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Ye Olde Shoppe

Ye Olde Shoppe

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Published by: Patric Mitchell on Apr 20, 2011
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Weight Description

Bit and bridle

2 gp

1 lb Riding checks are -4 unless the mount is intelligent.

Riding Saddle

10 gp

25 lb Riding checks are -4 without a saddle of some kind.

Military Saddle

20 gp

30 lb Grants a +2 Circumstance bonus to Ride checks.


3 gp

50 lb Necessary to allow the animal to pull a wagon, sleigh, or plough.

Blinding bridle

2 gp

1 lb Rather than a bit in the mouth, these are blindfolds over the eyes. If the
rider is not actively manipulating the reins, the blindfolds snap shut,
causing almost any creature to stop moving.

Flying Saddle

50 gp

20 lb You can be tied into the saddle so you can’t fall off. On the other hand,
you can’t dismount without spending 2 rounds untying yourself.

Saddle bags

4 gp

8 lb Allows the mount to carry up to ½ its Light load in equipment and
gear, but still leave room for a rider.

Pack Saddle

5 gp

15 lb Allows the mount to carry its full Heavy load in cargo. There is no
place for a rider to sit.


4 gp

- This is the price per year to lease or maintain a stable for a horse.


4 gp

- Necessary once a year for horses or other hoofed animals being ridden
on packed, paved, or otherwise civilized roads.


200 gp

500 lb Provides cover for 4 Medium or 8 Small characters (Huge mount only).



varies Be sure to protect that valuable addition to your stables. Barding comes
in all the same forms as armor. No mount can use a shield, and Flying
mounts can’t wear Medium or Heavy barding.

The weight and cost is given for a Large animal, so for Medium ones, reduce the cost/weight by ½.
Exception: the howdah is already weighted and priced for a Huge, exotic animal like an elephant or

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Ye Olde Shoppe

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