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Management Modern Control Techniques

Management Modern Control Techniques

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Management is that process which have planning. . staffing. So. organizing. leading. Management means that manage to human 0r physical resource for achieve pre-determination objects. and controlling a human group makes possible the maximum and efficient of physical resource and help in realizing the predetermined objectives of an organization.

Management controlling is last function of management process. So. Management control is the process of taking stapes to bring actual results and desired results closer together . It is helpful to be adopted the better performance when objective is pre.determined.

Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) Critical Path Method (CPM) .Modern control techniques have been invented and the old techniques have been improved. Control techniques can be divided into the following parts:  Zero Based Budgeting  Responsibility Accounting  Management Information System  Management audit  Game Theory  Program Network System Program Network System are two type.

In other words. Forecasting in respects of each item is made keeping in view the new situation. . The greatest benefits of this budget that the weakness of the previous year are not repeated in it.Zero based budgets (ZBB) is prepare for a particular period of time. the budget of the previous period is consulted and the new budget is prepare on its basis. generally. This budget also knows Based Budgeting. the budget prepared without any base.

Product Cost Accounting and secondly. Responsibility Accounting can be defined as a system of accounting under which each department head is made responsible for the performance of his department. . where responsibility accounting. an account of the responsibility of the people kept. Responsibility Accounting. Products cost accounting keeps an cost of the products material.There are two major parts of managerial accountingfirstly.

Works of management auditor: Management auditor check the performance of manager.Management audit mean. auditing the quality of manager through apprising them as individual manager and appraising the quality of the total system of managing in an enterprise. .  Check to management structure. policy and communication resource.

storing. processing. and distribution of information. Advantage of MIS: It help to co-ordination and communicate of various departments.Management information system (MIS) is an arrangement of collection.  It help to decision-making and controlling of organization. . Computer and other equipment are help in decision making by providing quickly all important information.

because every player has got an alternative course of action. Game theory is determine the rule of rational behavior of the players when all players are independent. .Game theory is a type of decision theory which is based on reasoning in which the choice of action is determined after considering the possible alternatives available to the opponents playing the same game. The aim is to choose the best course of action.

 Finite number of competitors  Finite number of action  All player knowledge of alternates  Choice of player  Results. gain and loss of player. .

Network analysis is the one of the most poplar technique. monitoring. Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) Critical Path Method (CPM) . scheduling. used for planning. coordination and compare projects composing a numbers of activities. Network analysis have two most popular technique are used which is that.

Program evolution and review technique (PERT) is used to control time to be spend on projects which are absolution new. It means those projects which give no information in respect of their completion. . Under PERT the entire project is divided into different stage or event and determined the expected time.

. This method is close similarity with PERT.Critical path method (CPM) is the second method of program network analysis. Leaving the time estimates everything connected with PERT is applicable to this method.

 Both method have planning and controlling  Both have critical path  A program network prepare under both system  Event and activities in both system .

 It give more stress on time element. projects of experience field like building construction.PERT  PERT is used new CPM  CPM is used in the projects like manufacture new a car.  It give the more stress on minimum cost.  It give more stress on event. .  It give more stress on activities.

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