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Your expectations
You need to reduce your Turn Around Time, to shrink
your production process cost, enhance
competitiveness and performance of your operations
and implement a logistics organization operated in
compliance with « supply chain management best
practices ». Charles MICHELY
Maintenance & E-Services

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Your objectives
Set up of a cross functional organization adapted to
logistics with a high service service.

Control and efficient monitoring of furnishers and sub

contractors and traceability improvement.
Set up of appropriate forecasts tools.
Shrinkage of stock level and TATs through the
utilisation of relevant methods for the definition of
Mean Ground Quantity, Safety stock and economic
ordered quantities.
Implementation of an efficient management of
storage and warehousing.

Our Offer
Evaluation of logistics performance

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F-95703 Roissy CDG cedex
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Training of logistics staffs based on the utilisation of
logistical best practices and competitive optimization
Definition of an efficient flow steering organization
taking into consideration regulatory requirements
while reducing significantly cost. Our interventions in
the field of aircraft maintenance are based upon
AF-KLM group experience, in particular Air France
Industries, in order to guarantee a permanent
updating of your approach and expectations of supply
chain management and its related best practices
within the industry.

Our Know-how and our Resources

A diagnosis (audit) on site based upon efficient
referentials and regulatory requirements and
regulations to assess your current situation and
propose customized solutions.
A Taylor made support plan linked to a training
program adapted for the set up of relevant
recommendations and ways of improvements with
appropriate indicators and scoreboards.

Roissypôle, le Dôme,BP 11201

F-95703 Roissy CDG cedex
Tél : +33 (0)1 41 56 18 98
Fax : +33 (0)1 41 56 18 69
E-mail :