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WD Ganns Letters to Students Explained

Part 3 by Myles Wilson Walker © 2004 Gann Wrote The average of the six major planets Heliocentric and Geocentric are the most powerful points for Time and Price resistance. Also the Geocentric and Heliocentric average of the five major planets with Mars left out, is of great importance and should be watched. Heliocentric. The planets with the Sun at the center. Geocentric. The planets as viewed from earth. You should also calculate the averages of eight planets which move around the Sun as this is the first most important odd square. The square 1" gives 9, the square of 3 and completes the first important odd square, which is important for Time and Price. Remember that you have signed an agreement not to reveal these rules and instructions to anyone, and by keeping these secret discoveries confidential for your own use, you will later receive the very important COE AVERAGE, and the MOF FORMULA which is only taught to students who have taken the same course as you have and we do not reveal it to students who take the minor courses and pay less money. March 20, 1954 - W.D. Gann

W.D. Gann also took the average of the planets and converted them to a single degree. For example we have two planets one of them is at 90 degrees and the other is at 180. So 90+180=270 divided by 2 equals 135 degrees, cents or dollars. He did this with various planet combinations. The MOF is the longitude of Jupiter+Saturn+Uranus+Neptune+Pluto divided by 5. The COE is Mercury+Venus+Mars+Jupiter+Saturn+Uranus+ Neptune+Pluto divided by 8. Gann used also the Average of 6 planets both Heliocentric & Geocentric Mars to Pluto and he used the Heliocentric Average of Jupiter+Saturn+Uranus+Neptune.

S+P with the average of 6 planets S+P with the MOF (mean of 5) .

S+P with the COE (circle of 8) .