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13088674 Oracle ADF 11g Learning Application My Procurement Application

13088674 Oracle ADF 11g Learning Application My Procurement Application

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Published by: sadiq106 on Apr 20, 2011
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Step 1) Create your home page with name “HomePage” based on the created ADF
template we created.



SearchPageRegistrationVO Named

SearchPageRegistrationVOCriteria and drop it on the MainPageRegion in structure
window. And select Query ADF Query panel.


Step 3) Expand the af:PanelGroupLayout and select af:panelHeader. And set the text
property =” Search Registration”.
Step 4) Now select the SearchPageRegistrationVO and drop it on the MainPageRegion
and select the Tables ADF Master Table,Inline Detail Table option.


Step 5) From the “Edit Tree Binding” for the “model.view.SearchPageRegistrationVO”,
shift all the attributes from available attributes to display attributes except
Step 6) Click on the “Add Rule” icon and select “SearchPageRegistrationLinesVO”.
Select “model.view.SearchPageRegistrationLinesVO” rule and set display attributes as
“ProductCode”,”Qty” and “Uom”. And click ok.
Step 7) Select the newly created af:table and set the following properties:-
ID = resultTbl
And set the width of the each column respectively as required.
Step 8) Add a Panel Box layout from the component palette window in the structure
window under MainPageRegion”. And set the text property of the panel box to
“Registration List”.
Steps 9) Add the above created table in step 5 inside the above created panel box.
Step 10) Select the af:query region and set the ResultComponentID property under
the Behavior node to “::resultTbl”. It means that the query results will be shown in
the above created table.


Step 11) Convert the output text for registration number to link with text property
Step 12) Inside the Action button bar add a command button with following property
Text = New Registration
Action =NewOrEdit
Step 13) Right click your command button and select “Set Action Listener” as shown

In the “Insert Set Action Listener” set From = #{'New'} and To =
#{requestScope.mode}. This action will put the value ‘New’ in the mode attribute.
This mode method is acting as a input parameter for the ‘Edit-Registration’ bounded
task flow we created in step 4 of 3.5 exercise.
Step 14) Insert another action listener with From= #{true} and


Insert yet another action listener with From= #{true} and To=

Your final structure window for the home page should look like:-


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