ode to the human ego

let me derail your mind and introduce you to a higher train of thought. beyond the limited confines of the selfish self. equality and justice. this is the sermon. this is the direct communication between here and there. this is bigger than what you think you know. this is pure energy. in the universe of all possibility your imagination is sectioned off in minute fractions. you have imagined your own freedom to be an impossibility. like the seed of a great tree not believing in it’s own destiny to sprout beyond the limited confines of it’s physical shell. you have denounced those who speak of different ways of thinking and being. you have painted those who have claimed to have found something higher locked away in the depths of their innermost being as being deranged, not well, ridiculous, or false.

if the universe of consciousness is an ocean. then you have sat yourself upon a rock, closed your eyes and called

yourself high above all others. you are a parody of your own perceived greatness. in a certain light you are the fallen angel. you have been banished from heaven and are too proud to ask for forgiveness. you would rather be the master of hell then a citizen of the glorious kingdom of our creator. the gates are open. and those who open their hearts you call delusional. those who reach out to the world are called fraudulent. you throw rocks at heaven vainly trying to injure angels.

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