, what is real and what is unreal.)

A Sattvic mind is always steady. It finds delight internally. It may stick to one place

indefinitely. It keeps friendship with persons for a long, long time. It can read the Gita or the

Yogavasishtha any number of days. It can live on Dal-roti for years together without any





touch with the Divine Source owing to the cleanness of the mind-mirror. You will get inspiration.

You will compose beautiful poetry, etc. Preserve those inspired writings. Jot them down in your


Sattvapatti is a state of mind wherein the mind is full of Sattva or purity. There is purity of

thought (Bhava-Samsuddhi) and purity of heart (Sattva-Samsuddhi). It is the fourth

Jnana-Bhumika or fourth stage of Jnana.


Rajo Guna is a hostile force to pull you down into Samsara. Asuri Sampat—vices like

Dambha, Darpa, Krodha, etc.—will drag you down into hell. A mind endowed with Sattva Guna

will make a man still and inactive, while a mind with Rajo Guna will make him restless. It will not

allow him to sit idle and will force him to work.

The Rajasic mind always wants new sensations and variety. It likes certain persons, objects

and places now and, after some time, it becomes disgusted with them and wants new persons for

company, new vegetables to eat, new books to read and new places to see (finds pleasure in


The mind of Rajasic type wants always company and talk. These are the two defects which

distract the mind much. Avoid company. Live alone. Observe Mouna. You will get peace of mind.

Most of the pain comes from bad company. Be careful in the selection of your companions. You


him for a long time. There is no company or talk in Brahman who is Asanga and Asabda.


deeds or wrongs done by others and forgets easily their good acts. These two tendencies intensify

hatred and cause frequent disturbance in the mind.

A mind which is devoid of Sattva Guna will not be good enough to consider others’

happiness as its own and will, therefore, be ever reeling. Again, as this mind has not the

complacency to rejoice at another’s virtues, there is no internal contentment. Then, as it does not

consider others’ sufferings as its own, there arises in it no compassion for them.

It is the Rajasic mind that splits, separates, divides and deceptively shows plurality

(Nanatva). The sun is one. The moon is one. Akasa is one. The idea behind languages is one. The

feeling of sincerity is one. There is no inside or outside. Husband and wife become one in heart.

Intimate friends are one in heart. Matter is one. Energy is one. Sattvic mind is one. It unifies.


is one. Brahman is one. Ekameva Advitiyam Brahma (Brahman is one without a second).

Intense Rajas takes Sattvic turn. Dacoit Ratnakar became the sage Valmiki. Jagai and

Madhai, who were intensely Rajasic and who pelted stones at Lord Gouranga, became his first





The real peace of mind does not come from outside. It is produced in the same mind when

the mind is controlled and its thoughts are checked. You must put forth great efforts to check the

passions and desires. Then alone will your aptitude for activity be subdued and you will be at rest

and your thoughts will be stilled. Develop, therefore, Sattva Guna by Japa, Vichara, Satsanga,

meditation, light Sattvic food, Tapas and Svadhyaya.

An ordinary worldly-minded man can hardly hear the inner voice of Atman. He cannot get

pure thoughts or Vichara (enquiry into Self) also. Every Sattvic (pure) thought emanates from

Sattvic Buddhi (pure intellect). In the case of worldlings, all thoughts proceed from the mind only.

He who does Nishkama Karma Yoga (selfless service) and has purity of the mind, begins to

entertain thoughts of God and meditation. Generally, the mind raises various sorts of curious,

fantastic thoughts. It deludes all. It may pretend to do Vichara also. But, when it comes to actual


into actual practice for months steadily and, if the longing for Darshana of God or Self-realisation


Buddhi only.

All Sadhanas aim at the development of Sattva Guna and the attainment of pure, irresistible

Will. This will bring about Avidya Nivritti (removal of ignorance) and Paramananda-Prapti

(Sat-Chit-Ananda state). Increase of Sattva Guna and pure, strong, determined Will pave a long

way in achieving God-realisation.

In the world also, there are persons with a few Sattvic virtues such as patience, generosity,

forgiveness, etc. But, a spiritual aspirant tries to develop the mind as a whole, to acquire all Sattvic


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