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Published by: Manoj Kumar C on Apr 19, 2011
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All minor games are suitable for young boys and girls. The term

minor is applied to all games of low organisation with less: rules, less

equipment and less expense. They are purely recreational games and provide a

lot of fun, frolic and joy. As such they are well enjoyed by children. They

are simple games that can be conducted in the play fields and also indoors.


Notes :

a. Give your answer as instructed in each question

b. Compare your answer with those at the end of the unit

4. Enlist any four functions of Physical Education Teachers.


With a very few rules, the games can be modified according to convenience.

They are played for a shorter duration. On lawns, on sea-shore, on hard

courts, on mountain tops and on river beds, wherever the kids assemble, the

games of low organisation can be conducted to engage the children.

They are classified under games because all the movements involved are

natural movements and unrestricted free expression of the big muscles receive the

richest, benefit in playing minor games.

These games are taught invariably at the elementary school level. They are tag

games and relay games such as simple tag, couple tag, snatching the kerchief,

finding the partner, zig zag relay, over ball pass Relay, under ball pass Relay,

Jump the stick clay and so on.


Almost every game involves chasing and tagging. Hopping, Jumping,

skipping, leaping and running are the movements insisted on each game and the

effect of these exercises are well seen flowing through the muscles. Imitative

activities in the form of minor games are totally enjoyed by the children. Most of

the activity programmes of the Kindergarten schools, Nursery schools and

Elementary schools are nothing but minor games.

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