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IBM DB2 Associate Mock Test 1

IBM DB2 Associate Mock Test 1

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Published by: Sanjay Panda on Apr 20, 2011
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DB2 Associate Mock Test
Time Duration: 1 Hr. 30 Min. 1. Which allows to access other DB2 servers, but cannot accept requests from other remote clients? A) B) C) D) DB2 Personal Edition DB2 Workgroup Server Edition DB2 Enterprise Server Edition DB2 Data Warehouse Edition Passing Percentage: 60

2. Which is the lowest cost DB2 product that can be legally installed on an HP-UX server? A) DB2 Express-C B) DB2 Express C) DB2 Personal Edition D) DB2 Enterprise Server Edition 3. Which is used to create and debug user-defined functions? A) SQL Assist B) Control Center C) Command Editor D) Developer Workbench 4. Which tool used to automate table reorganization operations? A) Control Center B) Command Center C) Command Line Processor D) Task Center 5. Major difference between relational data and XML data? A) Relational data is self-describing; XML data is not B) Relational data has inherent ordering; XML data does not C) Relational data must be tabular; XML data does not have to be tabular D) Relational data is comprised of entities; XML data is comprised of numbers, characters, and dates

6. In client-server environment, which two can be used to verify passwords? A) System Catalog B) User ID/password file

d. Which of the following is not true about DB2 Instances: A) B) C) D) It has a stand-alone DB2 environment. Windows. Unix. Only one instance can exist using the same DB2 executable files. 12. There could be multiple instances per data server. Which of the following is not correct for Workgroup servers A) Limited to 16GB memory B) Available for Linux. Each instance has its own configuration file.C) Client Operating System D) Communications layer E) Application Server 7. Which two database objects may the SELECT privilege be controlled? A) Sequence B) Nickname C) Schema D) View E) Index 10. zLinux C) Limited to 16 processing cores or 4 sockets D) Designed for larger workloads than DB2 Express . Which two authorities allow a user to create a new database? A) SYSADMN B) SYSCTRL C) SYSMAINT D) DBADM E) CREATEDB 8. Which two privileges is required in order to use a package? A) BINDADD B) BIND C) CONNECT D) EXECUTE E) USE 11. Which will allow user USER1 to change the comment associated with a table named TABLE1? A) GRANT UPDATE ON TABLE table1 TO user1 B) GRANT CONTROL ON TABLE table1 TO user1 C) GRANT ALTER ON TABLE table1 TO user1 D) GRANT REFERENCES ON TABLE table1 TO user1 9.

1 B) UPDATE student SET marks = (marks * 1.1 ON TABLE student WHERE subject = ‘science' 20. In the following statement db2_node indicates. A) index B) trigger C) sequence D) view 15. 'ABC'. Given the following table: USERS -------------------------ID INTEGER NOT NULL NAME CHAR(20) NOT NULL PASSWORD VARCHAR(30) Which INSERT statement is not correct? A) INSERT INTO USERS VALUES ( 13.1 WHERE subject = ‘science’ D) UPDATE marks = marks * 1. which of the following statement will only return the first 25 of the rows? A) SELECT * FROM table1 MAXROWS 25 B) SELECT * FROM table1 RETURN FIRST 25 ROWS C) SELECT * FROM table1 WHILE ROW < 25 D) SELECT * FROM table1 FETCH FIRST 25 ROWS ONLY 18. Which of the following commands below to drop(if it already exists) sample database A) db2 drop sample B) db2 drop db C) drop db sample D) db2 drop db sample 14. 'xyz') D) INSERT INTO USERS VALUES ( 13.. C) provide a fast. Which of the following is not true for Views: A) provide a logical ordering of the rows of a table B) can be used to enforce the uniqueness of records stored in a table.is an ordered set of pointers inside a base table.13.1) C) UPDATE student SET marks = marks * 1.. 'xyz') 19. ''. NULL ) C) INSERT INTO USERS VALUES ( 13. . 'ABC'. NULL. Which of following best describe the below statement: create database TESTDB2 ON c: A) database is created on drive C: B) automatic storage is enabled C) storage path is c: D) None of the above 17.. efficient method for locating specific rows of data in very large tables. catalog tcpip node db2_node remote mysystem server db2tcp42 A) Host name B) Ip address C) Alias name D) service name 16. 'xyz') B) INSERT INTO USERS VALUES ( 13. Which of the following statements can be used to increase the marks of all students in science subject by 10%: A) UPDATE student WHERE subject = ‘science’ SET marks = marks * 1. If table TABLE1 contains 250 rows. D) can force a table to not use clustering storage .

‘DEF’) ROLLBACK COMMIT How many rows will be inserted in TB1? A) B) 0 1 . After execution of the following statements: INSERT INTO Table1 VALUES (1. TITLE FROM EMPLOYEE GROUP BY TITLE A) SALARY MGR ENTRY SENIOR MGR ENTRY B) MAX_SALARY 12000 45000 75000 C) SALARY 12000 45000 75000 TITLE MGR ENTRY SENIOR TITLE 100000 35000 75000 120000 45000 TITLE MGR ENTRY SENIOR D) none of the above 22. ‘DEF’) INSERT INTO Table1 VALUES (3. ‘DEF’) COMMIT ROLLBACK INSERT INTO Table1 VALUES (4. ‘ABC’) INSERT INTO Table1 VALUES (2. Consider table: EMPNO 151 123 166 190 FNAME ABC ABC1 ABC2 ABC3 LNAME XYZ XYZ1 XYZ2 XYZ3 TITLE MGR ENTRY SENIOR MGR SALARY 100000 35000 75000 120000 45000 202 ABC4 XYZ4 ENTRY If following query will be executed on above table the result: SELECT MAX(SALARY) as MAX_SALARY. ‘GHI’) COMMIT INSERT INTO Table1 VALUES (5. Consider Table1 has no rows initially and that the auto commit feature is disabled.21.

Given the following queries: SELECT c1 FROM tab1. Which two statements are true about the HAVING clause? A) B) C) D) The HAVING clause is used in place of the WHERE clause. which describes the order of the rows in the result data set produced? SELECT * FROM sales A) The rows are sorted by INVOICE_NO in ascending order. Which set operators can be used to produce a result data set that contains only records that are not found in the result data set produced by each query after duplicate rows have been eliminated? A) B) C) D) UNION INTERSECT EXCEPT MERGE 24. SELECT c1 FROM tab2.C) 4 D) 3 23. Which is a valid wildcard character in a LIKE clause of a SELECT statement? A) B) C) D) % * ? \ 25. . The HAVING clause accepts wildcards. 26. The HAVING clause uses the same syntax as the WHERE clause. Given the following table definition: SALES --------------------------------------------INVOICE_NO CHAR(20) NOT NULL SALES_DATE DATE SALES_PERSON CHAR(20) REGION CHAR(20) SALES INTEGER If the following SELECT statement is executed. The HAVING clause can only be used with the GROUP BY clause. The following SQL statement: DELETE FROM tab1 WHERE CURRENT OF csr1 WITH RR Is used to perform which type of delete operation? A) B) C) D) Positioned Searched Embedded Dynamic 27.

.B) C) D) The rows are sorted by INVOICE_NO in descending order. Which DB2 data types does NOT have a fixed length? A) B) C) D) E) 29. and when employees were hired. Given the requirements to store employee names. The rows are not sorted in any particular order. Which two are optional and do not have to be specified when creating a table? A) B) C) D) E) Table name Column name Default constraint Column data type NOT NULL constraint Character Large Object Time Varying-Length Character String Timestamp INT CHAR XML DOUBLE 31. The rows are ordered based on when they were inserted into the table. Which CANNOT be used to restrict specific values from being inserted into a column in a particular table? A) B) C) D) Index Check constraint Referential constraint Default constraint 32. which built-in data types CANNOT be used to store the day an employee was hired? A) B) C) D) E) 30. employee numbers. 28. Given the statement: CREATE TABLE tablea (col1 INTEGER NOT NULL.

it should only change if another agent assigns one or more unassigned seats.ID = T2. Ensures that deletion of a row in parent table sets values of foreign key in any dependent row to null (if nullable). Which of the following is TRUE about CASCADE delete rule: A) Enforces the presence of a parent row for every child after all the referential constraints are applied. and whether or not the seat has been assigned.5 A) Repeatable read B) Read stability C) Cursor stability D) Currently Committed 39. When the agent refreshes the list. 200. Default isolation for DB2 9. D) Prevents any row in parent table from being deleted if any dependent rows are found.ID = T2.ID is equivalent to : A) B) C) D) SELECT * FROM TABLE T1. Which is the best isolation level to use for this application? A) B) C) D) Repeatable Read Read Stability Cursor Stability Uncommitted Read 35. Which causes a lock that is being held by an application using the Cursor Stability isolation level to be released? A) B) C) D) The cursor is moved to another row The row the cursor is on is deleted by the application The row the cursor is on is deleted by another application The row the cursor is on needs to be updated by another application 34.ID SELECT * FROM TABLE T1 full join TABLE T2 WHERE T1.ID 37. A ticket agent working at the box office generates a list of all unassigned seats.ID SELECT * FROM TABLE T1 Left outer join TABLE T2 WHERE T1. a seat number.ID SELECT * FROM TABLE T2 Right outer join TABLE T1 WHERE T1.ID = T2.TABLE T2 WHERE T1. Query: SELECT * FROM TABLE T1 INNER JOIN T2 ON T1. A seat consists of a section number. A table contains a list of all seats available at a football stadium. B) C) 36. which of the following isnot TRUE for Repeatable Read A) Highest level of isolation B) Locks the entire table or view being scanned for a query C) Provides minimum concurrency D) none of the above 38.CONSTRAINT const1 CHECK (col1 in (100. 300)) Which can be inserted into TABLEA? A) B) C) D) 0 NULL 100 '100' 33. Implies that deleting a row in parent table automatically deletes any related rows in dependent table. Which one of the following is true for Granting SYSADM authority to the group 'grp': .ID = T2.ID = T2.

B) An element can contain other elements. C) Attribute values must be enclosed in double quotes.A) B) C) D) UPDATE DB CFG USING SYS_GROUP GROUP1 UPDATE DBM CFG USING SYSADM_GROUP GROUP1 UPDATE DBM USING SYSADM_GROUP GROUP1 UPDATE DBM CFG USING SYSADM GROUP1 40. or text nodes. should not. A) Update B) Insert C) Drop D) Delete E) 43. D) It can have one or more root element. 44. Which of the following is not true for well-formed XML document: A) Each element begins with a start tag and ends with an end tag. SERVER B. tape. DCS 45. attributes. on the other hand. Which are NOT stored in the system catalog tables? A) B) C) D) SQL statements used to create views SQL statements used to create triggers SQL statements used to create constraints Table names Best of luck . Which of the following is NOT a valid method of authentication that can be used by DB2 9? A. TSM and other storage vendors D) Does not allow other applications or processes to access the database 41. On which of the following operations Trigger cannot be used . drop or execute a package A) CONTROL B) BIND C) EXECUTE D) USAGE 42. SERVER_ENCRYPT C. Text nodes. Which of the following false for Online Backup A) Allows other applications or processes to access the database B) Available to users during backup C) Can backup to disk. Which package privilege is required to rebind. CLIENT D.

a 42. b 36. a 37. D 32. d 45. 4. B 30. d 19. A 27. A 25. c 39. 9. b 12. 2. b 22. c 16. c 43. 11. d 18. a 17. C 35. A 34. C A D D D C C and E A and B C B and D C and D 29. C 33. C and E 31. 7. A . D 28. 3. d 21. c 24. d 14. 5. b 13. 6. d 38. B and C 26. 10. b 40. c 20. d 44. c 23. 8. a 15. d 41.ANSWER 1.

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