7. Managing Professional Development | Performance Appraisal | Educational Assessment

Level 5 RDI/EDEXCEL BTEC Higher Nationals Programme: Business Management Module: Managing Professional Development Assignment

Date for Submission: Part A End of Module 15th September 2010 Part B End of your Programme

where there are three parts each part =11% Part A Task 1 Compile a current curriculum vitae (CV) Complete a skills audit Complete a personal SWOT analysis Select those skills from the skills audit which are to be developed over the course of the HNC/HND programme. [P1] Task 2 (To complete this task may require you to consult external sources) [P4] By use of both the Kolb learning cycle and Honey & Mumford learning styles assess what you own learning styles are. a target date to achieve development and the resources needed for development.g.Summary of learning outcomes To achieve this unit a learner must: P1 Undertake responsibility for own personal and career development P2 Evaluate progress and achievement of personal development and learning targets P3 Develop a range of interpersonal and transferable business skills P4 Demonstrate self-managed learning in a professional context. [P4] Managing Professional Development Assignment 2 . date and comments on whether the target dates were realistic. Give examples from your own experience to illustrate each case. Format a plan which shows which skills are to be developed. a=16% and b=17%. whether the resources were appropriate. Each task has 33% of the available marks and where there are two parts. To complete this assignment you are required to undertake all the following three tasks. The format should include areas for recording progress e.

[P3] Managing Professional Development Assignment 3 . [P3] (iii) Write a critical appraisal of your development during the programme. This must include copies of third party evidence e. State each of these clearly. You should write this assignment by answering each task in turn just using the task number as a heading. how did you select the solution to the problem? Did it solve the problem? Would you select the same solution in the same circumstances? What did you learn by solving these problems? [P3] (ii) Produce a portfolio of evidence of skills development based on Task 1. 2. [P2] Student Guidelines 1. feedback from assignments etc. 4. This should include judgements on the value of Professional Development. You should use diagrams and tables of figures where appropriate ensuring to reference their source. your planned progress against your achievement and how you plan to continue the process particularly any changes you will make in the light of completing this module. There is no word limit for this assignment but please bear in mind that one of the skills inherent in this module is communication.Part B Task 3 (a) Select two problems you have encountered at work. You should include a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system. certificates of attendance at internal and/or external training courses. 3. Thus conciseness and clarity will be rewarded. internal appraisals. You may present this in graphic presentation form if you can access the resources.g.

Performance Criteria Outcomes and assessment criteria – Managing Professional Development Outcomes Assessment criteria for pass To achieve each outcome a learner must demonstrate the ability to: P1 1 Undertake responsibility for own personal and career development • • • • • • • • • • P4 4 Demonstrate selfmanaged learning in a professional context • • • • Identify. review and assesses own performance of current management skills Conduct a self-assessment inventory Devise and maintain a current CV and/or portfolio of work Devise a personal development plan to achieve personal targets and short-term and long-term learning objectives Evaluate learning and development with original aims and objectives set in the development plan Reset objectives in the light of objectives and feedback Create or identify solutions to a range of work-based problems Communicate in a variety of styles and appropriate manner at various levels Identify and evaluate a range of effective time management strategies Apply an awareness of how people learn to identify suitable methods of development Suggest ways in which lifelong learning could be encouraged Use a range of research methods and sources Give a presentation evaluating progress in achieving learning objectives outlined in the personal development plan P2 2 Evaluate progress and achievement of personal development and learning targets 3 develop a range of interpersonal and transferable skills P3 Managing Professional Development Assignment 4 .

managed and organised joint/activities of others have been managed the unforeseen has been accommodated the importance of interdependence has been recognised • • M2 • select/design and apply appropriate methods/techniqu es • D2 • • take responsibility for managing and organising activities • • • • • • • • • M3 • present and communicate appropriate findings • D3 • • demonstrate convergent.Grade Descriptors A pass grade is achieved by meeting all the requirements defined in the pass assessment criteria for each unit Merit descriptors In order to achieve a merit the learner M1 • identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions Indicative characteristics The learner’s evidence shows: • relevant theories and techniques have been applied effective judgements have been made complex problems with more than one variable have been explored an effective approach to study a range of methods and techniques have been applied a range of sources of information used the selection of methods and techniques/sour ces justified the design of methods/techniq ues justified complex information/dat a have been synthesised and processed appropriate learning methods/techniq ues applied appropriate structure and approach has been used logical and coherent arguments have Distinction descriptors In order to achieve a distinction the learner must: D1 • use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions Indicative characteristics The learner’s evidence shows: • • • • • synthesis has been used to generate and justify valid conclusions the validity of results has been judged self criticism of approach has taken place evaluation has taken place using defined criteria realistic improvements have been proposed against defined characteristics for success autonomy/independence demonstrated substantial activities/projects or investigations have been planned. lateral and creative thinking • • • ideas generated and decisions taken self evaluation has taken place convergent and lateral thinking have been applied Managing Professional Development Assignment 5 .

Merit or Distinction. A pass is awarded for the achievement of all outcomes against the specified assessment criteria. Merit and Distinction grades are awarded for higher-level achievement. Managing Professional Development Assignment 6 .• • • • • been presented technical language accurately used a range of methods of presentation has been used appropriate media used familiar and unfamiliar contexts have been used it is appropriate for familiar and unfamiliar audiences • • • • problems have been solved capacity for innovation and creative thought has been used receptiveness to new ideas have been demonstrated unfamiliar contexts have been applied Performance Criteria Each unit will be graded as a Pass.

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