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Published by: immmran on Apr 19, 2011
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So much in such a small space

Design: King & Miranda

Adjustable aps to direct the air ow where needed.R. almost a leash: moving it around is as easy as pulling a medium-sized trolley.45 Practical rubber coated wheels to make transport easier and even to respect the most delicate oor surfaces. Cooling capacity (35°C 80% UR) Cooling capacity (1) BTU kW W kWh — — -F-Hz lh m3 h — mm m° mm kg db (A) (min-max) Type Kg MPa Indoor temperature DB 35°C . Absorbed power in cooling mode (1) Annual energy consumption in cooling mode (1) E. Low emissions and high ef ciency contribute togheter with R410A gas to an environment friendly air conditioner! Take it by the leash! Take it by the leash! Isssimo features a practical. small as it is. Energy ef ciency class in cooling mode (1) Power supply Dehumi cation capacity Room air ow (max) entilation speed Flexible pipe (lenght x diameter) Maximum remote control range (distance angle) Dimension (W x H x D) Weight (without packing) Sound level Refrigerant gas load Maximum operating pressure OPERATIONAL LIMITS Maximum operating temperature in cooling mode Minimum operating temperature in cooling mode Auto cord rewind Issimo 11 is equipped with a very handy auto cord rewind to ease operations for the user. from room to room and from house to house. Remote control Wide display will show you your chisen options and running function as well as temperature and fan speed.WB 16°C 0. you can put it away where it is handiest for you. When it is not needed.034 517 2.000 3. ery powerful Class A and 12. Its character and personality in that strong blue will not go unobserved.20 Outdoor temperature DB 43°C .00 1. Functions Functionality and power at user’s hand with the friendly remote control that can set all Issimo functions such as: Smile that determines atuomatically ideal temperature and fan speed. Moon that makes the air conditioner very quiet to allow a pleasant sleep.WB 32°C DB 18°C . without any problem.E.2 200 3 1. You will also be able to set a timer to turn on off your Issimo. The perfect balance between power and quiet. Different from all the others.Exceptional personality It takes just one look to size it up: a portable unit that is truly out of the ordinary. (1) The technical data are referred to EN 14511. extractable ribbon. And it can follow you anywhere. 39 .500 x 120 8 80° 520 x 485 x 550 36 39-43 R410A 5. an authentic accent piece that adds a touch of class to any room.90 A 230-1-50 1. A surprising design with unmistakable lines.WB 24°C DB 18°C Issimo 11HE Cod.000 BTU h in a very compact size and above all very quite operation. 00787 12.

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