Department of Education Division of Bataan District of Orani KAPARANGAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

NARRATIVE REPORT Nutrition Month July 1-31, 2010
July 2010 marks the 36th year of Nutrition Month Celebration. Every private and government agencies support the government s celebration of Nutrition month in our country. As our support to the government, last July 1 the Kaparangan Elementary School started to decorate the bulletin board. Our theme HEALTHY LIFESTYLE NG KABATAAN, LANDAS SA KINABUKASAN , nutrition month celebration gave emphasis on the nutrition and health needs of adolescent and children. Among our month long activities line-up are the following: a lecture on History of Nutrition in the Philippines, A Campaign for Nutri-Gift for a Severely Wasted Pupils, Nutri Quiz for Grade 1V V1 pupils, Search for A-1 Child pupils from Kinder to grade V1 and a Culminating Activity. July 30, 2010 a Culminating Activity for Nutrition Month and an Oathtaking Ceremony of Different School Association was set. The program started with a prayer led by Rev. Oscar Lopez Jr., auditor of the General P.T.A. Singing of Pilipinas kong Mahal followed and was conducted by Mrs. Danalee Cabatay, grade V1 teacher.

Lavern Santos. teachers and pupils who attended the said celebration.Dance Laki sa Gatas Grade II . Mr.A.The principal of Kaparangan Elementary School. General and Homeroom P.. Kinder . was led by Congresswoman Herminia Roman. President of Lakas ng Kabataan.Councilor Rome Sicat.Ph. Milagros M. PEÑAFLOR.Dance Inumini Parents and teachers were very happy to see their children performing in their particular numbers. The guest greeted the parents. President of the General P. Dr. Kaparangan Barangay Captain and Louie Vern Santos. Pupils from kinder to Grade V1 showed their talents with their different presentations.D. MARCIAL Noted by : MILAGROS M. Artemio Guanlao. Zenaida Agustin.Dance Makulay ang Buhay Grade IV . Prepared by: ELSA B. the President of the SGC.Poem about Nutritious Food Grade I . Councilor Rome Sicat led the oathtaking of Lakas ng Kabataan. Mrs.T. First. Penaflor had her opening remarks. Mr. Oath-taking of the School Council.Dance Makulay ang Buhay Grade III .A.T. was Congreswoman Herminia Roman. .Song and Dance about Nutrition Grade VI .

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