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Man is sent with the tarruf of Allah ‫ﷻ‬

Allah ‫ ﷻ‬has naturally placed His ‫ ﷻ‬tarruf (familiarity) in the mankind. That is why when a child comes to
this world, it is born on Islam, the natural religion. When it doesn’t get the good environment, it keeps
moving away from Allah ‫ﷻ‬. If it gets the environment of La ilaaha illallaahu Muhammadur Rasoolullah and
is persistent in doing righteous deeds, he then becomes the arif of Allah ‫ﷻ‬, he gets acquaintance with Allah
‫ ﷻ‬and there is no limit for this acquaintance. Depends on how he does the good deeds and keeps away from
the sins, accordingly he becomes fortunate to get the kurb (closeness) of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬and His maarifat
(knowledge). He reaches very near to Allah ‫ﷻ‬. Depending on the kurb and tarruf he gets of Allah ‫ﷻ‬,
accordingly he places all his needs and requests of his life before Him ‫ﷻ‬. When one gets tarruf and
acquaintance with Allah ‫ﷻ‬, he won’t spread his hands before others. Only those will spread hands before
others who doesn’t get acquaintance with Allah ‫ﷻ‬.

Sins deprive one from Maarifat of Allah ‫ﷻ‬

One whose heart is covered with screen of sins will be away from recognizing Allah ‫ ﷻ‬and only he will get
humiliated standing before other’s door begging, prostrating before them, spending for them thinking that
they are the relievers of all his worries. While the one who is fortunate to get the maarifat of Allah ‫ﷻ‬, he
won’t even be able to spread hands before ghairullah. This maarifat and kurb of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬is obtained through
righteous deeds and he gets distant from Allah ‫ ﷻ‬by shirk and committing sins. When the rust of sins
touches the heart, he gets himself in the state of distress and his worries get increased. He goes around
knocking everyone’s door and if he doesn’t go anywhere, it is the house of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬where he doesn’t go.
People empty his pocket; get his money, spoils his belief but he doesn’t wake up. When Allah’s ‫ ﷻ‬maarifat
is achieved, if all hopes are cut off from him, he never leaves the hope of Allah ‫ﷻ‬. Even if the whole world
leaves him, he is very firm that His Allah ‫ ﷻ‬is with him. When He ‫ ﷻ‬is with me, why should I worry about

Friends of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬recognize Him ‫ ﷻ‬and seek only His ‫ ﷻ‬help

When he saw everyone has become his enemy and the enmity too to such an extent that they are ruining my
izzat (honor), ruining my iffat (modesty) and behind this, there is governance, power, means, this slave
remembered whom but Allah ‫ﷻ‬. He sought the help from Allah ‫ﷻ‬. He was in difficult time, there is only
darkness. On one side, the darkness of the night, then the darkness of the water, the waves of the ocean, then
the darkness of the stomach of the fish: this slave of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬who has His ‫ ﷻ‬maarifat cries ‘laa ilaaha illa
anta subhanak’-Ya Allah who is there for me other than You. In one narration, it is said that when a sick

person who is bound to die out of that sickness recites the duaa ‘laailaaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu
minaz zaalimeen’ forty times, he will be given the status of a martyr. When a slave gets the maarifat of Allah
‫ﷻ‬, he places every single of his requests before Him ‫ﷻ‬. That is why when a slave asks more to Allah ‫ﷻ‬,
that much is He ‫ ﷻ‬pleased with him because asking to Him ‫ ﷻ‬is the sign of maarifat, the sign of
recognizing Him ‫ﷻ‬. One who doesn’t ask Him ‫ﷻ‬, Allah ‫ ﷻ‬gets angry with Him ‫ ﷻ‬for that is sign of his
distant from Allah ‫ﷻ‬. A man can be very much generous but when someone goes to him few times with his
needs, he gets annoyed. For how long will you come? But Allah ‫ ﷻ‬is the one who love him more who
comes to him begging more and more.

Anni massani-ya 'd-durru wa anta arhammu 'r-rahimin-Ya Allah I am afflicted and who can be most merciful
but you. Every lover of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬and everyone who recognized Allah ‫ ﷻ‬placed their needs only before Him
‫ﷻ‬. A mu’min used to recognize Allah ‫ ﷻ‬and he used to place all his needs before Him ‫ﷻ‬. Now when the
screen of the sins fell on the heart, he moved away from Allah ‫ﷻ‬. He is bereaved of the maarifat of Allah
‫ ﷻ‬because he never asks Allah ‫ ﷻ‬and even if he asks, it is not much of hope. Duaa is just out of formality
with words. Repeating the words is not duaa but duaa is the kaifiayat (state/condition) of the heart that is the
duaa is to do with the heart. Allah ‫ ﷻ‬says, “Call me and I am hearing your call.” Duaa is the biggest
worship and Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬says, “Duaa is the weapon of the mu’min.”

Duaa, the biggest wazeefa

Duaa helps a person when a calamity befalls him, when he is stuck with difficulties and it also prevents the
upcoming difficulties. Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬used to say, “Stop the way of trials, calamities and difficulties through
duaa, by beseeching Allah ‫ ﷻ‬earnestly.” If someone says, take this fifty taweez with you, dissolve some and
drink, keep some under the pillow, tie couple of them on the arms, how he will trust that? And here Allah ‫ﷻ‬
says, “Ammayi Yujeebul Muztarra iza da'ao wa Yakshifusso”, whoever begs before Allah ‫ﷻ‬, Allah ‫ﷻ‬
brings him out of his difficulty. How big is this wazeefah and how big this taweez is. But unfortunately the
acquaintance with Allah ‫ ﷻ‬has ended and that is why they get kicked off from door to door. Allah ‫’ﷻ‬s
recognition has ended and there is no practice of asking Allah ‫ ﷻ‬that He ‫ ﷻ‬too should be called. Allah ‫ﷻ‬
says when my slaves ask about Me; tell them that I am very qareeb (near) to them. This word qareeb doesn’t
have an apt translation. To make us understand, it is said He ‫ ﷻ‬is closer than the jugular vein. When calling
Allah ‫ﷻ‬, let him call with full trust and belief that He ‫ ﷻ‬has all power to do anything, all treasures are in
His ‫ ﷻ‬hand and only from Him ‫ﷻ‬, he will get anything if he has to get anything. When we have this
attitude, we will then get.

Conditions for acceptance of duaa

When a person asks Allah ‫ ﷻ‬with all the etiquettes of asking Allah ‫ﷻ‬, he will immediately get the sample
of acceptance of his plea and that is his heart gets content that he has got the contact. It is like when the

concerned authority has been contacted through phone, even though his work is not yet done but he gets
content that it will be done. Similarly when one contacts Allah ‫ ﷻ‬through duaa, the acceptance is shown as
the sign of being content. But the condition is duaa has to be made but not said. Today the problem is the
duaa is being said but not made. Duaa should be made with full trust and belief, the mazmoon (subject) of
the duaa should be correct and there should not be any barrier in the acceptance of duaa. It is like saying the
animal will die by the shot of the bullet. Now he placed the bullets in his hand and started throwing at the
animal, now not just the animal even a bird won’t die for he has to fist place the bullet where it has to be
placed. Duaa has taseer (effect) but the man who makes duaa too should have taseer and taaqat (strength) that
is firm belief and this is the second condition. The third condition is that the weapon is good, the bullets are
placed properly but there should not be any barrier between him and the target. Many times, the mazmoon of
duaa is right and he makes duaa with all humbleness but then he eats the haram morsel of food. Prophet ‫ﷺ‬
said, “A person has undertakes long journey, has disheveled hair and calls ‘Ya Rabb, Ya Rabb' when he
wears haram clothes, eats haram food and drinks haram, how will his duaa get accepted?” There should not
be any barrier in between.

Many times, he makes duaa in the best place where duaa is more accepted like in journey or in Baitullah, but
his sin is such that it is acting as a barrier in acceptance of duaa. If I stand in the row of someone’s enemy
and ask his help, I won’t be helped for I am standing on his enemy’s side. Stand in the row of his friends, you
will be helped. Allah’s ‫ ﷻ‬every single disobedience is virasat (characteristic) of one of His ‫ ﷻ‬enemies,
miraas (inherited quality) of one of His enemies. Now if that sin is going on in his life, he is standing on the
saff (row) of His ‫ ﷻ‬enemies. Come to the saff of His ‫ ﷻ‬friends, repenting from the sin and see how He ‫ﷻ‬
answers the duaa. Doing the sin of some of His ‫ ﷻ‬enemies, standing on their saff and he says that duaa is
not accepted. Come to the saff of His ‫ ﷻ‬friends and ask with trust and belief, then you will be answered. In
fact Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬has said that Allah ‫ ﷻ‬answers the duaa till the slave says ‘I am making duaa but my duaa
is not getting accepted.” When he starts saying this, the duaa starts returning to him.

So when one is fortunate enough to get the maarifat of Allah ‫ﷻ‬, he places every need of his life before Him
‫ﷻ‬. Allah’s Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬said, “Even if my shoelace breaks, I seek the help of Allah ‫ﷻ‬.” Even the smallest
of the smallest things and biggest of the biggest things and every single thing should be asked to Allah ‫ﷻ‬.
Make it a habit to ask Allah ‫ﷻ‬. We will get salvation from everything. One who gets the door of Allah ‫ﷻ‬
will not be in need of anyone. For one Whose door is closed, he will be a beggar everywhere. So make it a
habit to ask Allah ‫ ﷻ‬that I am to get only from Him ‫ ﷻ‬and humble before him and beseech Him ‫ﷻ‬
earnestly and let the duaa be long and long. There are some times when the duaa is readily accepted like the
time of tahajjud, after fajr salah, between azan and iqaamat, end of day time that is end of asr time and before
maghrib. These are special times of acceptance of duaa when duaas are readily accepted. These are times
when we want something to get from Allah ‫ ﷻ‬but if we are to make at other times with full concentration,
Allah ‫ ﷻ‬wont deprive us.

Allah’s ‫ ﷻ‬ways of accepting duaas, the essence of worship

Allah ‫ ﷻ‬is Hakeem, Aleem and Raheem. Sometimes when the salve comes to the saff of His ‫ ﷻ‬friends
making tawba (repentance) and asks with firm belief, then Allah ‫ ﷻ‬accepts his duaa without any doubt but

He ‫ ﷻ‬being the King, Hakeem, Khabeer, Aleem and Raheem, instead of giving him the exact thing he
asked for, He ‫ ﷻ‬gives him something better. When a child asks a chocolate to the mother, the mother

instead of giving the child the chocolate, she gives him an apple, a much better one. Allah ‫ ﷻ‬is more
merciful than a mother and He ‫ ﷻ‬is aware of His slaves needs and requests and He also knows very well the
wisdom in giving anything. So Allah ‫ ﷻ‬adopts all these ways in accepting duaa of His ‫ ﷻ‬slaves. So make

it a habit of making duaas and make lot of duas. Infact because of the duaa, the maarifat of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬is
increased more. When he gets something couple of times, then he will come to know that this is where he
gets from. Allah’s ‫ ﷻ‬talluq (contact) is increased and His kurb is achieved. That is why Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬used to
say, “Duaa is the essence of all the worship.” Here the slavery of the slave is at the peak for he shows himself
as a faqeer, needy, he confesses His greatness, proclaims His ‫ ﷻ‬majesty. Here the slavery is expressed fully.

When he beseeches Allah ‫ ﷻ‬and asks Him ‫ ﷻ‬earnestly, Allah ‫ ﷻ‬loves these styles and expressions of His
‫ ﷻ‬slaves. He ‫ ﷻ‬loves more. So make it your style of making duaas.

Duaas taught by our beloved Prophet ‫ﷺ‬

Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬made so many duaas that in hadith, there is a book of his ‫ ﷺ‬duas. He ‫ ﷺ‬made duaa for every
situation and these duas carry such beauty and excellence that only Allah’s ‫ ﷻ‬nabi ‫ ﷺ‬can make. Once
hazrat ibn Abbas  asked Prophet ‫ﷺ‬, “Ya Rasoolullah ‫ ﷺ‬teach me a duaa that I can ask Allah ‫ ﷻ‬all
the time.” Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬told him to make this duaa “Allahumma inni as’alukal afwa wal aafiyata fid dunya
wal aakhirah.”The meaning is: Ya Allah! I ask for your forgiveness (by this he comes to the saff of His ‫ﷻ‬
friends and then asks), grant me aafiyat in both the worlds. What a great duaa, in few simple words,
everything came in. Dunya’s aafiyat is in health, children, rizq (provision), family and trade. Aakhirat’s
aafiyat is known. Today in times of trials and tribulations, make this duaa habitual. Forgive me and grant me
aafiyah: Forgive me and grant me aafiyah. If this duaa is accepted anytime, then Alhamdulillah you got the
enjoyment. Your work is done. If Allah ‫ﷻ‬, grants you aafiyat, then who can harm you to the least.

Have yaqeen in Allah ‫ﷻ‬

Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬used to say, “If whole of the jinn and the mankind gathers together to harm you, unless Allah
‫ ﷻ‬wills, none can harm you to the least. And if whole of the jinn and mankind gather to grant you good,

unless Allah ‫ ﷻ‬wills, none can do you any good.” So let the door of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬be knocked and let it be
knocked often and let Him ‫ ﷻ‬be asked for every single thing of his life. There is really a great pleasure in
asking Allah ‫ ﷻ‬because the treasure of every single thing is found at His ‫ ﷻ‬door. He ‫ ﷻ‬has the treasure of
both the worlds- Treasure of izzat (honor), aafiyat, health, children, peace and comfort, relation and treasure
of every single thing. So ask Him ‫ ﷻ‬and present your needs before Him ‫ﷻ‬. But it is very important that
you come to the saff of His ‫ ﷻ‬friends and then ask Him ‫ﷻ‬. Once a hazrat said,”Today why people go to
ghairullah and present their needs before them and sacrifice their animals in their name and why do they
prostrate before them? This is because they don’t want to change their lives and they think that without
changing their lives, their needs be fulfilled.” If he has to go to Allah ‫ﷻ‬, he has to come to the saff of His
‫ ﷻ‬friends and he doesn’t want to come. So he wants his need be fulfilled by giving sweet in someone’s
name or wearing some taweez. His needs be just fulfilled and that is what he wants. Coming to saff of His
‫ ﷻ‬friends is hard for his nafs and he doesn’t want to leave the sins. So he has firmly decided that he doesn’t
want to give up the sins but his needs should be fulfilled. That is why he goes to the door of ghairullah and
today if he comes to the door of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬by coming to the saff of His ‫ ﷻ‬friends, he won’t be dependent on

Allah ‫ ﷻ‬is saying all by Himself, “Call me and I am hearing you.” When Allah ‫ ﷻ‬says, ‘I will accept your
requests and needs’, why doesn’t he believe Him ‫ﷻ‬. Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬says, “Allah ‫ ﷻ‬comes to the lower
heaven of this earth and asks if there is anyone who wants his needs to be fulfilled so I can fulfill his needs.
Is there anyone asking for forgiveness so I can forgive him.” If a ruler in power proclaims, “If anyone comes
to me with all his requests and needs tomorrow by this time, your job will be done in an hour.” We will see
how people will line up in a queue. Why? because people know that ruler, recognize him. There will be a
long queue and here we have the King of the kings saying and giving the glad news through the truthful
tongue of His beloved Prophet ‫ﷺ‬, “Is there anyone who wants his needs to be fulfilled?” How many wake
up in the night. How many line up before Allah ‫ﷻ‬. These rulers can’t do anything to us but we will see the
line and here is the King of the kings proclaiming. The truth is we haven’t recognized Allah ‫ﷻ‬. If we have
acquaintance with Allah ‫ﷻ‬, do you think single night will pass us without us asking Him ‫ﷻ‬. We would
have waked up. Here we have the heart stained with sins that has ended our acquaintance with Allah ‫ﷻ‬. Our
hearts have been stained with His ‫ ﷻ‬disobedience that has ended our acquaintance with Allah ‫ﷻ‬. That is
why we don’t get the taufeeq to wake up for that Maula and infact many times, it is seen that people’s hands
too don’t rise up before Allah ‫ﷻ‬. Years and years of life passes away but there is not a single moment when
he asked Allah ‫ ﷻ‬with complete trust in Him ‫ ﷻ‬and firm belief. Not even one time. Or even if he has
asked, he didn’t come to the saff of His ‫ ﷻ‬friends and asked.

The etiquettes of making duaa

The adaab of duaa is that we first praise Allah ‫ﷻ‬, we recite the durood sheriff and then we seek His ‫ﷻ‬
forgiveness so we come to His ‫ ﷻ‬friends’ saff. Only after that, we should ask the needs of the dunya and
aakhirat. We have everything only at His door and that Maula is saying, “Come to me and I am the one Who
fulfill your needs.” Every lover of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬has knocked only His ‫ ﷻ‬door and He ‫ ﷻ‬fulfilled their needs.
We have the same Allah ‫ ﷻ‬now and He ‫ ﷻ‬is present with all His power and strength; with all the treasure
of His rahmat and affection and even today He ‫ ﷻ‬is the greatest of all. Allahu Akbar. When He ‫ ﷻ‬comes

to dishonor someone, who can honor him. When He ‫ ﷻ‬decides something, who can stop that. When He ‫ﷻ‬
has willed goodness for someone, who can change that goodness. When He ‫ ﷻ‬comes to hold someone, who
can save him. He ‫ ﷻ‬has power over every single thing, He ‫ ﷻ‬is the protector, the kingdom of heavens and

earth is only in His ‫ ﷻ‬hands. Neither the earth will move slightly without His ‫ ﷻ‬permission nor will the
leaf fall from the tree without His ‫ ﷻ‬permission. A drop of ocean doesn’t move without His ‫ ﷻ‬permission.
How will my life progress without Him ‫ﷻ‬. Even if all the amils of the whole world gather together, they
can’t help without His ‫ ﷻ‬will. Even if all the jinns, mankind gathers together, they can’t harm me to the
least without His ‫ ﷻ‬will.

There is one Allah ‫ ﷻ‬and so make it a habit to ask Him ‫ﷻ‬. This is the biggest wazeefah, biggest taweez,
biggest protection, protection against the befallen calamities and protection against the upcoming calamities.
Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬has said clearly that duaa is the weapon of the believer. So duaa is the protection from Allah ‫ﷻ‬.
That is why when Prophet ‫ ﷻ‬enters his house, he makes duaa and when he leaves his house, he makes duaa.
Prophet ‫ ﷻ‬said, “When a slave enters the house making duaa remembering Allah ‫ ﷻ‬and when he eats
saying Bismillah, the shaitan says to his companions that they don’t have place to rest or place to eat.”
Because he has sought the protection from Allah ‫ ﷻ‬and he has been protected and so there is no place for
them to stay or to have food. When a slave doesn’t remember Allah ‫ ﷻ‬when he enters his house or when he
eats, the shaitan says to his companions, “Come all of you for we have got the place to stay and to eat.”

Leave the sins and the duaa will be your fortress and the weapon

We don’t give importance to the duaa and so the shayateen have made our houses as their camp and then we
say we have bandish, there is stain of blood in the clothes, the clothes have burnt, hole has formed in the
clothes and these things will happen for shaitan has been given power over all these things. I swear that when
you remove sins one by one from your house, increase the recitation of Quran in your house, let the people of
the house make it a habit to be in wudhu all the time, make duaa when you leave and enter the house, then
see how Allah ‫ ﷻ‬gives you protection. But we don’t want to remove the sins from our homes, then how will

we get protection? When in every corner of our house, there is food for the shayateen and in every table
spread, we have food for them, they have food in our houses in the form of dirty magazines and from every
room, when we have the music coming out, then from where we will get the protection from the shayateen.
Duaa is a fortress and when one makes duaa, he comes to the protected fortress.

The morning and evening duaas taught by our beloved Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬has tremendous effect in them. When a
sahabi went out of his house, he made a duaa. He got the news that his house was burnt but he said, “My
house can’t get burnt.” The other person said that he has seen and come but the sahabi said, “My house can’t
get burnt.”When scrutinized, it was seen that houses on the either side of his house was burnt but his house
remained safe in between. When he was asked how he was that confident, he replied that he heard from the
truthful tongue of the Messenger ‫ ﷺ‬that whoever recites this duaa while leaving the house, Allah ‫ﷻ‬
protects his house. He had this yaqeen (firm belief) and we have the same Allah ‫ ﷻ‬present even today and
He ‫ ﷻ‬is present with all His ‫ ﷻ‬strength and power. But we don’t have the strength in us, that is the trust in
Allah ‫ﷻ‬. We don’t have yaqeen in our hearts but it is a mere murmuring of words. We have started reading
duaas instead of making duaas and making duaas standing in the saff of friends of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬has come to an
end. So my friends keep the duas with you and through this come your protection. You will get to love Allah
‫ ﷻ‬and will get His ‫ ﷻ‬talluq. The heart will be peaceful and content and you will remain protected from

Here is the summary of what we read

1. Every human is sent with the tarruf of Allah ‫ﷻ‬. The maarifat and kurb of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬has no limit but
keeps increasing with one’s obedience to Allah ‫ ﷻ‬and abstaining from the sins.
2. The shirk and other sins deprives one of the maarifat of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬which makes him bow down before
ghairullah and remains a beggar to everyone while one blessed with maarifat of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬present his
needs only before Allah ‫ ﷻ‬and thereby remains content and peaceful without depending on others.
3. Duaa has to be made coming to the saff of the friends of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬by repenting from sins for every sin is
a characteristic and inherent quality of one of his enemies.
4. The three conditions for the duaa to serve as a weapon, that is to be accepted is
i. Duaa has to be made with complete trust and yaqeen in Allah ‫ﷻ‬
ii. The mazmoon (subject) of the duaa should be correct
iii. There should not be any barrier, the sins while making duaas. The barrier can be removed by
sincere repentance.
5. Duaa is the essence of all the worships and Allah ‫ ﷻ‬loves the person who makes duaa for it expresses
the slavery in its full form for he slave shows himself as a needy, dependant on Allah ‫ﷻ‬, confesses His
greatness and proclaims His ‫ ﷻ‬majesty.

6. Our beloved Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬had the habit of making duas to Allah ‫ ﷻ‬from smallest of the smallest things
to the biggest things in every situation of his ‫ ﷺ‬life. Beautiful duaas are taught by our beloved Prophet
‫ ﷺ‬that can be taught only by the Prophet of Allah.
7. Allah ‫ ﷻ‬himself guarantees that He ‫ ﷻ‬answers the duaa and all treasure is only in His ‫ ﷻ‬hands and
none can benefit or harm us without His ‫ ﷻ‬will and He ‫ ﷻ‬is with full of wisdom, knowledge,
awareness, mercy and He ‫ ﷻ‬grants the best to His ‫ ﷻ‬slaves.
8. Duaa is the greatest wazeefah and the weapon and fortress of the believer and the duaas taught by our
beloved Prophet ‫ ﷺ‬has tremendous effect in them.
9. Duas should be made from heart and not said in mere words for duaa is the kaifiyat of the heart and not
just the tongue.
10. Make a habit ok making long, long duaas for duaas grants one maarifat of Allah ‫ ﷻ‬and kurb of Allah
‫ﷻ‬, the greatest thing to be enjoyed by the slave.

Let Allah ‫ ﷻ‬help us to act on all good we hear and we preach. Ameen.