Creative Writing: Person from the Past Poem (that's an example of alliteration by the way

Your Task: Find a person from the past of PHS on a composite in the hallway that looks interesting to you. Maybe you think they look like they led an interesting life, maybe they look funny, maybe they are attractive, maybe they look like they had a secret they kept…whatever it is that draws you to this person is fine. Once you've found this person, your job is to create a background on them using the "questions to consider" below. Once you've done that, you will create a piece of writing that tells that persons story. The piece of writing (for now) can be in prose, like a journal entry…but eventually, may turn into a poem for your project. This part may be tricky, but the writing needs to fall under your chosen theme for your project. It can be written from any perspective. Examples include, but are not limited to: your perspective looking back at their life, the person's own perspective (now looking back or from back then), the person's parents, best friend, or teachers, the person's "enemy", etc. You choose the perspective that you think will work best for the piece. Questions to consider: What was their family/home life like? Were they a good student? A troublemaker? Under the radar? Were they active in school? Sports? Clubs? Band? Drama? Did they have a boyfriend/girlfriend? What did they do after school? Where are they now? Were they nice? A bully? A victim of bullying? Who were their best friends? Enemies? --Again, this is not an exhaustive list, just SOME ideas to think about-We will have :20 minutes from the time we leave the class to go to the senior hall (it's the hallway next to the MPR entrances, outside the Library entrance) to the time we leave the hallway to come back. When you get back to class, you have many things you can be working on. You can: --begin/continue drafting this piece into a poem --continue gathering lyrics from your artist --continue researching your artist for your comparison/contrast essay --continue/begin drafting your comparison contrast essay (which is due a week from today) --continue drafting any of the poems we have started this week