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Don t get angry Don t worry Be grateful Work hard Be kind to others Mornings and evenings Sit in the gassho position And repeat these words Out loud and in your heart For the improvement Of Body and Soul Usui Sensei hoped that all Reiki practitioners would spend a few moments each mo rning and evening to reflect on these principles. Practitioners who do this may find that it becomes easier to live up to the principles and have a happier and more balanced life. Expanding on the Principles: Don t get angry Anger results from a feeling of being out of control. We become angry when our e xpectations are not met. This does not mean to keep anger bottled up, suppressed inside or to pretend that it isn t there. This principle just means do not let an ger consume you. When anger rises, watch the emotion closely and you will feel i t dissolving into nothing. Don t worry Each day must be lived to the best of our abilities. And leave the rest to the u niversal energy. Try to find a solution to your problem. If you find a solution, you don t have a problem to deal with anymore. And if you don t, leave it to the un iversal energies. Worry is not a solution to any problem. You must learn to trus t the universe and become open to experience yourself as part of a safe and lovi ng universe. Be grateful Having appreciation and gratitude for the blessings you have received is a way o f attracting more blessings into your life. Cultivating an attitude of feeling b lessed is the path to joy and happiness. It means giving thanks for whatever you have received and will receive. Work hard This is not just work or job related. You have to be honest with yourself first to see the truth in all things. Then you can see that your experiences are lesso ns that you need to learn from to become spiritually whole. Living with integrit y in your relationships, in your work and in your everyday situations will help you create harmony around you. Be kind to others We are all part of an interconnected whole. Each person, animal and mineral is i ncluded in the whole, only we each have different levels of vibration. When we a re grateful for our life and have patience with a heart full of love, we will na

turally be kind. .

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