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Published by: Manoj Kumar C on Apr 19, 2011
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Teachers can play an important role in developing values of national integration

among the students. Following are the important measures which can prove very

helpful in this regard:

i. Teachers should set ideal examples of national integration through their

democratic behaviour, ways of thinking and doing things.

ii. Teachers should present historical facts in an impartial and objective manner.

iii. They should not discriminate students on the basis of caste, colour, language,

region or religion.

iv. They should lay balanced stress on the achievements of great leaders belonging

to different communities and regions etc.

v. In Geography and 'Indian Economics, the importance of

interdependence of different regions and States should be highlighted.


vi. All possible efforts should be made to inculcate an attitude of rational thinking

in the students.

vii. Community dinners, camps, educational excursions and tours may be organised

so that students get opportunities to appreciate the concept of unity and


viii. Deeds of patriotism of great persons belonging to all communities should be

suitably explained.

ix. Students should be involved in organising various school programmes.






International understanding is the ability to detach oneself from one's

particular culture and national prejudices. It is the ability to observe men of

all nationalities, cultures and races on equal bases. It is the ability to work for

the happiness of all human beings, irrespective of national boundaries.

The Secondary Education Commission Report observes, "There is no more

dangerous maxim in the world of today than ‘My country right or wrong’.

The whole world is now so intimately interrelated that no nation can or dare

live alone and the development of a sense of world citizenship has become just


Notes :

a. Give your answer as instructed in each question

b. Compare your answer with those at the end of the unit

2. Define National Integration

3. Emotional Integration Committee was set up in the year

4. Who was the Chairman of Emotional Integration Committee?

5. Write any two way and means to develop national integration among students?



as important as that of a national citizenship. In a very real sense, therefore,

patriotism is not enough, and it must be supplemented by a lively realisation of

the fact that we are all members of one world and must be prepared mentally

and emotionally to discharge the responsibilities which such membership

implies.” Nationalism should not degenerate into nationalistic jingoism.

Dr. Radhakrishnan states, “We need today an adjustment of the human

consciousness of the nuclear age in which we live. It is now conceivable that

the human race may put an end to itself by nuclear warfare or preparations for

it. This, if it happens, will be the result of the failure of man's consciousness to

adjust itself to the technological revolution and culture in a world that i.e., either

plunged in or overshadowed by war.”

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