ZAHID Zahid is a small, quiet boy. He lives with his grandmother because his parents are separated. He bought a pencil, which was later stolen. He was then accused of stealing the pencil and punished by Mr Jamal. He then turned into a bad, naughty boy.

without looking to the matter carefully. Jamal later found out that Zahid was innocent and Dolah was guilty. JAMAL Mr Jamal was a strict teacher. He punished Zahid for stealing Dolah's pencil. He also liked to make hasty desicions.MR. Mr. .

. Zahid hit him and slashed his hand. He stole the pencil and carved his name on it.DOLAH UDIN Dolah was envious of Zahid's new pencil. Later.

MR. He was a very patient and diplomatic leader.   . He managed to change Zahid's behaviour and made Mr Jamal treat Zahid better. BERAHIM Mr Berahim was the principal of the school.

The pencil has Dolah's initial on it. the pencil disappeared. Jamal believed him and punished Zahid. Jamal asked them to come up front to see him. Zahid saw the pencil in a bookstore. only the paint was scrapped off. Zahid interrogated Dolah about the pencil. Dolah accused Zahid steals his pencil.   Weeks before that. Mr. He liked the pencil very much. He hit Dolah.     Zahid waited for Dolah in the bush after school to ambush Dolah. It turned out Dolah had the same pencil. Grandmother asked him to work with his Uncle Teh instead. .Plot Zahid and Dolah quarrel over a pencil.  Zahid asked money from his grandmother so he can buy the pencil. He bought the pencil and treasured it very much. Mr.   A few days after that.

He slashed Dolah's hand.  After that. He was down with fever. Jamal now understand why Zahid became very naughty. Zahid told him everything.He bought a pocketknife and destroyed the nature table in the classroom. Mr. Berahim. Mr. Mr.  Mr. Berahim gave Zahid two new pencils. Jamal about Zahid's father. He was very happy and gave one pencil to Dolah. He ran home. Dolah admitted that he stole Zahid's pencil and accused Zahid instead.  Zahid was called into the Principal's office. Berahim told Mr. He did not come to school for three days after that. he became a little monster. Plot . the principal. He disturbed other children. asked Zahid why he do all the bad things.Zahid found the pencil in Dolah's bag and broke it into pieces.

Jamal punished Zahid Where Zahid disturbed the other children Where Zahid destroyed the nature table Setting 2 : ZAHID’S HOUSE • Zahid and his grandmother live here .Setting 1: CLASSROOM Where Dolah accused Zahid of stealing his pencil Where Mr.

Setting 3: THE BOOKSTORE Where Zahid first saw the pencil and bought it Zahid also bought the pocketknife here Setting 4: THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE Where Mr Berahim consoled Zahid Mr Berahim gave a new pencil to Zahid .

             BE PATIENT We should be patient when dealing with difficult situation. He did not punished Zahid harshly like Mr Jamal did. Dolah did not admit that he stole the pencil from Zahid.Mr Berahim asked Zahid softly why he slashed Dolah's hand.HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY Theme We should be honest and admit if we made any mistakes. . As the result. he was hit by Zahid on the way back from school.

we must think first about the right and wrong. He should also understand that destroying the nature table and disturbing the other children will not bring any joy to him.THINK BEFORE TAKING AN ACTION Before taking any actions. Mr Jamal did not evaluate the situation between Zahid and Dolah carefully.Zahid should think before he punched Dolah. and the consequence. He should not just listen to Dolah accusations. Decisions that are made hastily will lead to troubles. .

Moral Values Punishment without investigation is as bad as the crime itself. Handling an issue with patience is more effective than harsh punishment . Do not claims things that are not yours.

Weird words Here are some difficult words you might find in the story  odour inflection Carved quiver unusual ambush fathom = smell = rise and fall of the voice of someone speaking = cut something into an object = tremble slightly = not common = be hidden and waiting to attack = understand   symphathize = feel pity for another .

edu/juv/ Click to edit Master text style Second level ● Third level ● Fourth level ● Fifth level .fcla.antbee.magickeys.childrenslit.More literature websites http://www.

write the synopsis of the story. The Pencil – Ali Majod   Based on one short story you have read. Your response should be: • not less than 50 words • in continuous writing (not note form) .Section C: Novel [10 marks] The following are the short story studied in the literature component in English language. Support your answer with evidence from the short story.

He feels proud of owning the pencil and shows it around.He owns a special pencil.His classmate Dolah has a similar pencil like his.the paint on the pencil has been scrapped. .After a few days.His friends share his happiness while some of them are envious of him.Out of suspicion he ask Dolah a few questions to find out if the pencil really belongs to Dolah.Zahid is the main character in this story.However.he finds the pencil missing.

Zahid rushes back when the school bell rings.Jamal punishes Zahid for fighting.Dolah becomes evasive and refuses to answer Zahid’s questions.Zahid accuses Dolah of stealing his pencil and grabs the pencil.He hides in the bush and waits for Dolah.The teacher on duty.He ambushes him .Mr.Dolah gets the teachers sympathy.Dolah and Zahid fights.

Mr.Zahid changes from his normal self to more aggressive and irresponsible.Berahim realises that something is wrong.breaks it and throws them into the river.Mr Berahim.He cuts Dolah with the knife and is taken to see the principal.They fight and Zahid wins.He buys a pocket knife and brings it to school. .He takes the pencil.

.Mr.Zahid is pleased and feels grateful.He discusses with Mr.He gets Zahid to tell him the things that have happened.Jamal and advises him on what to do.Berahim gives Zahid two pencils like the one he owned before.He give one of the pencils to Dolah.

write about the major theme.Based on The Pencil story. Give evidence from the short story to support your answer. Your response should be: in not less than 50 words in continuous writing (not note form) .




Give evidence from the short story to support your answer.Based on The Pencil story. write about the moral values. Your response should be: in not less than 50 words in continuous writing (not note form) .

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