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In a pragmatic system of education, a teacher occupies an important position.

He has to be active, alert and resourceful. He must be trained, efficient and a man of

foresight He has to create learning situations for the child. In different situations he

remains a friend and helper. Naturalism does not allow the teacher to interfere in the

education of the child Idealism makes the teacher indispensable In pragmatism, a

teacher adopts 'hand off' policy. The teacher is a man of superior wisdom, a senior

partner and a sincere guide. Pragmatism puts heavy demands on the teacher.


Notes :

a. Give your answer as instructed in each question

b. Compare your answer with those at the end of the unit

5. Write the curriculum advocated by pragmatism



Realism is not a philosophy of life like Idealism or Naturalism, but like

pragmatism it is an attitude of mind, a mode of thinking and an attempt to explain the

nature of things. It is the doctrine that the objects of our senses exist independently of

their being known or perceived by mind.

Today realism is a reaction against the book centered academic, intellectual,

liberal, literary or humanistic education. It favours child-centered, practical, specific,

scientific and psychological education.

Realism is the philosophy which considers a thing real if it is relevant to the

conditions that are existing. A realist is one who takes into account and is guided by

the facts of life as they exist.

The basic tenets of realism are

1. Material world or objective world is real

2. Nature existed before we find it will continue to exist

3. Experience is the touch stone of what is real. “Seeing is believing”

4. Philosophy of education should be based on the realities of life.

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