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" Clean lines in a welldesigned background are the beginning to any successful job. I believe modern architecture

is the perfect canvas

to bring in any time period you want to work with, but with any space one should utilize the architecture to show off the furnishings to their best advantage."

Vicente Woif designer


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She loves the bright colors of Mexi

co, has a French flair for using fabrics on

walls, and is unafraid of dropping in b

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esigns a ong t e way.

"My parents have always decorated with lots of color, so that is where my bOld approach comes from," says Christine whose father, Comte HUbert d'Ornano: cofounded Lancome, set up Orlane, and together with h is wife, Isabelle, began ' Sisley in 1976. "My parents have always made joint decorating decisions, enjoying themselves in the process, and I have continued the tradition with my husband Marzouk; we are very much a team when' it comes to decorating decisions."

This is first and foremost a family home, and there is evidence of the pair's three daughters' paintings and drawings in nearly every room, but especially here in the bedroom, where photos and drawings are simply pinned to the wall on either side of the bed. They are charming additions to the colorful space.

BEDSIDE STORY Left Amid a riot of pattern, a bedside table with a transparent top gives a sense of space next to the bed, where the walls are turned into a miniature family picture gallery.

BATHING BEAUTY Opposite Nestled beneath the big picture window, the bath is glimpsed from both the dressing area and the bedroom. The children's artwork forms an effortless windowsill display, completely in keeping with the decor.

o b th a An oval bath underneath the window IS 0

". focal point and a good use of space.

Columns of clothes storage extend threequarters of the way up the wall, library style, so

. d ot enclose the

as to preserve natural light an n

dressing area too much.


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The entrance to the en suite re . dow

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bathroom is left open so t e . d in the

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distance from the bed.


. On the bedroom.

The bed is the main focal point I