PARTICULARS Acknowledgement Preface Bharti Enterprises – Company Profile Companies of Bharti Enterprises Walmart- Company Profile About Walmart Management Malls and Super Markets – Threat or boom to India An analysis of Indian Retail Sector two years before Walmart entry Bharti-Walmart Joint Venture Anlysis of Retail Sector in respect of Walmart after Walmart entry Development of IT in Walmart Walmart around the world Anlysis of success of Walmart in India Impact of Walmart on Indian Retailers Transformation in Indian agriculture due to Walmart Impact of Walmart on Establish Retail Stores in India Comparison of Walmart in India with Walmart in other Countries Walmart future planning and criticism of Walmart The causes and consequences of Walmart 's growth in India Bibliography Page No. 2 3 5 6-12 13-16 22-27 28-29 30-46 47-53 54-56 57-59 60 61-65 66 67 68 69-72 73-76 77-83 85


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