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DD603 Fisher Paykel Dishwasher

DD603 Fisher Paykel Dishwasher

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Published by: Shannen Meade on Apr 20, 2011
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9.15.1Remove the tub as per instructions in 9.2. For top tub lid
actuators the bottom tub must also be removed to gain access
to the lid actuator wiring harness.
9.15.2Release the lid actuator connecting arm from the bottom of the
yoke by squeezing the two tabs towards each other.
9.15.3Remove the cover from the chassis module as explained in
9.17. Disconnect the appropriate lid actuator wiring harness
from the chassis circuit board and unclip the wiring harness
back to the lid actuator.

9.15.4For a right-hand lid actuator carefully release the clip at the
back of the lid actuator and slide the lid actuator towards the
rear of the chassis to release it from the slide rail.
9.15.5For a left-hand lid actuator the clip is at the front
of the lid actuator and once released the lid actuator will slide
towards the front of the chassis to release it from the slide rail.
9.15.6The lid actuator can now be removed.

9.15.7 When reconnecting a lid actuator to a yoke it is recommended to have the lid and yoke assembly pushed
hard up against the upper stops. To line up correctly, the lid actuator connecting arm screw may need to be
wound up or down manually prior to clipping to the yoke. Care needs to be taken when working on a lower
tub that the lid and yoke assembly don’t accidentally get fitted above the upper stops.
Note; it is important that all the clips on the lid actuator case are done up and that none are broken.

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Manual 599082

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