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Draft - Thesis March 2005 FINAL

Draft - Thesis March 2005 FINAL

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Published by: Schalk Marais on Apr 20, 2011
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Due to the confinement of the slab-column connection by the adjacent

slab it also plays a role in the punching shear capacity of the


Compressive membrane action is considered as a secondary effect,

which occurs after cracking of the concrete and yielding of the

reinforcing steel. As the slab fails and deflects, the surrounding

concrete restrains the sagging portion of the slab by compressing

around it.

It has been found that the punching shear capacity increases if the

slab specimen extends beyond the nominal line of contra flexure.

Testing by Bond, Long, Masterson and Rankin indicate strength


increases ranging from 30% up to 50% compared to similar single

column setups.

Due to numerous reasons their test is thought to overestimate the

capacity enhancement. In addition to these, real slabs undergo

restrained shrinkage inducing tensile stresses, which in turn reduces

the shear capacity of the slab.

For design purposes compressive membrane action should not be

used as an enhancing factor for the predicted failure loads.

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