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Multiple Bene ts of an Effective Early Oral / Head-Neck Screening Examination
The high mortality rate associated with oral cancer is caused by late or delayed detection. The technologies of today, such as VELscope Vx, give practitioners the ability to detect through enhanced screening, not only pre-malignant and malignant conditions but also non-cancer related abnormalities.

Course Outline

1. The need for a thorough oral / head and neck examination 2. Understanding the new risk factors 3. Clarifying the basic cancer screening exam and necessary record keeping 4. VELscope Vx: Understanding the technology, application and effectiveness. 5. Enhancing communication: Obtaining high patient acceptance regardless of insurance coverage, plus the four step delivery of the ‘difficult message’ 6. Incorporating into practice a. Pricing strategies b. Practice growth

Upon completion participants will possess a better understanding of: • VELscope VX fluorescence technology & its efficacy • Treatment and record keeping protocols • Specific communication techniques for enhanced patient acceptance • Interpretation of abnormal findings through fluorescence technology • Appropriate follow-up protocols. • Coding and billing concerns Intended Audience Dentists, Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Business team.
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CE 1 - 4 Credits

Oral Health Assessment

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