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Published by: Manoj Kumar C on Apr 19, 2011
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NCERT launched various schemes through its extension services for the

improvement of scientific education at all levels and in all fields of human work. Some

of its working schemes are as follows:

1. Schemes of teaching science. Various schemes have been launched to stimulate the

urge for scientific education among school children. Class-room teaching is

augmented with independent investigations and research at all levels of school

and college teaching by providing guidance and equipment for experimental


2. Promotion of science clubs. Establishment of science clubs is promoted to

popularise scientific education among common people. These clubs are

provided with adequate equipment and facilities for experimental and practical


3. Organisation of science fairs, seminars and symposiums. Through newspapers,

teachers of science are encouraged more and more to develop their knowledge

of the subject matter and adopt the most up-to-date devices and techniques of


4. Selection for science education. Through examinations, talented and gifted

children in the field of science are selected and encouraged by the award of

scholarships, stipends and appreciations in various ways.

5. Central science workshop. On the advice and under the guidance of talented

and learned members of UNESCO, science council has established a central

science workshop for imparting effective instruction to science teachers in

practical investigations, workshop methods together with techniques of work

and instruction.

6. After such experience and training, teachers as well as students are

encouraged to prepare designs, models and scientific instruments for

laboratories. The central workshop also tries to improve models and designs

prepared by Indian schools besides modifying foreign equipments to suit Indian


needs and conditions.

7. Training of science teachers. For laboratory and workshop techniques, a part time

curriculum for teacher training has been organized at various important places in

the country to prepare


Scientific outlook means acquiring and developing abilities such as

spirit of inquiry creativity, objectivity, the courage to question and aesthetic

sensibility. It also includes enabling the learners to acquire problem solving

and discovering skills.

Scientific outlook should enable an individual to question on the existing

beliefs, prejudices and practices and act as a liberating force.

• Scientific outlook helps the learner to search for truth and harmony in

different aspects of life.

• Scientific outlook implies a rational outlook. It helps to reduce

obscurantism and prejudices based on narrow considerations of caste, sex or


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