Corporate Vision Dedicated to serve the needs of the farming community, by delivering financial products and technical services

on a competitive and sustainable basis, in a convenient , efficient and professional manner, leading to success of the Bank and the farmers. Back to Top Corporate Mission To play effective role in the promotion of economic growth, by enhancing the availability of credit to the agriculture sector, through reliable access to sustainable financing, special lending programs, technical assistance, and other products & services, and to promote career development opportunities for increasing professionalism and technical proficiencies of employees. Back to Top Brief on ZTBL Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) erstwhile Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan (ADBP) is the premier financial institution geared towards the development of agriculture sector through provision of financial services and technical know how. The restructuring of former ADBP is being carried out with the aim to uplift the agriculture and rural sector by raising farm productivity, streamlining the institutional credit and increasing income generating capacity of the farming community. ZTBL was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on 14th December, 2002 through repeal of ADB Ordinance of 1961. The new corporate structure redefines the bank's status as a public limited company registered under companies Ordinance'1984 with an independent Board of Directors which aims at ensuring good governance, autonomy, delivering high quality ZTBL is a key R.F.I of Pakistan providing affordable, rural and agriculture financial/non-financial services to the rural Pakistan , comprising 68 % of the total population. The Bank through a country-wide network of 341 branches is serving around half a million clients annually and over one million accumulated account holders with the average loan size of around Rs.89,000 serving 65%, 31% & 4 % of subsistence, economic and large growers respectively. The total assets of the Bank stand at Rs.84 billion with authorized capital of Rs.25 billion as of 31.12.2005, with a nation-wide working strength comprises 5500

employees. The share of ZTBL in total national institutional agricultural credit remains around 35%. ZTBL was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on 14th December, 2002 through repeal of formal Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan Ordinance of 1961. Thereby transforming the bank as a corporate entity to serve as a R. F.I Back to Top Corporate Objectives Develop and operate as a financially and operationally sustainable R.F.I of the country. Assist rural community, particularly the small farmers, in raising their productivity and income levels through timely delivery of credit, advisory and ancillary services. Build ZTBL's image as a proactive, client friendly, financially & operationally sustainable with indigenous product deployment. Establish and provide backward and forward linkages to strengthen agri. value added commodity chains. Engage in public - private and wholesale - retail partnership to deepen outreach and reduce operating cost. To function as a rural commercial bank to mobilize rural capital formation and to commercialize the agri. sector by delivering the true value of credit to the client. Provide a wide range of risk insurance products to its clients. Open up it venues of operation to Domestic & International Banking Industry to avail comparative advantages. Back to Top Transformation of ZTBL to R.F.I of the country and road to excellence. Healthy and well-functioning rural finance markets are directly related to achieving the two key national policy objectives of accelerating rural/agriculture growth and reducing poverty. The realization of these objectives depends on the simultaneity of developments in rural finance and non-financial markets to foster the creation of diverse sources of rural finance to build sustainable financial institutions, and stimulate products and capital flows in the rural sector. For this, rural finance must be seen as an integral part of equitable development within a framework of macro economic stability. The ongoing corporatize restructuring lays the basis for fundamental reforms for rural finance market development.

The recurring financial drain, pursuing the old rural finance paradigm and the narrowing fiscal space have also promoted a shift in Government strategy that now seeks viable intermediaries for enhancing outreach. For the majority, access to affordable rural finance services is also important to enable them to compete in the post-World Trade Organization scenario. Inability to compete because of high financial costs could reduce income of the majority of farmers and rural clients, particularly the small and subsistence clients. Lack of access to affordable rural finance services will also prevent the clients from switching to non-farm activities. The ZTBL restructuring plan covering the following; (i) governance: establish an environment that facilitates good governance and accountability; (ii) systems: modernize operations through use of technology, networking, and communication tools; (iii) business processes: streamline products and delivery systems so as to reduce transaction costs, simplify operations, and increase outreach; (iv) products and services: introduce products and services that are financially economically viable; (v) human resource development: improve standards and skills of management and staff and strengthen training capacity; and (vi) IT: establish new hardware and software platform to support MIS, accounting system including forensic accounting, and risk management functions. The reforms shall establish ZTBL as a key R.F.I of the country, aiming to outreach annual rural clientele to 600,000 by the end of year 2008. By expanding its private sector role, the bank aims to establish network of high tech rural and agri. financial services through intermediations under public private participation and whole-sale retail lending mechanism.

Loan Schemes .

To implement the decision a new saving scheme under the name and style of ³MINFA Revolving Fund Deposit Account´ (MRFDA). MRFDA or MSSDA and said profit will be paid on 6 monthly bases in such respective accounts. Name of Project Special Programme for Food Security and Productivity Enhancement of Small Farmers (Crop Maximization Project-Il) All over Pakistan in 28 Districts & 842 Villages as per annexure-I.5% per annum to be calculated on daily product basis on such balances lying in VOs.2009 for implementation of Crop Maximization Project-II in which both have agreed to participate in establishment and Operationalization of Revolving Fund. ZTBL will pay profit at minimum rate of 7.) and Member Farmers Saving Account (MFSA) have been exclusively designed for Government's Crop Maximization Project-TI (CMP-II M11'JFA). ³M1NFA Special Saving Deposit Account´ (MSSDA. Government of Pakistan .Crop Maximization Project-II An agreement was executed between Ministry of Food & Agriculture (CMPII M1NFA) and ZTBL on 06. VOs will raise membership by Operational Jurisdication: Sponsoring: Profit paidon MINFA special saving account: Membership: .6.

On approval check/loan ceiling will be issued alongwith approval letter for Revolving Fund Special Saving Account maintained by VO at the nearest Bank Branch. Each VO member will contribute the share money on the basis of size of his land holding @ Rs. VO will lend money to its members for purchase of input for production of crop at 10% handling charges per annum on daily product basis. 15 acres in KPK & FATA & 25 acres in AJK & Gilgist-Baltistan. 250/.per acre per annum for the first five years. In case of late repayment by the beneficiary. All member farmers will open Saving Account in same branch of the Bank where VOs account is maintained. 12% per annum handling charges will be recovered. Secretary of VO and Credit Officer of the Project for approval. 25 acres in Sind & Baluchistan. While issuing the Cheque/loan ceiling following prescribed documents will be obtained by VOs from the ir borrowing members in . Loan proposal of VO level will be prepared by VOs Accountant with the assistance of the concerned Agriculture Officer/Field Assistant/Stock Assistant and presented the same before committee comprising of President.Share Money: Member farmer saving account: Disbursement (lend money to its members) Approval of loan proposal: Documents Required: motivating small farmers having holding upto 20 acres in Punjab .

consultation concerned.




An undertaking on legal paper for returning the loans to VO in time.


Another undertaking on legal paper duly registered with Revenue


Department for not selling agriland without NOC from competent authority.


A Post dated cheque of Saving Account of member farmers.


³Fard Jamabandi´ from Revenue Department


An attested copy of CNIC.

Annexure-I Province Punjab Districts Sialkot Gujranwala Sargodha Sahiwal Muzaffargarh R.Y.Khan Kasur

No. of Villages 30 30 72 72 30 72 30

Mandi Bahauddin 30 Sindh Sanghar Mirpur Khas Larkana 30 32 25

Shaheed Benazir 30 Abad(Nawabshah) Naushehro Feroz 25 Khairpur


Khayber D.I.Khan Pkhtunkhwa Bannu Peshawar Charsada Sawabi

25 25 25 32 32

Balochistan Jaffarabad Khuzdar Pishin Qilla Saifullah Lasbella

30 20 20 30 20


Kotli Poonch

20 20


Gilgit/Biltistan Khyber Agency
Sub-total: Grand-total:

5 5
10 842

Crop Loan Insurance Scheme
ZTBL has launched Crop Loan Insurance scheme (CLIS) as per instructions of Government/ SBP. The main features of this scheme are listed hereunder:Operational Jurisdiction: Premium: All branches of the Bank throughout the country. Premium will be charged @ 1.3% (inclusive of all taxes and levies) of loan sanctioned for Rabi and Kharif crops separately. Bank will pay the premium for subsistence farmers and will get reimbursement from the Government on half yearly basis. Rs. 500,000 in an individual case. Production loan for agreed crops of each season (Rabi & Kharif) for which premium is paid. Wheat, Cotton, Sugarcane, Rice & Maize Excessive rain, Flood, Drought, Hailstorm, Frost, Locust attack and Insect attack. From the date of sowing/transplantation to completion of harvesting of the insured crop. Full compensation will be paid if the insured standing crop is damaged by the perils covered in calamity notified areas by the Government.

Maximum loan limit Insured : Sum insured:

Crops covered: Perils covered: Period of Insurance: Compensation:

Maximum Loan Limit: Rs. Agri-Pass Book & 2 Latest Photographs.1. An exclusive Agriculture Officer/Mobile Credit Officer will be posted in each selected Model Village who will be responsible for provision of services to the farming community such as: y y Provision of credit facilities for 100% requirements Improvement of present/existing production level by introducing latest technologies among the farmers of the area in collaboration with public and private agencies dealing in farm inputs/agri-technologies.Establishment Of Model Village by ZTBL In order to implement Government's vision to ensure development of Agri. poultry. IB-7 9% p. Documents Required: CNIC Photocopy. Loan Case Rate of Mark up: .000 million per borrower/party.ztbl. The pilot project will be implemented with the collaboration of Ministry of Food & Agriculture/ Provincial Agriculture Departments. Other information can be had from nearest Zonal Office & Branch Offices. livestock and bee farming etc. y Facilitate farmers in marketing of the ir crops/produces on the best prevailing market rates. establishment of one Model Village in each Zone of the Bank is launched. y Extend full support to raise income of inhabitants in dairy. Name & addresses of Zonal Offices/Branches are available at website (www. Sector in a phased manner. with 1% rebate on timely repayment.

Khan Piplan Haripur Kandewali Ternab Dial 3-4/M-L Dingi Sarang Faqeer 19-Jalalani Mirpur Sakro Deh Naihki .Y.I.Din M.B. Khan Peshawar D.G. Khan Multan D. Khan R.B.Y. Khan Peshawar D.Y.Khan Mianwali Haripur Thatta Hyderabad Tando Jam Sakrand R. Zone Name 1 2 3 4 5 Faisalabad 6 Gujranwala 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Shaheed Shaheed Abottabad Karachi Hyderabad Multan D.Din Faisalabad Faisalabad Islamabad Lahore Sargodha District Rawal Pindi Lahore Sargodha Bhalwal Branch Rawal Pindi Chung Model Villages Ghazi Kholi Kamas Chak No.G. Khan M.I. Khan Peshawar D. Khan Sahiwal Vehari Sahiwal Vehari Gujranwala Wazirabad Sahiwal Tibba Sultanpur Multan D.16SB Chaillianwala Chaillianwala Chaillianwala Chak Jani Chak # 32JB Kot Inayat Khan 92/6-R Durpur Jahangirabad Khakhi Gharbi Muzaffargarh Muzaffargarh Muzaffargarh Doaba Bahawalpur Bahawalpur Bahawalpur Goth Gehna R.Zone-wise list of Model Villages S.No.I.G.

Proper seed bed preparation. Jamali Naseerabad D.M. Use of hybrid/certified seed. Selection of high yielding varieties. Technology on the followings: y y y y y y y y y y y Proper time of sowing . M. Awareness regarding rodent control.Benazirbad 22 23 24 25 26 27 Sukkur Larkana Benazirbad Shaheed Benazirbad Sukkur Larkana Dour Sukkur Larkana Baloo -JaQuba Akbarpur Dhamrah Mirpur Khas Mirpur Khas Mirpur Khas Doulatpur Quetta Quetta Quetta Kuchlak D. TECHNOLOGIES TO BE DISSEMINATED IN MODEL VILLAGES Agriculture officer/MCO of Model Village will provide technical guidance and will be responsible for utilization of modern agri. Effective weed control ± use of herbicides / weedicides. . Proper application of pesticide. Appropriate method of sowing ± use of seed cum fertilizer drill. Appropriate method of sowing ± use of seed cum fertilizer drill. Education of farmers regarding pest scouting. Seed treatment before sowing. Jamali Goth Shafi Muhammad AGRI.

ZTBL MCOs. Revenue and postal staff meet at selected focal points once a week on each .Pass Books. Farm storage to save post harvest losses. Effective role in the marketing of produce. Turbat Zone in Balochistan Province and FANA being un-settled/hilly areas). Timely disbursement.y y y y Effective irrigation techniques ± sprinkler ± drip irrigation systems. Credit needs of the farmers at the ir doorsteps. Mechanized harvesting. One Window Operation/ Zarkhaiz Scheme (ZS) Salient features of the Scheme:y y y An easy way to get Agri.Pass Book to processing of loan are completed on the spot. y y y y y y Efficient and cheaper lending procedure. Simplified documentation. Operational Jurisdiction: Selection of Farmers/ Throughout Pakistan (except Mingora Zone in NWFP. Transparent services. Focus on small farmers. Low recovery rate as compared with o the r Banks/DFIs. All formalities from the issuance of Agro.

Loan Case File (costing Rs.Pass Books. Farmers after obtaining pass books from revenue officials meet ZTBL MCOs for loans. Loan Case File. Postal authorities and Supplier through selected focal points. Inputs-Seedfertilizer. ZTBL.Pass Books are supplied by the postal authorities. Agri. Pass Book Farmers having irrigated land up to 25 acres and barani land up to 50 acres.a with 1% rebate on timely repayment. CNIC Photocopy. Rs. IB-7 Agreement. Pass Book & 2 Photographs of borrower. Patwari/Revenue officials enter land record in Agri.pesticides/insecticides/POL/labour charges etc) . Agri. y The farmers are facilitated at the focal point where the bank.Land mentioned in Agri. revenue and postal officials are available.2 million per borrower/party. 9% p.Borrowers: Monday.0. Repayment: Loanable Items: Rabi loans are recoverable on 7 th July & Kharif loans on 7 th January. Blank Agri. Revenue. y Delivery Channel: Collateral: Eligibility Ctiteria : Documents Required: Maximum Sanction Limit: Rate of Mark up: Incentive: The loan is disbursed within 3 days.100/-) o the rwise is supplied to the intending borrowers free of cost.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 1. 3. District No. 5. 3. 4. Layyah Muzaffargarh Rajanpur Rahim Yar Khan Multan Balochistan 1. Nowshera Charsadah D. Punjab 1.Canola Re-Financing Scheme Concessional Cultivation Financing in and Guarantee Flood Scheme for Affected Canola Area In line with the policy of Federal Government SBP ZTBL has launched a ³Concessional Financing and Guarantee Scheme´ for the current financial year 2010-11 in following flood affected areas:S. 3. 4. 2. owner-cumtenant and tenant) of the specified areas are eligible for agricultural loans under the Scheme. Nasirabad Jaffarabad Jhal Magsi S. 2.G Khan Sindh 1.I. Khan Peshawar 6. 3. D. 4. y Branches shall provide agri. 2. loans to farmers as . District No. Sukkur Nausheroferoz Benazirabad Larkana Salient feature of the scheme:Scope/ Eligibility criteria: y All categories of farmers (owner. 2.

0.per borrower against two sureties as per standing instructions of the Bank. y The loan would be processed under scheme during current Rabi season up to expiry of the sowing period of the canola crop as per local conditions Security: Sanction of Loans: The loan would be secured against the acceptable forms of security as per policy of the Bank. 0. y Production loans would be provided under One Window Scheme as well as through General Credit Scheme in branches as it is one time arrangement without involving revolving limit on the pattern of Sada Bahar/Awami Zarai Schemes.per Bank's credit policy and SBP regulations. y Branches would arrange for the insurance of loan cases provided under the scheme to avoid risk of losses due to natural calamities. Legal documentation would be executed as per type of security and system to be followed according to Legal Documentation . Production loans upto Rs.25.500 million would be sanctioned by the Managers.500 million the loan would be sanctioned by the respective Zonal Chief . In case the amount of loan to be sanctioned including amount of loan(s) outstanding exceeds Rs.000/. The surety loans would be advanced up to Rs.

Ornamental Plants. In case the loan case is declared as misutilized this would be recalled in lump sum as per Bank's instructions. plot/residential building or commercial property. Random rechecking of utilization would be done as per standing instructions. Feed Mill. Machinery. Credit Operations Department ZTBL HO Islamabad will be responsible for overall monitoring of the scheme so as to ensure the achievement of given targets and compliance of all the terms & conditions of the SBP scheme. Zonal Chiefs and SVP.06.e. Poultry Farming. Financing Package for Karachi A financing package for the branches falling under Karachi Zone has been notified through which financing for Fisheries. Valuation of land/property offered in security is worked out on the basis of average sale mutation value or residential/commercial auction price . land. agri. Dairy. MCO would check the utilization in each and every case within 30 days of disbursement.2011 till its repayment/closure of loan case. Security: The loans are advanced against tangible security i. Principal amount of loans under the scheme shall have to be repaid on the agreed date between bank and the borrower. Vegetable raising & Nursery for Orchards. The sanctioned loan would be disbursed in cash through current deposit account of the borrower. Irrigation Schemes & Milk Collection Centres.Disbursement: Rate of Markup Repayment of Loans to SBP: Utilization: Monitoring: standing instructions of the Bank. All concerned Branch Managers. Mark up rate to be charged from the borrower at 8% per annum and in case of default 9% per annum would be charged from 08. Cut Flower. is advanced to accelerate the ir development. Agri. Horticulture. Covered Horticulture.

loan would be sanctioned by the concerned Zonal Credit Committee. Experience and technical know how would be added qualification to get loan. Capped deposit/ Equity Contribution: Sanction Authority : Rate of Mark up : Utilization/ Monitoring : 10% current deposit in lieu of equity contribution is obtained from the borrower which should be maintained during the currency period of the loan.0.500 to Rs. MDA.1. The old borrower having good track record can also avail loan facility.000 million. KDA & Cantonment Board etc.0. The utilization of loan would be checked by the Assistant Manager (Desk) after one month of the disbursement. Mark up rate of 9% per annum will remain operative with 1% rebate on timely repayment would be charged.Conditional Ties : fixed by the concerned land allotting agencies like DHA. The monitoring of the se loans would also be made by deputing a Senior Officer by Credit Division . y MCO/Managers are responsible for the recovery and proper utilization of loan.500 million. The Branch Manager sanctions all types of loans under the financing package upto Rs. y Preference is given to new borrowers. whereas more than Rs.

The prime features of this scheme are hereunder:Operational Jurisdiction: Selection of Borrowers : Delivery Channel: Collateral: Rate of Mark up: Documents Required: Working of Revolving limit: Maximum Limit: Loan Disbursement: All over Pakistan Bank MCO Selects the Borrowers keeping in view the criteria fixed for Sada Bahar Scheme Branch/KSSL/Supplier Tangible Securities. Rs. 9% p. Pass Book & 2 Photographs It will be worked out as per crop wise ceilings fixed and revised from time to time. CNIC Photocopy. fertilizer and pesticides etc. Rabi crop loans are repayable on 7 th July and Kharif on 7 th January each year with grace period of one month.0. Loan Case File.a with 1% rebate for timely repayment. Repayment: Loanable Items: . In case of sugarcane two installments would be fixed. receipt of bill & acknowledgement receipt duly signed by the borrower in the branch This scheme is meant for 3 years with yearly renewal/clean up.e.a subsidiary of ZTBL under kind system.500 million per borrower/party.Farm Credit Mandatory for all new borrowers and optional for existing borrowers of crop production loan under Sada Bahar Scheme to avail revolving limit under Awami Zarai Scheme to get inputs through M/s Kissan Support Services Limited (KSSL) . 1 st on 7 th January and 2 nd on 7 th April each year with grace period of one month. IB-7 Agreement. Inputs i. seed.Awami Zarai Scheme (AZS). Agri. Disbursement is made after supply of inputs on the basis of supply order issued in the name of KSSL.

Postal Charges Rs. acceptable as per standing instructions of the Bank. dairy and fishery farmers who are successfully running Non-farm credit activities. y Loan Case File y y y y Documents Required: Photocopy of CNIC Plan of poultry shed Agricultural Pass Book Two photographs. Cost of Credit Equity Contribution: Tangible Security: Maximum Credit Limit Repayment Schedule: Loan Case File-Rs.500 Million per borrower/party. IB-7 Agreement. Poultry Working Capital 1. DAIRY & FISHERY) This product is tailored through which working capital would be provided for poultry. Broiler farming: In two half yearly . Selection of Borrowers: All experienced poultry. Rs.Non Farm Credit (PRODUCT FOR PROVISION OF WORKING CAPITAL NON-FARM CREDIT (POULTRY. Both movable and immovable property. They have clear CIB report. 1.p.50/. 10% of the total amount of working capital. dairy and fishery renewable on yearly revolving basis with 3 years currency period.a. Appraisal fee is 1% & Mark up rate is 9% p.0.a with 1% rebate for timely repayment.100/-.Awami Zarai Scheme (AZS).

AREA of Operation: Initially the financing package is implemented in Multan . Dairy Working Capital In two half yearly installments on 7 th Jan and 7 th July. 35 million rural population depends directly on this sector. Fisheries(Inland /Marine) Working Capital In two half yearly installments on 7 th Jan and 7 th July.G. Red Meat Financing Package for Sheep/ Goat Rearers Pakistan 's economy is predominantly agrarian. ii. Sukkur. Thus this scheme has been launched to promote this sector. Bhakkar.installments on 7 th Jan and 7 th July. Khuzdar Districts branches having good potential and repayment culture. Lasbella. Layer/Breeder: in one installment after one year period on 7 th Jan or 7 th July as the case may be. The scheme will be scaled-up in a phased manner Size of Farm: New/Fresh enterprise 10-20 .Khan. Faisalabad . Peshawar . D. The agriculture sector contributes 21% to the GDP.I.Khan. Dadu. Loralai. D. Nawabshah. Livestock being largest sub sector of the agriculture accounts for 50% of value addition.

mitigate poverty in the country and improve the living standard of the rural populace. Loan Case File. Pass Book & 2 Photograph & Delivery Channel: Collateral: Documents Required: . modalities of Strategic Partnership of Bank with M/s. Bank has now embarked upon to bring white revolution in the country through integration of dairy farmers and milk processors. Nestlé Pakistan Ltd. Nestlé/ ZTBL Branch Tangible Properties CNIC Photocopy. 3. IB-7 Agreement .200/- months White Revolution.ZTBL & Nestlé Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd has been financing Milk Processing Units for UHT as well as pasteurized besides conventional dairy farming in the country since long. Operational Jurisdiction: Selection of Borrowers: Throughout Punjab Province M/s Nestlé identifies the borrowers (existing as well as new dairy farmers) to recommend concerned ZTBL Branch through Model Branch Lahore.000/Rs. as a first step. In order to increase milk supply.Maximum Loan Limit : Borrower Equity: Recovery Period: Existing/Medium Farmer with 3 years experience Escalators/expanding with above 5 years experience Per sheep/ Goat Per Teddy/ Goat Per Kid 10% of the project cost Fattening Breeding 5 years 6-15 heads 20-50 heads 80-100 heads Rs. Agri.500/Rs. 1. have been worked out and an agreement to this effect has been executed. 5.

with 1% rebate for timely repayment.000/per Upto Rs.per year. As per prescribed Upto Rs. 80.100/-. 6.125. Appraisal Fee @1% of loan amount.1 million per borrower/party.000/per Upto Rs. Bank arranges insurance of animals through M/s Adamjee Insurance Company Ltd. Postal Charges Rs. 10% of the cost of the Project y Insurance of Animals Equity Contribution: Disbursement of Loan: Loans for sheds and working capital will be disbursed in cash in suitable installments. Loan Case File. Mark-Up Rate is 9% p.Rs.000/ per head rates head head Dairy sheds/struct ure y Local Buffalo/Cow y Imported Cow with calf y Working Capital Maximum Loan Limit: Cost of Credit: Rs.Loanable Items/maximum limit: y Building Plan (if dairy structure involves).a.500/. .

Existing good dairy farmers duly selected/recommended by PDDC. CNIC copy. IB-7 Agreement.100/-. milk chilling tanks. a Strategic Partnership between ZTBL & PDDC has been made.5 Billion have been allocated to finance 10. Provision of assured quality dairy equipments i. Loan Case File. Local Cow/Buffaloes through pay order/DD in the name of seller. water pumps/diesel engines etc. Postal Charges Rs. fodder machines/mixtures.000 Million per borrower/party.ZTBL & PDDC To modernize the existing dairy farming and in order to increase milk supply in the country. Rs.per year 9% p. Agri. Borrowers are required to pay only 50% of principal .e.500/. Allocation of Funds: Monitoring of Loan: Recovery Period: For the five years 2007-2011 Rs. PDDC/ZTBL Branch/ Supplier. geezers. 5 years in monthly/weekly installments with grace period of 1-3 months for local and imported animals respectively. 10% of the Project cost Loan Case File Rs.1. Appraisal Fee @1% of loan amount. M/s Nestlé will carry out monitoring of loan to update the branch periodically. Pass Book & 2 Photographs Agri Land /other Tangible Security. Under the Scheme M/s PDDC recommends good dairy farmers to ZTBL for provision of finances for the purpose. Salient features of the scheme are as under:Coverage: Eligible Farmers: Delivery Channel: Documents Required: Type of Security: Loan Limit: Equity Contribution: Cost of Credit: Mark Up Rate: Incentives: Throughout the country.a with 1% rebate for timely repayment. White Revolution. & installation the reof on competitive market rates to the farmers.000 animals each year.y y Imported cows through Nestlé.

working capital for dairy. poultry and fishery are provided to the interested borrowers under the scheme. Loan Case File. insecticides.0. IB-7 Agreement. The revolving credit limit is fixed to cater production/working capital needs of the borrowers during one year period.500 million per borrower/party. fertilizer. Inputs i.a with 1% rebate for timely repayment. etc. The salient features of the scheme are as under:Operational Jurisdiction: Selection of Borrowers: i. The borrower can draw the credit in lump sum or in piece meal according to his need/requirement. pesticides. ii. Delivery Channel: Collateral: Rate of Mark up: Documents Required: Maximum Limit: Working of revolving limit: Loan Disbursement: Repayment: Branch Tangible Securities 9% p. Loan for poultry.e.amount on due dates whereas mark-up as well as 50% of principal amount shall be paid by PDDC Recovery Period: 5 years in monthly installments with grace period of 3 months Sada Bahar Scheme (SBS) In order to facilitate the farmers and provide the m timely inputs (seed. Pass Book & 2 Photographs Rs. seed. POL and labour charges etc) for crops loan under Sada Bahar Scheme(SBS) is provided. Besides. Dairy and Fishery. CNIC Photocopy. dairy and fishery are also provided to the interested borrowers under the scheme. Loanable Items: . All over Pakistan Under the scheme the Bank MCO selects the Borrowers for crop production keeping in view of the criteria fixed for Sada Bahar Scheme(SBS). dairy and fishery the borrowers are required to clear the outstanding liabilities under the scheme once in a year by the due date and get renewed credit limit for next year up to 3 years. Agri. For repayment of both production as well as loan working capital for poultry. fertilizer and pesticides Working capital for Poultry.

The loan to the selected borrowers shall be provided by ZTBL as per prescribed procedure. Poultry. AJ&K 9% p. CNIC Photocopy. Sheep & Goat Farming in the rural areas of the State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.1. Rural Devlopment Scheme In order to provide Credit Assistance for Dairy. a Memorandum of Understanding between Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited and Azad Kashmir Small Industries Corporation has been signed.a with 1% rebate on timely repayment. The main features of this scheme are listed hereunder:Operational Jurisdiction: Selection of Borrowers: Delivery Channel : Mark up Rate: Document Required : Collateral: Maximum Credit Limit: Incentive: Repayment: Throughout AJ&K Area Bank MCO Selects the Borrowers on the recommendation of Department of Agriculture. AJ&K has been signed under title of Green Tractor Scheme. Pass Book & 2 Photographs of borrower Tangible Properties Rs. The loan will be recoverable within 5 years in 10 equal installments commencing after six month of issuance of DD. IB-7 Agreement. 10% of the Project Cost Mark up rate is 9% p. The following are the salient features of the scheme. Operational Jurisdiction: Selection of Borrowers: Equity Contribution: Mark up Rate: Incentives: The scheme shall be implemented in the entire area of Azad Jammu & Kashmir through network of ZTBL branches & Azad Kashmir Small Industries Corporation.000 million per borrower/party AJ&K Government would reimburse the amount of mark up charged by the Bank provided the borrowers repay the loans on due date.a with 1 % rebate on timely repayment All the applicable mark up on the loan installments under . and Department of Agriculture. Agri. AJ&K Branch/Department of Agriculture. The borrowers will be selected by AJ&K Small Industries Corporation. Loan Case File.Green Revolution Scheme In order to achieve the aim of providing farm machinery and implements to encourage the mechanized farming for the enhancement of agriculture productivity as compared with traditional tillage system a Memorandum of Understanding between Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd.

the scheme will be paid to ZTBL by AJ&K Small Industries Corporation. Agriculture Technology Dairy machinery Fruit grader Garden waste chipper MESCE RO Modern agri machinery implements FLAIL MOWER Agro based industries Irrigation machinery Crops orchard Cut flower crops High tech cheaper Technologies Offset rotavator Potato digger Potato grader Potato planter Pruning equipment SALUSTIANA Self Propelled rotary hoe Solar devices Stubble shaver Tunnels Water reel sprinkler Yanmar combine harvester Fertilizer spreader .1. Poultry Farming ± Within 5 years in half yearly installments commencing one year after 1st disbursement of loan.000 Million per borrower/party a. b. For Dairy/Livestock Farming ± Within 5 years in half yearly installments commencing six months after 1st disbursement of loan. Collateral: Maximum Credit Limit: Repayment/Recovery Period: Tangible Properties Rs.

The soil is separated from the potatoes on the conveyor grids and on the longitudinal shaking sieves. SPECIFICATIONS Total length: 220 cm Total width:160 170 cm Weight: 360 380 kg Dairy Machinery Self Propelled Fodder Reaper Milking Machine Milk Chilling Units Farm Yard Mannure Spreader . Two rows of potatoes are dug out.Groundnut thresher Inter row rotary cultivator Potato Digger This machine is connected to tractor 3 point linkage and driven by PTO. The potatoes are dropped in single row and collected by hand.

SPECIFICATIONS Overall Length: 525 cm Overall width:125 cm Riddles: 3 with square holes. The machine has 4 outlets to provide different sized potatoes. especially suitable for seed potatoes. Handling of potatoes is with out damage. conveyer belt and grading disc for six sizes + Handling of fruit is without damage.75 KW Capacity:4000 Kg/hr .Fruit Grader For grading all kinds of fruits this machine is equipped with roller inspection belt. 1 with bar Motor: 0. SPECIFICATIONS Grading Disc:Speed variable Power Required:1x ½ HP + 1 x 1/3 HP Sizes of Fruits:Stepless adjustable Weight: 400 kg Potato Grader Potatoes are fed by elevator belt (variable speed to 3 riddles which move the potatoes with adjustable shocks to roller inspection belts.

SPECIFICATIONS Diam. of Rows: 2 No. SPECIFICATIONS No. Furrow openers open the furrows where the seed is dropped.30 HP Potato Planter The seeding mechanism is land wheel driven. Knife disc:45cm Number of knifes:2 Revolution of knife disc:1800 RPM Weight:250 kg Power Requirement:25. Seed is later covered by means of adjustable disc/ridger. the machine is tractor mounted and PTO driven.Garden waste chipper Chips wood up till 8 cm with a knife disc and shreds branches and other garden waste like grass. The elevator chain is mounted with cups lifting the seed potatoes from the hopper to the seed funnel. of Hopper: 2 Row to Row Distance:Adjustable Field Capacity: 2 hours/acre MESCERO seedless Acidic / juicy Highly productive Round the year bearer Export Oriented An excellent crushing variety . herbs etc.

Pruning Equipment Tractor mounted compressor with big capacity tank provides air to two automatic hose reels with 50 meters house each. tree shear. pressure:18 Bars Normal pressure: 812 Bars Cutting capacity shears: 30-35 Small HP Tractors (14-35 HP) Combine Harvesters Seed Processing Unit Potato Grader Multi Crop Planter Potato Planter Potato Digger Groundnut Thresher Self Propelled Reaper for Wheat & Paddy Reversible Disc plough Three Rows Ridger Rice Transplanter Cotton Picker Inter Row Rotary Cultivator Sugarcane Harvester Off Set Rotavator Orchard Sprayer Electrodyne Sprayer Flail Mower Stubble Shaver Maize Sheller . hedge trimmer (65 cm) and chain saw (length 24 cm) is available. SPECIFICATIONS Suction capacity: 850 L/Min Tank capacity:250 L Max. A variety of pruning shear.

Crops residuals are also cut down which can enhance soil fertility. This machine is driven by PTO shaft.SALUSTIANA Seedless Sweet and Juicy Thinly shinned Excellent crushing variety Highly productive Broad acclamitization Export Oriented FLAIL MOWER Tractor driven machine used to cut the grass and shrubs in the gardens.T. SPECIFICATIONS Working Width: 72 Inches (180 Power Required: 1x ½ HP + 1 x 1/3 HP cm) Self Propelled Rotary Hoe SPECIFICATIONS Engine: 5 Fuel: Petrol Field Capacity:0.H. Treated Milk Plants Yogurt Plants Rice Mills Juice Plants with paper packing facility . HP Agro Based Industries U.75-1 acre/hr.

SPECIFICATIONS Blades: 6 Required HP:55 HP Crops Orchard Soybean Cultivation Multicut Hybrid Sorghum Hybrid Maize Tea Cultivation Mint Cultivation and Distilation Unit Hot Bin Mist Propagation Unit Polythene Tunnels Shade Netting E. Technology Exatic Fruit Plants .M. The process destroys unwanted cane stubble so that the ratoon growth can develop further.Packing Material for food items Solar Devices Solar Lift Irrigation System/Tubewell Solar Fencing Solar Gyser Solar Loud Speaker System Solar Berg Alarm System Irrigation Machinery High Speed Diesel Engines Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Drip Irrigation System Stubble Shaver For vigorous deep rooted ratoon of sugarcane crop stubble shaving is essential.

Deciduous Mother plants Dwafing apple rootstoc Recommended varieties Star Krimson (apple) Red Beauty (plum) Salustiana (orange) Mescero (lemon) MM 106 (apple rootstock) Export Oriented Citrus plants Sweet oranges Mandarines Lemons Tunnels Production three folds as compared to open conditions Early and late production Considerable water savings Weed control easy and effective Helps raising ornamental plants .

Considerable water saving is made since there is noloss of water due to seepage. SPECIFICATIONS Flow:2-4 Lit/ Throw:35 Pipe Length:180 Meter Sec Meter Development of High Tech Cheaper Technologies Potato Digger Inter Row Rotary Cultivator Self Propelled Rotary Hoe Self Propelled Reaper for wheat & paddy Groundnut Thresher Potato Planter Water Reel Travelling Sprinkler Three Row Ridger Border Disc Off Set Rotavator Stubble Shaver Flail Mower Fertilizer Spreader Seed Processing Plant Fruit Grader Yanmar Combine Harvester . The pump is operative by tractor PTO.Cut Flower Crops Roses Tube Roses Gladioloi Water Reel Sprinkler This machine is used to irrigate almost all the agricultural crops.

sunflower. Offset type rotary cultivators are especially suitable for soil cultivation in orchards particularly under trees.Cycle . tree branches do not cause hindrance to tractor operator. As the implement is off-set to one side of the tractor. 4 . Diesel Engine Engine output: 76 PS/2600 rpm (75 HP) Grain Handling System:Bagging type Av. Field Capacity: 1.2.00 acre/hr Wheat Offset Rotavator Its blades cut and pulverize the soil and incorporate trash effectively. It is fitted with screw rotor type threshing drum due to which it does not cause grain breakage.This combine harvester is basically designed for harvesting of paddy crop but it is also capable of harvesting wheat. SPECIFICATIONS Speed:540 Power required: 45. SPECIFICATIONS Model:CA-760 Engine:Yanmar 4TN100 .50 acre/hr Paddy 1.50 . Vertical 4Cylinder . Water cooled . 04 Units of this combine harvesters are available in stock for sale which will be supplied to intending buyers on " first come first served basis" against cash or credit.50 HP RPM .25 .1. maize and canola crops etc. therefore.

SPECIFICATIONS Hopper capacity: 300 kg Fertilizer spreading width: 10m Weight:20 kg Power Required:30-35 HP Tractor . The quantity of fertilizer application can be adjusted according to requirement without any wastage. Clean pods can be collected in sacks. two rod like structures continuously agitate the fertilizer. Fertilizer is put in the hopper. This machine is powered by a small HP Engine. Fertilizer spreader evenly spreads both granular and powdered fertilizers. SPECIFICATIONS Engine Power: 2HP Working Capacity:300-370/ KG/Hour Drum Revolutions:400. Fertilizer spreader evenly spreads if it is evenly spread.Groundnut Thresher This machine is used for separating pods from peanut vines. Pods attached to the vines are fed from the top of the thresher. thus ensuring optimum returns on fertilizer investments.500 RPM Fertilizer Spreader Chemical fertilizers utility increases if kit is evenly spread.

SPECIFICATIONS No.000 21.Inter Row Rotary Cultivator This Rotary Cultivator can be used for hoeing of cotton.500 Million Major Crops: Wheat Paddy (Rice) Sugarcane Cotton Maize Minor Crops: Potato Tobacco Mustard Mung Tomato Mash Lentil Groundnut Sunflower Soyabean Canola Rape Seed Til(Sesame) Suger beet 36000 29000 11000 19000 3000 11000 14000 15000 12000 13000 11000 12500 12000 Bajra Jawar Gram Guara Caster Oil Barlay Berceme Janter Garloc Turmeric Ginger Lacern & Shaftal 11000 11000 12000 3000 6000 9000 4900 4000 26000 25000 30000 4500 16.000 30.000 Million Rs.0.000 Mature Orchard/Fruits Crops: .000 19. maize. Weeds are controlled mechanically while aeration and infiltration of soil are also improved. sugarcane. groundnut. of Rows:3 Row to Row Distance:Adjustable Working Width:20" / 50 cm Credit Limits Overall Credit Limit Per Borrower Sada Bahar Scheme under one window operation or otherwise PER ACRE CREDIT LIMITS Rs.000 20.1. tobacco and other row crops.

000 10.000 10.000 13.000 29.000 23.000 12.000 3rd Year 13.000 7.000 14.000 7.000 12.000 7.000 19.000 6.000 2nd Year 8.000 13.000 11..000 8.000 11.000 26.000 Types of Security Immovable Property Agricultural Land Under Pass Book System Outside Pass Book System 80% 70% .000 7.000 18. Trees 1st Year 1 Bamboo 34.000 3rd Year 3.000 11.000 9.000 13.000 6.000 12.000 12.000 20.000 10.000 30.000 4th Year 13.000 13.000 12.000 29.000 6.000 12.000 21.000 13.000 23.000 12. Trees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Mango Citrus Apple Banana Jujuba Guava Coconut Palm Oil Dated 24000 24000 33000 37000 22600 32000 21000 32000 33000 37000 31000 37000 32000 34000 Dates Strawberry Tea Guava Pomegrante Palm Olive Oil Walnut Persimen Zizi Phus(Bher) Melon Water Melon Musk Melon 31000 25000 60000 24000 33000 22000 13000 23000 15000 25000 16000 16000 16000 1st Year 24.000 Growing Agro Forest Trees SNo.000 33.000 5th Year 14.000 2nd Year 13.Pear Loquat Plum Apple Papaya Almond Coconut Lichi Cherry Mango Apricot Banana Peach Citrus Growing Orchards SNo.000 21.

charges and expenses. Full amount of loan plus return and other charges. support Back to Top Against a bond with two sureties under General Credit and one surety in Special Schemes upto Rs. 75% 85% of face value.Under Alienability Certificate Commercial/Industrial Land under Pass Book Outside Passbook System Urban Residential/Commercial Plots in all localities outside Pass Book Alienability Certificate Residential/Commercial Buildings Lease hold rights of a leased land of CDA/KDA with 99 years lease Movable Property 66% 80% 75% 66% 70% 70% Back to Top Unconditional Bank guarantee from scheduled Banks Guarantee issued by Central or Provincial Government Government securities Defense Savings & FEB Certificates Fix Term Deposits Receipts NIT Units Life Insurance policies Pledge of Potatoes/Seed Potatoes price or market value which ever is less Personal Surety Upto maximum amount of an un-conditional Bank guarantee after keeping sufficient margin for un-paid mark-up. 85% of surrender value Upto 75% of Govt. 2 New Tractor No equity but 10% of the loan is to be needed in PLS . 80% of the face value or market value whichever is less. 85% of face value or market value whichever is less. Back to Top Debt Equity Ratio For Tubewell/Tractors/Implements/Attachments/Equipments 1 All kinds of Tubewells/ Turbines 25% Within 5 years in annual/bi-annual installments commencing one year after first disbursement Within 8 years in monthly/quarterly or half yearly installments to be decided by Manager in consultation with borrower.25. cost.000/- Upto 50% of appraised value of properties of sureties.

0. Back to Top Issuance of Notices Demand notice is issued before the due date of every installment.1 Million. Recovery Procedure Recovery Schedule Recovery schedule in each loan case as per terms of sanction of loan is fixed and communicated to the borrowers after disbursement of loan.0. Types of Loans 1 2 3 Recovery Period Crop production working capital loans recoverable in lump sum Short Term Loans commencing after the harvest/marketing of respective crops and within maximum period of 12 months. . Except Tubewell/Tractors/Implements/ Attachments/Equipments Production Loan upto Rs. 30% Repayment Periods S.5 Million Land holding beyond 50 acres/loan amount beyond Rs.2 Million NIL 15% Land holding beyond 25 acres to 50 acres/loan amount beyond Rs.0.5 Million upto Rs. Tractor.2 Million upto 25% Rs. above. Medium Term Dairy farming and livestock etc. In case of default or failure in repayment of any installment on due date the mark-up shall continue to be charged and last installment due to this may differ from the amount of installments fixed at the time of disbursement. poultry farming.0.0.No. godowns and Long Term Loans orchard iIn yearly/half yearly installments within maximum period of 8 years and.Account 3 Used Tractor.100 Million Land holding upto 25 acres/loan amount upto Rs. agricultural machinery. -doEquipments/attachments/implements and used tractor Within 5 years in monthly/quarterly or half yearly installments to be decided by the Manager in consultation with borrower. In yearly/half yearly/monthly Loans installments and within maximum period of 5 years.

The relaxation in recovery period shall not be allowed beyond one year in any case. The borrowers shall have to execute a supplementary loan agreement on Non Judicial Stamp Paper of appropriate value to give legal cover to extended period. The borrowers shall have to pay the return for the extended period. account is to be settled by recovery of amount from the auction of the mortgaged property. Back to Top LEGAL ACTION Legal action can be initiated against the defaulter if loan is not repaid even after expiry of legal Notice period.A Legal Notice is issued one month after the due date informing the borrower that if the amount is not repaid within next one month.Rescheduling of Loan Repayment Facility Rescheduling of Loan Repayment Facility ZTBL allows rescheduling of repayment of installments to its borrowers in order to maintain credit discipline and to mitigate their genuine problems in real hardship cases and in areas declared as calamity hit by the respective Provincial Governments The Rescheduling facility is to be considered by bank on case¬to-case basis and is to be allowed on borrower's request only. Where the court in bank's favour has decreed a case. The bank may dispose off the mortgaged properties of defaulters for satisfaction of its dues with out intervention of courts under Financial Institutions (Recovery of Finances) Ordinance 2001. further legal action will be taken to recover the dues. Down Payment for Rescheduling of Loans Rescheduling Number 1st 2nd 3rd Rate of down payment as against due installments to be rescheduled 10% 20% 30% . The bank may purchase the mortgaged property if considered feasible to dispose it off later on through auction or in any manner deemed fit for getting the best price.

Board of Directors Sultan Ali Chaudhry Chairman Board Mr. Mahmood Nawaz Shah Director Muazam Ali Company Secretary . Khalid Ahmad Khokhar Director Mr. M.Yaqoob Vardag Director Dr. Amir Muhammed Director Mr. Muhammad Iftikhar Khan Mohmand Director Mr. Abdul Wajid Arain Director Mr. Zafar-Iqbal Director Mr. Muhammad Zaka Ashraf President/ CEO (Brief Resume) Ms. Nazrat Bashir Director Dr.

pk qaiser.Internal Credit Risk Management System IdMS .rehman@ztbl.Official Software Sr# Software Title Contact Person's Email 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Employee Circles HAMS .Benazir Tractor Scheme Management System RRIS ± Regulatory Reporting Information System OPAM ± Online Performance Appraisal Management VSL ± Vendors Short Listing System CRM ± Customer Relationship Management IAMS Identity Verfications System Di-MIS .Internal Audit Management System .pk Flood Affected Areas BTSMS .Identity Management System NIVS .pk Applications Management System ICRMS .Dynamic Integrated MIS qaiser.

U Junhai Vice President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade visited ZTBL H. visit of different stalls of exhibition. Dated: 13-04-2011 ZTBL organized Kissan Mela for farmer in Larkana and President ZTBL Muhammad Zaka Ashraf participated as a chief guest.O Islamabad and meet Muhammad Zaka Ashraf President ZTBL. Dated: 16-03-2011 ZTBL organized Kissan Mela for farmer in DG Khan and Governor Punjab Sardar Latif Khosa attended as a chief guest. F. Muhammad Zaka Ashraf.E Mr. 16-GB Sargodha. by President ZTBL Dated: 18-03-2011 A Chinese delegation led by Mr. President. Dated: 02-03-2011 A delegation of Chinese Company M/s Shaanxi Xintong Intelligent demonstrated the working of solar energy pump. Muhammad Omar Musa the ambassador of Sudan visited ZTBL to attend a meeting with Mr. Dated: 31-03-2011 On the eve of Golden Jubilee Ceremony of University of Agriculture. Sprinkle and Drip Irrigation system at village Mann near Kasur. Dated: 07-04-2011 Inaugural Ceremony of demonstration of solar energy with high efficiency irrigation in model village chak no. meeting with VC & Address to International Seminar on value Addition Concerns. Faisalabad. Dated: 22-01-2011 On the 3rd anniversary of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto ZTBL Officer Association and Peoples Worker Union held dua and Fateha Ceremony in ZTBL HO. Dated: 07-03-2011 A Sudanese delegation led by H. ZTBL and other Senior Executives of the Bank. Dated: 27-12-2010 . Islamabad.Press release ZTBL organized Kissan Mela for farmer in Badeen and President ZTBL Muhammad Zaka Ashraf participated as a chief guest.

KSSL Board of Director meeting Chair by Muhammad Zaka Ashraf President ZTBL at Hyderabad. Dated: 20-11-2010 Chinese company Chaguang Electronic keen to introduce and provide LED lights and solar technology in Pakistan. Muhammad Zaka Ashraf. Dated: 27-09-2010 Signing Ceremony between ZTBL and Chinese Company M/S YTO at ZTBL HO. Pakistan Women's Cricket team at 16th Asian games includes nine playing members from ZTBL cricket XI. Dated: 07-10-2010 High level USAID delegation led by Ambassador Robin Raphel visited ZTBL HO. President. Islamabad Dated: 27-09-2010 . Islamabad.President ZTBL visit the Hyderabad Zone (19-24 December 2010) and meet the press on 24-12-2010.E Dato Ahmad Anwar Bin Adnan visited ZTBL to attend a meeting with Mr. Dated: 30-09-2010 President ZTBL Zaka Ashraf in a simple ceremony formally handed over the relief goods containing food items & non-food items. Dated: 12-11-2010 A Malaysian delegation led by H. Dated: 23-12-2010.

2005 approved the proposal to outsource non core services of the Bank and formation of Bank¶s Subsidiary to provide different kind of support services Formation of the Bank¶s subsidiary KSSL subsequently . financial and functional restructuring ZTBL HR Strategy Bank to look at activities it performs and attach economic value to undertake the activity commercially.ZTBL Objective Restructuring plan under RFSDP To operate on commercial lines to expand its outreach. the Bank is under going a process of organizational. Ensure the Bank¶s financial and human capital is rightly deployed As strategy Bank should use ³excessively outsource´ as medium to add flexibility to its use of Human Resource To ensure that non-business/support function have just the right staff complement Formatting Of KSS 1st meeting of Human Resource Management Committee of the Board held on November 10th.

100 Million to KSSL Decided that all day to day expenditure of the Company shall be paid by the ZTBL through an inter Company Account Radio Pakistan . The Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan allowed incorporation of KSSL. 2005.endorsed in 20th meeting of ZTBL Board held on November 16.03.2006 approved appointment of CEO/MD of the company Financially Viability Established purely for strategic and administrative reasons by exercising control on related work force and maintaining prescribed service quality standard Transfer of approved share capital of Rs. a Subsidiary of the Bank Appointment of MD 1st Meeting of the BOD of KSSL held on 04.

Scheme's Brochures Crops Cultivation Guide S.43 10 chick peas Urdu MB Scheme's Brochures S.No.No.Silage Support and cultivation guide for Urdu KB 448 4 Sesame Seeds Support and cultivation guide for Urdu KB 384 5 Lentil pulse Support and cultivation guide of Urdu KB 515 6 Sunflower Support and cultivation guide of Urdu KB 2. Brochure Title Language Type Size 409 1 Sada Bahar Scheme Urdu KB .20 7 Canola and Brassica Support and cultivation guide of Urdu MB 410 8 Wheat Support and plantation guide for Urdu KB 171 9 Tea Support and cultivation guide for Urdu KB 1. Title Raising Goats and Sheep in 1 Pakistan Support and cultivation guide for 2 Peanuts Language Type Size 569 Urdu KB 586 Urdu KB 510 3 Fooder Preserving guide.

ISLAMABAD BRANCH. KATCHERY 0544-625703 ROAD.2. 1-FAISAL AVENUE. G-7/2. 051-9252782 Total Br = 13 HO BRANCH ISLAMABAD D-109 NEAR MAIN ATTOCK BAZAR. JHELUM MURREE KASHMIR POINT. 051-3410463 .AS ON 15-01-2011 Total Zones: 31 Total Branches: 355 SR# ZONE BRANCH ADDRESS TELEPHONE# PUNJAB ZTBL.ZTBL and Nestlé Pakistan Ltd.57 8 ZTBL Loan FAQs Urdu MB Urdu KB ZTBL BANK BRANCHES .22 2 KSB Zarai Turbine User Guide Urdu MB 560 3 Sairab Pakistan Scheme White Revolution Scheme. BLOCK 7/F. 4 Collaboration Urdu 636 KB 683 5 White Revolution Scheme Urdu KB 517 6 Loan Scheme for poultry Urdu KB 191 7 Loan through one window operation Urdu KB 1. ISLAMABAD ZTBL. HIGH PINDIGHEB 0572-352508 SCHOOL. ATTOCK 057-9316145 CITY NEAR GOVT. ISLAMABAD 051-9252022 1 Islamabad OFFICERS COLONY. HEAD OFFICE. PINDIGHEB NEAR ISLAMIA HIGH JHELUM SCHOOL.

Wahndo Ghala Mandi. Civil Hospital chowk Qila Deedar Singh 055-4710018 .2 3 OPP. GUJAR 051-3511317 KHAN HAIDERY CHOWK. Daska.Gujrat 330-B.Road Gujranwala. 051-4427794 RAWALPINDI NEAR ALMAS MEDICAL CENTRE. MIANWALI 0543-412021 ROAD. Wazirabad 055-6601449 Wazirabad. D. RAWALPINDI SATELLITE TOWN. FATEHJANG Thana Road. Kamoke 055-6811891 G.T.Road Kamoke. KAHUTA NEAR OLD LARI TALAGANG ADDA.Qila Deedar Singh. TEHSIL KAHUTA 051-3312603 HOSPITAL. 055-9200206 Total Br = 11 Gujranwala Alipur Road Gujrat Near. 055-6798115 Dhaunkal Road. Ali pur 055-6332375 Gujranwala Alipur Chatha Chatha. TALAGANG JHELUM ROAD. ADS-I Housing Hafizabad 0547-524919 Colony Near Madina Hotel. Wahndo .Tehsil 053-7611117 Kharian. Noshera Noshera virkan 055-6760421 Virkan Dinga Road .Pindi Pindi Sultanpur Sultanpur.Road Lala Musa 053-7515001 Tatley Road .C. 052-9200040 Sialkot Sialkot Pak pura Kutchery Road 052-4292542 Total Br = 7 . GOVERNOR HOUSE. MURREE OPP. JAND G. ROAD NEAR GUJAR KHAN BUS STAND.T. CHAKWAL 0543-544009 CHAKWAL MOHALLAH JAND 0572-621059 GHOUSIA.Usmania 053-9260417 Plaza. Daska Circular Road. Lala Musa G.T. FATEHJANG 0572-212582 ATTOCK ROAD.

T. Near Post Office. 049-4310019 Chunian Depalpur Road. K. Manawala. Road. College 049-9250174 Road. Opp Veternary Hospital. 056-3726331 Muhallah Islampur. 049-2382304 Kishen Muhala Talab Wala. Civil 055-6441876 Hospital Road . Pasrur. Main G. Rafiqabad Narang 056-2410117 Mandi Near General Buss 056-2874744 Stand. 054-2450922 Near New Khan Petrol Pump. 056-2591022 Shraqpur Shariff Near Tehsil Office. Kanganpur Main Multan Road. Nankana Sahib Maher Balocha Road. Shakar garh.R. Main Multan 0423-7511219 Road Chung Bhatta Chowk. . 049-2791195 Khuddian Sabzi Mandi. Kasur Depalpur Road. Kishen Chunian Kanganpur Pattoki Ferozewala Manawala Narang Mandi Nankana Sahib Sangla Hill Sharaqpur Muridke Khanqa Dogran Sialkot Kotli Loharan Mashrqi 052-3530272 near PTCL Exchange Model Town. Gujranwala Road 055-6280344 Satrah. 054-2412871 Zia Road . Circular Road Narowal. R.Kotli Loharan Pasrur Satrah Narowal Shakargarh 4 Lahore Chung Total Br = 21 Kasur Khuddian K. 0423-7981745 Bangla Road. Sangla 056-3703056 Hill New Hospital Road. 049-4420055 Pattoki Near Malik Taj Din Building. Ellah 049-4751303 Abad. 0423-7933668 Lahore Main Faisalabad/Sheikhupura 056-3771054 Road. Shahdara. Muridke.

Multan Vehari Road. LODHRAN Lodhran Basti Malook Road.Town Liaquat Pur Committee. 27-C. Colony. M. SHUJABAD Shujabad Khan Baila Road.Nehar Kinara Sadiq Abad H. DUNYAPUR Dunyapur Lodhran Road. The Mall. Y. Syed Wala Syed Wala 61-A. More Khunda Jaranwala Road. Sheikhupura Civil Lines. PACCA Pacca Allama Iqbal Rahim yar Khan Town. Khan Total Br = 7 Khanqa Dogran Madina Colony. Zarar Shaheed Road. RASHEED Makhdoom Rasheed Jalalpur Pirwalal Road. Opp. JALALPUR Jalalpur Pirwala Shahab Centre. BASTI MALOOK Bahawalpur Road Near Super Chowk.5 Multan Total Br = 8 6 R. MULTAN. 47-C. Lumbey Jaggir Road. Sheikhupura Model Br. Abdali Road. Housing Scheme. Old Army Officer Lahore Cantt. Kehror K. Lahore. 4/B-1.Model Khan Pur Katora Town-A Khan Pur Katora Mehar Abad Shemla Sadiq Abad Point. Phoolnagar Main Jaranwala Road.Liaquat pur 056-2442473 056-9200091 0423-7312297 0423-6662393 049-4510501 056-2722112 061-9200509 061-4592210 061-4396336 061-4210202 061-4250125 0608-9200039 0608-305279 0608-342624 068-9230050 068-5573079 068-5703546 068-5795309 .Church Road Rahim yar Khan H.No181/182. Town Committee Phoolnagar Office. More Khunda Malik Anwar Road.No. Lahore.


PINDI BHATTIAN.. Jahanian .26. Multan Rd.4 Qutabpur T. Abdul Abdul Hakim Hakim.KHAN PIND DADAN KHAN. Peoples Colony Kabirwala Jhang Rd. Opp. Total Br = 11 Mailsi House No.3.Degree Jhanian College for Boys.Govt. Hasilpur Rd.D. Karampur Mailsi Rd. Arifwala Fausal Town Sahiwal Adda Bunga Hayat Total Br = 9 Bunga Hayat Pakpattan Road Chichawatni 6-E Housing colony Kassowal Zameer colony GT road Noor Shah Faisal Abad Road Adda Noor pur Noorpur Pakpattan Road 0546-590299 0544-210262 054-7531484 0546-588339 067-3362408 067-3410341 067-9200068 067-3692077 067-3696029 067-3691136 065-9200083 065-2410619 065-2441056 065-2664870 065-2210878 457832739 457520107 405485549 405410496 404469133 404018025 . St. NEAR AQIL GATE. Tehsil Kabirwala ZTBL Mian Channu GT Mian Channu Road Mian Channu. PINDI BHATTIAN LAHORE ROAD. GOJRA DISTRICT Mandi Bahauddin 150-A-O Block Vehari Vehari Danewal Ward No. MAIN ROAD GOJRA.8 9 MANDI BAHA-UDDIN.Pur Rd.Ludden Ludden Tehsil House No.Kabirwala Multan Rd.S. M..No. CHALLIANWALA.DIN .KHARIAN CHALLIANWALA ROAD. RAILWAY ROAD.1.27 Burewala Gulshan-e-Rehman Town Ward No.B.25. Khanewal Block-W. P.25.

T. Bhakkar Road. Singh Tandlianwala 12 Jhang Jhang Total Br = 10 Shah Jewana Athara Hazari Shorkot 10-8 Green Town 457372187 Qaboola By pass 457851915 915-D Farid Town 409200424 27-C Lala zar Colony 449200126 Khalil abad colony 444540988 Dehli Multan Road 444775772 Committee Road 444771189 Faisal Abad Road 442662030 6-B Low incom Housing 442621212 scheme Post Office.17 St. Main Faisalabad Road. Rajana 0462-262744 Town. Cantt Road. 12/GD 0442010810 Chiniot Road. 041-3422395 Samundri. 041-4600131 Satiana House No. 041-3431791 Mamunkanjan. Shorkot 0475-310584 . Gojra 046-9200096 Faisalabad Road. 041-3441907 Tandlianwala Ayub Chowk Jhang.1.No. 041-4310584 Jaranwala Mal Fatiana Road.102 Housing Colony No. Pir Mahal.Singh Main Road. 0462-510712 T. 180477-645209 Hazari. Tadlianwala Road. 0463-411525 Kamalia. Chak 041-8763407 Jhumra Jail Road. Shah Jewana. Gala Mandi. 0463-522048 Sandhilianwali. Lakar Mandi. Punjab Medical 041-9210008 College. 047-9200039 Mandi Shah Jewana 0477-641270 Road.T.10 Okara Total Br = 7 Pakpattan Qaboola Sahiwal Okara Depalpur Haveli lakha Basirpur Gogera Renala Khurd Nol Plot 11 Faisalabad Chak Jhumra Total Br = 13 Faisalabad Gojra Jaranwala Kamalia Mamunkanjan Pir Mahal Rajana Town Samundri Sandhilianwali Satiana T. 0463-360301 Canal Road. School Road. Opp. Samundri Road. Faisalabad.

Near Ali Pur Fateh Pur Gate Ali Pur Shahersultan Jatoi Road Shahersultan Jatoi Permet Road Jatoi Kot Adu G.D. Old Bus Stand Chiniot Bhawana Road. Mankera Jhang Road. Garh Marharaja Garh Mor G. Bhakkar. Chiniot Chiniot.Jam Pur Near Police ROJHAN Station.Araien KOT CHUTTA Market. Bhowana. Mohallah Khiaran Wali.Rojhan Kachari Road. Near Housing Colony. 15 Bahawalpur Ahmedpur East Ahmedpur East Main Ahmedpur Road.G. Mankera.opposite D.near Total Br = 6 TAUNSA SHARIF Hashim chowk.T.Road Kot Adu Sanawan G. Faisalabad Road.M.near JAM PUR boys degree college.kot chutta Indus Highway.KHAN sarwar.Juggan RAJAN PUR khan Market. TDA Colony Layyah 13 Muzaffargarh Layyah Choubara Jhang Road Choubara Total Br = 11 Layyah Road Karor Lal Karor Lal Easan Easan Muzaffargarh Jail Road Muzaffargarh Khan Garh Ali Pur Road Khangarh Circular Road.Khan College Road.Road Sanawan M.G.Taunsa Sharif Indus Highway.M.T. Mandi Town near Jhang Bhakkar Moore.Road Chowk Chowk Munda Munda Multan Road.Rajan pur Indus Highway. Total Br = 8 Bahawalpur 0476-332811 0475-320578 0476-201039 0453-9200437 0453-200904 0453-410055 0606-412570 0606-440144 0606-810574 066-9200207 066-2610486 066-2700140 066-2620055 066-2591170 066-2242934 066-2250028 066-2210175 064-9260419 064-2602451 064-2843551 0604-688698 0604-567464 0604-610044 062-277820 062-9255303 .city.G. Raja. Kalurkot Kalurkot.KHAN khayyaban-e14 D.

36. Ibrahim Hyderi Ibrahim Hyderi Road.1. Lower Income Housing Yazman 062-2702733 Scheme. Near 0213-99206006 Total Br = 15 Shafi Court Metropol Hotel. Murad Memon Goth. Near Green Market. Noorpur Nouranga Khanqah Sharif. Hasilpur. Fish Harbour Naghani Chamber. Balidia 062-2502940 Total Br = 5 Chishtian Colony.39/GI. Minchinabad near A. Karachi. Wharf Road. 0213-35120584 Branch. Distt: 062-2790077 Bahawalpur Main Ahmedpur Road. House No. Karachi. Mehmood 062-2442582 Colony. Merewether Road. Karachi. Block No. 063-2510967 Bahawalnagar Road. 063-2274443 16 Bahawalnagar Bahawalnagar Bahawalnagar. Shafi Court Building. 679-B. Yazman. Khairpur Tamewali 062-2261590 Khairpur Tamewali Ganwar Shah Road. Korangi Crossing.Office. Bhittai Colony. Karachi. Memon Goth Memon Goth Town.Bahawalpur. Uch Sharif. Haroonabad 063-2250941 Haroonabad. . Karachi Branch. Fortabbas Marot Road Fortabbas. 0213-34613618 17 Karachi. Chishtian Highway Hasilpur Road. Gulistan-e-Johar Gulistan-e-Johar. Kamboh House Degree College Road. SINDH St.4/3. 063-2750331 Minchinabad.C. Malir Karachi. Head Rajkan 062-2781666 Head Rajkan Mouza Ghnipur. 0213-34560239 Branch. Uch Sharif 062-2551307 Sami Town. West 0213-32315339 Branch. Scheme No. Model Branch. Chishtian Pakpattin Sharif Road.

Near Union Council Mirpur Bathoro Office. Lasbela University. Super Highway. 0298-775016 Branch. Uthal Branch. District Thatta. 0213-37613037 Branch. Mirpur Bathoro 0298-779216 Branch. Near National Bank Of Thatta Branch. Chouhar Jamali. Sujawal Branch. Thatta Branch. Banglow No 6-A. 022-3332142 Plot No. Post Office Chohar Jamali.Khan 022-3341356 Masjid-e-Aqsa Sehwan Sharif Aeroplane Chowk Main 025-4620363 . Town. Gadap Town. Govt. Opp. Unit Hyderabad 022-9260058 18 Hyderabad No. Hub City. District Thatta. 0853-363474 Branch. 0298-923024 Pakistan. 0298-778076 Taluka Shah Bunder. Near Tando M. Vur Branch.7 Latifabad Mir Colony Tando Jam 0222-765968 Total Br = 14 Tando Jam Main Rd. Main National Highway. District Thatta. Matiari 0222-760285 Boys High School Hala National High way Rd. District Thatta. Drainage Office. Mooza Tathra. Near Baqai Deh Tore (Gadap) Medical University. Shah Aqiq Road. Near Jati Branch. 0853-610761 Uthal. Wapda Office. 0298-510074 Sujawal Town. 0298-774037 District Thatta. Karachi. Post Office Vur Town. Raj Malak Road. Zardari Tando Allah Yar Colony Main Tando 0223-891383 Adam Road Station Rd. Near Sher Ali Patrol Hub Chowki Pump. District Thatta. Mirpur Sakro Mirpur Sakro Town.Deh Tore. District Thatta.14. District Lasbela. Near Qasmi Petrol Pump. Postal Code 73030. Jati 0298-777044 Town.

Hyderabad Road near Tando Bhago 0297-854020 Girls High School.Road Hyderabad. Nawabshah Bandhi Road Dour 0244-325224 Total Br = 14 Dour Muhalla Azim Colony. 1-A/2 Housing Society 0244-9370115 19 Nawabshah Nawabshah.Badin Rd 0297-840265 Ward No.N. 0254750236 Near Saheed Allah Bux JACOBABAD park Quatta Raod 0722653464 Jacobabad Kotri . Darya Road. 0297-851091 Bunglow No. 0297-830233 Matli Hyderabad. Near Mukhtiarkar Office 0254720295 Total Br = 18 K.Shah RADHAN Shahi Bazar Radhan. Tando Ghulam Ali Shahi Bazar Rd. 2.SHAH Road K. Kotri 022-3874230 Al Aman Hotel.Near Badin 0297-861291 Bus Stand Talhar Tando Bago Rd. Sakrand.Girls High Golarchi 0297-853116 School Rd.N. 0244-322714 Main Road Sakrand National Highway Qazi Qazi Ahmed 0244-321284 Ahmed Doulatpur Main Road Doulatpur 0244-320678 Near Session Court Moro 0242-410626 Main Road Moro Opposite Wapda Colony Naushehro Feroze 0242-448883 Naushehro Feroze Bhiria Chowk Main Bhiriacity 0242-432232 Road Bhiriacity Taluka Hospital Road Kandiaro 0242-449576 Kandiaro Mallah Muhallah Mehrabpur 0242-430505 Mehrabpur Dadu Shahani Muhalla Dadu 025-9200311 Johi Wahi Pandhi Road Johi 025-4740258 Near Hotel Usman Bhan Saeedabad 025-4660389 Solangi Bhan Saeedabad Near Bunglow Asif Seeta Road 025-4760088 Khan leghari Seeta Road Akhound Muhalla Ghari MEHAR 0254730293 20 Larkana Road Mehar.

5 Gharibabad. 0233-866431 K.Grils 0726573035 High School Lakhi Near Chandni Chowk.P OFFICE ROAD 0726920166 SHIKARPUR. 0744049320 Near Main Bazar 0722573252 Kandhkot Soomra Muhalla 0722576613 Kashmore.Muhammad Gulistan Saleem Near Rohal Bus stand 0238-571230 Umerkot Kunri Road Samaro 0238-551040 Opposite Akri Jama 0238-541556 Masjid Pithoro Shoukat Manzil.High 0744047491 School Nuadero. 0233-869642 Digri Near Hashmi Masjid.G. Main Road Khanpur 0726571025 S. Diplo 0232-261320 Road Mithi Near Police Head Quarter.THULL SHAHDADKOT KAMBER WARAH MIROKHAN KANDHKOT KASHMORE DOKRI LARKANA NAUDERO KHANPUR SHIKARPUR GARHI YASIN LAKHI 21 Mirpurkhas Mirpurkhas Total Br = 14 Hingorno Digri Kot Ghulam Muhammad Umerkot Samaro Pithoro Mithi Sanghar Kandhkot Road Thull. Mirwaha Road 0233-9290192 Mirpurkhas Main Khipro sindhri 02355-22026 Road Hingorno Ward No. 0722610269 Old Anaj Mandi 0744012788 Shahdadkot Larkana Road Kamber 0744210545 Gaji Khuhawar Road 0744060230 Warah Main Road Mirokhan. Moenjodaro Road Dokri 07454080296 Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Building VIP Road 0749410826 Larkana Opposite Govt. Hyderabad 0235-542032 Road Sanghar . MARKET ROAD 0726572041 GARHI YASIN Opposite Govt.

New 0243-750216 Evershine School Minara Road.T. Agra Town 0243-780076 Shanti Nagar 0723-681302 Rahomowali Rd. Bara Road.Kandiari Shahdadpur Sinjhoro Tando Adam Khipro Dharaki 22 Sukkur Total Br = 15 Pacca Chang Gambat Agra Town Ghotki Khairpur Kingri Kot Digi Mirpur Mathelo Thari Mirwah Chandiko(Nara) Pano Aqil Sohbo Dero Sukkur Ubauro KHYBER PAKHTUN KAWAH 23 Peshawar Peshawar Rural health centre 0235-521101 Kandiari Near Hala Chowk. Badaber. Peshawar Scheme Chowk. Inqilab Road.Peshawar Club Road.T Road Ghotki 0723-642577 Garibabad Mohallah a 0243-557020 Station R oa d.Road. Sukkur 071-9310303 Near Shah Petrol Pump 0723-688429 G. Revenue 0243-790268 Office Near Mujahid Petrol 0243-559045 Pump . Civil Court Tando 0235-574328 Adam Near Police Station. Chughal Pura. 071-5690547 Pano Akil Main Stand. Main Chowk Near Mukhtarkar Office.Mathelo Near DDO. Nowshera Cantt.Kot 0243-556359 Bunglow Near Sardar Rahim Bux Bozdar Bunglow 0723-651680 M. Taluka office Road 0235-879237 Khipro G. 0243-640970 Shahi Bazar. 0235-841239 Shahdadpur Sanghar Road Sinjhoro 0235-531116 Khandoo Road Opp. 091-2262279 091-2324815 091-5253433 0923-9220037 Total Br = 20 Badaber Bara Nowshera . Peshawar Bara Gate. Katchery Road Khairpur 0243-9280096 Near Dargah Pir jo Goth 243-610110 Main R oa d.

G.D. 0937-552002 Takhtbhai Jehangira Road. Colony. Kohat Road. 0937-866404 Mardan Main Bazar. 0927-333540 Bannu Road.I. Opp. Sector-IV. Parachinar Road. Hangu Public School & College.Khan.P.Shah Hangu Sadda Parachinar 24 D. Tehsil Office. 091-9220112 Charsadda College Road Near 091-6555263 Police Station. 0937-575367 Katlang Floor Mill Road. 0926-520509 Sadda Opposite Zanana 0926-310658 Hospital. Main Bazar 0928-653515 Domail. D.O. . Opp.Charsadda Tangi Shabqadar Mardan Rustam Shergarh Katlang Takhtbhai Swabi Lahore Chota Kohat Karak B. 091-6281497 Shabqadar Cantt. Mardan Road. Lahore 0938-300065 Chota House No. 0928-622188 Miranshah Road.Khan Domail Mardan Road.I. Tangori 0927-210549 Chowk. Bannu. Main 0925-621093 Hangu Tall Road. Rustam 0937-800183 Malakand Road. Kohat Main High Way. Jamal 0938-221244 Abad. Near Police 0937-820353 Station Inzergai. B. 0922-513743 KDA Gate-2. Near UBL.Shah Opp. Ghalnai CNG. Shergarh. Prova Adda. Swabi Jehangira Road. Opp. Tangi Matta Road.Khan Bannu Total Br = 11 D.I. Parachinar Near Regal Cinema. Near GPO.D. the Mall Road. 0966-718225 Muhammad Din Market. Hangu Manan Market.13. Karak Opposite Police Station.

0995-610835 Haripur . Mianwali. Matta 0946-790095 Main Bazar Behrain 0946-780127 Governor Cottage Road. 0992-9310152 Abbottabad Shakar Shah Road. 0459-285020 Essakhel. Khar 0942-220903 Bajaur Agency.T. Road Dargai 0932-332043 G. 0944-880822 Near Bus Stand. PAF Road. Road.I. 0966-775341 Paharpur.Essakhel Kulachi Lakki Marwat Mianwali Paharpur Piplan Serai Naurang Tank 25 Mingora Batkhela Total Br = 15 Mingora Daggar Timergara Chakdara Khar Alpurai Dargai Dir Matta Behrain Chitral Warijune Booni Drosh 26 Abbottabad Total Br = 7 Abbottabad Haripur Al-Assad Market.T. 0943-412624 Chitral G. Opposite Grain Market. 0996-850034 Alpurai. Road. D. 0945-9250117 Timergara. Mianwali Road. Swat. G. 0945-761178 Near Scout Cant. Chakdara. Warijun 0943-474014 Main Bazar Booni 0943-470032 Main Bazar Drosh 0943-480208 PMA Kakul Road. Main Bazar Daggar 0939-555466 Balambat Road. Hassan Market near Degree College(Male). Road. Saidu 0946-9240183 Sharif. Nera PESCO. uposit Tablighi Markaz. Dir. 0963-512558 Tank. 0459-201128 Liaqat Abad. Piplan. Inside Sheikhi Gate 0966-760363 Kulachi. Mohallah Haqdad Abad near Bus Stand. Serai 0969-352261 Naurang. Batkhela 0932-411792 College Colony. 0459-920091 Rangpur Road.T. Main Besham Road. G.T. Lakki 0969-510586 Marwat.Khan Road Opposite Police Graond.

Battagram Kumela Bazar.OFFICE CHILAS 0997-305069 0997-320106 0997-500329 0997-310073 0998-407105 5811920766 5815920268 5814921020 5813920804 5817920289 5816920244 5812920138 Bank Squire Lower 05822-921054 Chatter Muzaffarabad Main Bazar Hattian 05822-922636 (AK) Sudhan Gali Road Bagh 05823-920039 (A.D OFFICE ASTORE MAIN BAZAR DANIYAL SHAHID RD. GILGIT YADGAR. KHAPLU NEAR DC. Oghi.W. Dassu. Mansehra Kutchehry Road. CHOKE SKARDU MAIN ROAD GAHKUCH MAIN ROAD ALIABAD NEAR P.Mansehra Oghi Balakot Battagram Dassu GILGIT . Main Bazar. Balakot Main Karakuram Highway.BALTISTAN GilgitGILGIT 27 Baltistan Total Br = 7 SKARDU GAHKUCH ALIABAD ASTORE KHAPLU CHILAS AZAD KASHMIR 28 Muzaffarabad Muzaffarabad Total Br = 10 Hattian Bagh Haveli Rawalakot Sudhnoti Sehnsa Kotli Mirpur Bedra Chowk.K) Main Bazar Haveli 05823-921773 Kahuta(AK) Katchehry Chowk Near District Courts 05824-920070 Rawalakot(AK) Kotli Chowk 05825-920079 Sudhnoti(Pallandri)(AK) Kotli Road Main Bazar 05826-923066 Sehnsa(AK) Housing Scheme Kotli 05826-920234 (AK) House No-122/K Sector 05827-920426 F/2 Mirpur(AK)` . Main Shahrah-Resham. SADAR BAZAR.

Tehsil Road. ZTBL. ZTBL.Bhimber BALUCHISTAN 29 QUETTA QUETTA Gujrat Road Bhimber (AK) 05828-920507 Total Br = 18 DALBANDIN HARNAI ZIARAT KOHLU LORALAI DUKI K.446-C. ZTBL. Station Road.A. Kharan. Near Govt: Girls 0825-872984 High School. RCD Road.Yar 0838-510452 Ali Abad Road Usta 0838-613930 . Quetta Cantt:. Rakhni Sibi 0829-668522 Road. Quetta Road. 0829-667261 Saddar Bazzar. Main Bazzar. ZTBL. 0824-666360 Duki.M. 0822-412883 Zhob. Staff College 081-9202939 Road. 0844-210903 Kalat. Wadh. Mohalla Jala 0833-520042 abad. 0823-669415 Muslim Bagh. Main RCD 0848-500086 Road. Near WAPDA 0825-210244 House. Main Bazzar. 0823-610530 Killa Saifullah. Mastung. Barkhan.C. ZTBL. ZTBL. Dalbandin. ZTBL. ZTBL. ZTBL. band Road. ZTBL. ZTBL. Jinnah Road Sibi 0833-412866 D. Harnai.Jamali 0838-710445 Quetta Road D.Jamali Jhatpat Usta Muhammad ZTBL. Near Al-Falah 0843-895330 Masjid.Road D. 0824-411084 Loralai. Ziarat. Baboo Mohallah. Afzal Plaza. ZTBL. 0826-420100 Pishin.Jamali Total Br = 7 Sibi D. Kohlu.M. 0848-412532 Khuzdar. Banglow No. ZTBL. ZTBL. ZTBL. ZTBL.SAIFULLAH PISHIN MASTUNG KHUZDAR KHARAN ZHOB NUSHKI BARKHAN MUSLIM BAGH KALAT WADH 30 D. ZTBL. 0833-560256 Quetta Road. Nushki. Civil Hospital 0847-510267 Road.M. Town Road.

0863-210508 Pasni Near Wapda Power 0855-641299 House.Dhadar Bhag Sohbatpur 31 Turbat Turbat Total Br = 6 Gwadar Pasni Panjgur Tump Awaran Muhammad Quetta Road Rind Ali 0832-415793 (Dhadar) Tehsil Road Bhag 0832-400428 Near Police Station 0838-603230 Sohbatpur Degree College Road. 0852-310067 Har Bazar. 2009. Near B&R Colony. Main Road. . Near GPA Complex. External Links | Disclaimer © Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited Pakistan. All rights reserved. Tump. Main Road. 0864-210094 Gwadar Opp. Citkaim. Panjgur Main Bazzar. 0852-412147 Turbat Fish Harbour Road. Riaz Petroleum Service. 0856-511040 Awaran.

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