“Black Cross”@ Notes from Da Recovery Room of

APoLE, or Abena’s Paradigm of Lived Experiences draws attention to the dynamic interactional, informative and influential events directing behaviors at any given moment in one’s life. It is a multileveled/layered representation of “Lived Experiences” or the stimulation of the senses as previous described. As is the case with all paradigms, this one was developed to provide a “philosophical or theoretical framework” for understanding the complexities inherent in all lived experiences or “life”. APoLE as a conceptual framework recognizes five levels of “Lived Experiences”@ beginning with our descent from the “Spiritual realm or world” becoming encased or embodied in this physical form, making us “Individuals”. We are born into a “Family” which is part of a “Community” forming a broader “Society”. We interact on all levels at the same time and this dynamic interactive process forms the basis for the complexity and often confusing nature of life.

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