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Published by: Manoj Kumar C on Apr 19, 2011
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1. a. Both men and women can be appointed in such institutions saving

expenditure on staff.

b. Educational supervision and inspection will also be well facilitated

2. a. Administration,

b. Instruction,

c. assessment and

d. Finance.

3. a. It is essential to know the level of pupils attainments to give further

instruction or guidance.

b. It is required to enable the administration to assess the quality of work of

teachers in the classroom.


Notes :

a. Give your answer as instructed in each question

b. Compare your answer with those at the end of the unit

7. Write any two defects of Supervision and Inspection in our country.


4. a. Oral and practical tests may be taken as .a part of internal assessment.

b. Class and home assignments should be necessarily a part of internal


5. Open book examinations, Multiple sets of question paper, Question banks,

Continuous and comprehensive evaluation

6. a. Uniform means of evaluation among different universities.

b. To have a greater comparability among discipline and also within the


c. To remove hurdles in the free mobility of students.

7. a. Inspectors and supervisors have been bureaucratic minded.

b. Administrative supervision and instructional inspection are not clearly

distinguished, and the persons were required to carry out both the

functions which tended to make the work as an arduous one.

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