You never know till you try to reach them how accessible (people) are; but you must

approach each(person) by the right door. -Henry Ward Beecher, Quotes From The Plymouth Pulpit,1887

Š A business proposal is a written offer from a seller to a prospective buyer It is a method to persuade people to agree to the writers view It is systematic. factual. formal and descriptive set of recommendations Š Š .

Š To persuade consumers to buy their products To draw a deal in their favour To show why their products are the best and the most profitable To let the consumers know about the products and to increase popularity Š Š Š .

Based on Originƒ solicited ƒ Unsolicited Based on Audienceƒ Internal ƒ External .

RFQ or IFB Solicited proposals are‡ ‡ advertised negotiated .Written in reply toƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Request For Proposals(RFP) Request For Quotation(RFQ) Request For Information(RFI) Invitation For Bid(IFB) The replies to an RFI are used to shape RFP.

ComponentsŠ Š Š Š Š Requirements Matrix (of the consumer) Executive Summary (as a solution) Technical Volume (specifications) Management Volume Cost Volume .

Š Used to introduce a product or service to a prospective customer They are always generic. with no direct connection between customer needs or specified requirements They are often used as "give-aways" at trade shows or other public meetings Š Š .

Descriptions of previous projects .e.Componentsƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ A description of the seller's capabilities or products A discussion of key issues A description of the buyer's specifications and how they will be met The cost of the offering A schedule for delivery of the products or services Proof of prior experience i. Testimonials from previous customers.

External proposals: aimed at current or prospective customers. ideas etc. . It may include suggestions. plans. One company proposes to satisfy another organizations need.Internal proposals: usually directed at a specific section of management within an organization.

Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Introduction. Background on the problem. resources required. . Method. or situation. Description of the proposed work (results of the project). theory. opportunity. Conclusion. Benefits and feasibility of the proposed project. procedure. Schedule Costs.

Cover memo with separate proposal. Memo proposal. Business-letter proposal.Š Cover letter with separate proposal. Š Š Š .

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