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Final Ppt-sony Branding

Final Ppt-sony Branding

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Published by: Vijayalakshmi Sachidhanandan on Apr 20, 2011
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A name, term, sign, symbol, or design (or some combination there of) used to identify the products of one firm and to differentiate them from competitive offerings. Example- SONY

Making our brand best than other brands. .Something used to show customers that one product is different than the products of another manufacturer.

Branding concepts ‡ Branding should be simple different safe Promise . branding attributes and brand personality .

. lakme products. ‡ Emotional brands -here the emotions are more prevalent than functions example-icici banks-life insurance.TYPES OF BRANDS ‡ Functional brands -here the functional dimension of the brand is focused example-medicines.

Brand concepts ‡ Branding ideas are classified based on whether it comes under ‡ Product ‡ Service ‡ Organization ‡ Personality ‡ Events & ‡ geography .

Types of branding ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Single branding Double branding Umbrella branding Endorsement branding .

Important features of branding ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Recognition and royalty Image of size Image of quality Experience and reliability .

SONUS+SONNY=SONY . or a youthful boy. It was chosen for its simple pronunciation that is the same in any language." the original Latin for "SONIC.why the name SONY??? The Sony name was created by combining "SONUS." meaning sound. with "SONNY." denoting small size.

Changes in logo and slogan ‡ The first version of the logo.Sony began to seriously develop its brand image overseas . was enclosed in a square box .registered as a trademark in 1955. Thereafter. .where it competed with famous and well-established foreign companies. ‡ In the 1960s. the logo went through a succession of changes.

‡ This was followed by the slogan. . ‡ In 1959. ‡ They formed a design committee in 1973 and they design logo which is currently being used.a worldwide brand born in Japan" was introduced to capitalize on the logo. the catchphrase "Sony -.Contd«. "Research Makes the Difference.

no.believe .Contd. they came up with S Mark .. ‡ They also made changes in the slogan . ‡ Later they used like.other ‡ Currently they are using make. where in add it tells Its SONY .


Evolution of different Sony products ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Home audio Radio Television Video recording media Personal audio Video camera & digital camera Computers Robots .

.Sony products ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Sony vaio Sony ericsson Sony walkman Sony I-Pod Sony cyber shot camera-sweep panaroma feature.

. in the home. . . . ‡ Second. ‡ Third. personalized and available anywhere. e-Entertainment . ‡ And fourth. anytime. . at the theater. PlayStation . . . . . Digital Cinema . multi-media world of tomorrow.Future Sony products ‡ First. highlighting the potential of the virtual. Higher Definition . ‡ Blue Ray & 3 D glasses.

Sony is one of the world's greatest brands -. ‡ This is brand value..S.that's how Sony made its mark.. ‡ INNOVATE INNOVATE INNOVATE .the company was once again rated the number one brand in the U. by the 2005 Harris poll. . ‡ This is called brand equity.Brand equity and value ‡ In the minds of consumers.

Y. ‡ I tell them. or lower its value. N. make sure the basis of your actions is increasing the value of these four letters. S. ‡ In other words." . in April of every year a large number of new employees join the company . ‡ The most valuable asset of all are the four letters. when you consider doing something. and what I always say to them is that we have many marvelous assets here. O.Contd« ‡ The chairman says . you must consider whether your action will increase the value of SONY.

Components of brand equity .

UK.net/fun/design.Brand design ‡ The first Sony Design Centre was founded in Tokyo in 1961. . Design at Sony developed globally and today designers of various nationalities and backgrounds are playing active roles in Sony Design from locations in the US.sony. Sony Design Global Web Site : http://www. ‡ The philosophy of building high-performance. ‡ Over the years and in line with the overall Sony strategy. easy-touse and beautiful products with a distinctive Sony flair . Singapore and China.

Awards for Sony's brand Good design award iF design award Reddot design award Industrial design excellence awards Japan package design award .

How sony got popular? ‡ Sony brand is known worldwide through advertising public relations words of mouth period of establishment .

How marketing . branding and advertising differs???? .

industrial designs.What is TM. and architectural designs .C???? ‡ Intellectual property (IP) Refers to creations of the mind: inventions. musical works. poems and plays. and symbols. literary and artistic works. artistic works such as drawings. ‡ Copyrights Artistic works such as novels. photographs and sculptures.R. trademarks. and geographic indications of source. images. ‡ Industrial property Includes inventions (patents). names. films. and designs used in commerce. paintings.


high profit and sales. .conclusion ‡ Branding importance ‡ Higher brand awareness . ‡ Brand doesn t change but branding concepts and design changes the product s sales and identity.

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