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Are You and Your Wife Working as Slaves for the Banker

Are You and Your Wife Working as Slaves for the Banker

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Published by: rodclassteam on Apr 21, 2011
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Are You and Your Wife Working as Slaves for the Banker?

by Tom Schauf Tom Schauf is a retired Certified Public Accountant, court expert witness. Slavery forces you to work for another for free. President Lincoln fought the Civil War to stop slavery. Lincoln's United States Notes (cash) stopped banker's slavery. Would you object if someone put you in chains and told you that you must work for them for free? If you refuse, they whip you until you decide that working for free is better than being whipped to death. Would you object if you had to work for a slave master every day for 4 hours for free? Would you object to having to give your payroll check to a slave master for free? Well, guess what? You have doing it all your working life. Before the Civil War, slaves knew they were slaves. They took your chains off, making you think you were free, but you still give them your labor for free. What would the voters say if Congress voted to have two classes of citizens? We have the masters and the slaves. Congress just outlawed equal protection (our Constitutional right) which ends having two classes of citizens. The new law allows masters to get nearly all the property in the nation for free. The slaves must pay rent to the masters to use the master's property. As you pay rent, the masters get your labor for free. You have to work to earn a payroll check and you must pay the masters rent for your car, home, farm, TV, refrigerator, furniture, and everything you have. If you refuse to pay the rent, the master takes you to court and the judge has the sheriff take your car, home, farm, TV, and other assets away and returns them to the master. The master then rents your car, home, and TV out to another slave willing to work for free and pay the rent. We just described the economics of banking in America. The bankers are the masters and you are the slave. You want to buy a $20,000 car. The master (banker) prints up $20,000 of new money and buys the car from the seller. The master has a lien (if the borrower does not repay the loan, the master has a right to foreclose and take your car) on the car. A lien means that the bank/master really owns the car. Now you must work to earn $20,000 plus interest and give the banker your time for free.

Are You and Your Wife Working as Slaves for the Banker?


Every time a slave wants a home, the banker/master prints the money and buys the house. The banker/master gets the house for free and you must work to earn a payroll check to buy the house from the master. EVERY TIME YOU FINANCE A CAR OR HOME, THE MASTER GETS THE CAR OR HOME FOR FREE AND YOU MUST WORK TO BUY THE CAR OR HOME FROM THE MASTER. The banker/master must stop you from counterfeiting money like the master. If you could counterfeit money, you would become the master and the banker no longer gets your labor for free. The master understands that if everyone (masters and slaves) could print counterfeit money, then everyone would just stop working and print money. Everyone would have a living room full of newly printed money. The master would not have any food nor gas to put in his car because everyone stopped working. The master understands the difference between wealth and money. Assets are wealth. Assets are things you can sell. You can sell your house, car, farm, TV, gold, silver, food, and your labor. You sell your time to your employer for a payroll check that you can exchange for a TV or food. When a master counterfeits money, the counterfeit money is used to get your wealth for free. The master prints up money to buy a house for free and then he gets your labor for free. The farmer works to produce food. The truck driver works to get the food to the grocery store. Employees at the grocery store work to get the food to you. People work to get the gas to the gas station so you have gas to put in your car. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, and brick layers will work for 4 or 5 months full time building a house. The master simply works for 5 minutes to print up the money to own the house for free. The master needs you to work and produce wealth so he can get it for free, simply by printing money. Then you must work to pay rent to the master to use the car or the house you built. When the master counterfeits money to obtain your wealth for free, the newly printed money creates inflation. Inflation decreases the value of the money that slaves have in savings accounts. Inflation increases the cost of buying food and medicine for their children. Inflation is like a tax. In 1913, the income tax and Federal Reserve Bank came into existence. The IRS is merely a collection agency for the Federal Reserve Bank. The national slavery is simple: The government prints the cash. The government gives the cash to the bank for free (for the cost of printing the money, which is about 3½ cents for a $100 bill).

Are You and Your Wife Working as Slaves for the Banker?


The bank loans the same cash to the government. This created the $6 Trillion+ of national debt that we have now. It is impossible to pay off the $6 Trillion+ of nation debt the way lawmakers structured the system. Now taxpayers must pay IRS taxes to pay the bankers $6 Trillion+, plus interest every year. According to former Congressman Bob Dole, in 1995, nearly 40% of personal IRS tax collected went to pay interest on the national debt. If you do not pay the tax nor give your labor to the banker for free, the judge confiscates your bank account, car, and home. They throw you in prison and force you into slave labor in a prison work camp. If we followed President Lincoln and end the slavery, the government would issue United States Notes (cash) and never give the cash to the bankers for free, only to be returned to the government as a loan. Honest Abe would never enslave us like our Congress has done today. If banks loaned other depositors' money to you, it would be like getting a loan from your neighbor. No one counterfeits money and becomes your master. No one gets your labor for free. There is equal protection under the law. No masters and no slaves. No one gets the nation's assets for free. Today, nearly half or more of the taxes go to the bankers for free. The bankers get your money for free and returns it to you as a loan. Economically speaking, it is similar to a thief who keeps stealing your car, selling it for cash, and returning the cash to you as a loan. This forces many wives to work to pay for the car that was just stolen. If someone kept stealing from you and returning the value of the stolen property to you as a loan, you would be in perpetual debt and have little money with huge monthly loan payments. If you stop the stealing, your wife would not have to work for the master for free. You wife should not be forced to work for the master for free just to stop the master from foreclosing or forcing you into bankruptcy. A husband should protect his wife and family from the economic effects similar to theft, counterfeiting, swindling, and slavery. How many hours a week do you work for the master for free? Add up the following: · House payment or rent · car loan payment · credit card payments · half the amount of taxes you pay to the IRS Be sure to add in gasoline taxes, phone taxes and surcharges, electricity taxes and surcharges, sales tax, and any other taxes, like land taxes, school taxes...

Are You and Your Wife Working as Slaves for the Banker?


Divide this number by your monthly gross income. This is the percent of labor you give to your master for free. Example: Your monthly bank loan and credit card payments are $2,500. You pay $2,500 per month income tax, and $1,000 a month in state income tax, sales tax, and real estate taxes. That's $3,500 in taxes. Half of that is $1,750.) The master received $4,250 from you for free ($1,750 income tax & other taxes + $2,500 credit card and other bank loan payments). Your gross monthly wages are $7,500. About half or more of the tax goes to pay interest on government debts, like city, county and state. Take half the taxes plus bank loan and credit card payments. Take $4,250 / $7,500. That's more than 50%, or ½ of your labor goes to the banks for free. (Actually that's 56.67%, which is more than half.) This means that if we correct the problem, your wife could stop working, you could work, and the family would have the same standard of living as if both spouses worked and gave over ½ or their money to the banker for free. When we correct the problem, your wife will have the option of working or not. If she worked, it would be like doubling the family's income. The banker no longer gets her payroll check for free. Your wife gets to keep her payroll check and spend all of it on herself. The banker does not get over ½ of her money for free and uses it to buy that fancy house and take those dream vacations that bankers take. If you stop working for the banker for free, the dream vacation you were giving to the banker for free is now your dream vacation. The house you gave to the banker for free is now your house. When you stop being the slave, you will have more time to spend with your spouse and children and have more money. When you stop being the slave, you will have more time to spend with your spouse and children and have more wealth and money. What would you be doing if you did not have to work? Would you take your children to the zoo? Would you take a vacation? Would you have fun relaxing? Many wives make more money than their husbands. The point is, no woman should have to work for a banker for free. Many wives and mothers want to stay home and be with their children, but they are forced to work for the banker for free. You work for free while you are forced to pay someone else to raise your children. Wives should have the option to work and not be forced to work for free. We ask every woman to give this information to their hairdresser. We want every woman to understand what the bankers have done to us. One beautician knows 100 other ladies who do not want to work for free. If we had 20 beauticians in every state spread the word to 100 women, we would have 100,000 women telling all their girlfriends.

Are You and Your Wife Working as Slaves for the Banker?


Millions of women would know about this modern day slavery and stop it. Women would no longer allow the men (bankers and Congressmen) to enslave them. Real men will join us. Men who truly love their wife will end the slavery and give their wife the option to work or not. Slavery of men and women should be ended. Money problems cause the majority of divorces. Should anyone give half or over ½ of their labor to the bankers for free? Do you want your children to be slaves? Why have you not heard this from the media? The media profits from your slavery when they accept advertising money from the masters. Masters own or control the media to be sure that you never learn about your slavery. When you discover the truth, you will object to the chains of slavery. The money masters create money and use it to hire the best politicians that money can buy to ensure your slavery. If any politician, judge, or sheriff ever want to set you free from slavery, the masters simply fund that politician's opponent who will keep you in slavery. Read Tom Schauf's books and you will see how bankers manipulate money to create recessions to increase profits. You are forced into foreclosure. Imagine a $250,000 home with a $100,000 mortgage in foreclosure. The banks can tell a politician about the property, loan the politician $100,000 to buy it, and then, two weeks later, sell it at auction for $250,000. They both profit from your misery. Laws are used to take your wealth and give it to the masters. Laws are used to control you and stop you from ending your slavery. The Constitution was written to stop this slavery. They can only fool the uninformed. NOW do you understand why they do not want the slaves to have guns? DO YOU WANT TO BE SET FREE and learn 6 ways to put cash in your pocket now, and get out of debt? Please refuse to be a slave any longer and join us. Help us grow so we have enough voters united to set us all free. The Constitution gives us equal protection, which prohibits two classes of citizens (masters and slaves). The Constitution demands that we use gold and silver coin to prevent slavery. The Constitution prohibits credit (money that the banks create, forcing you into slavery).

Are You and Your Wife Working as Slaves for the Banker?


The next time the media or politicians make you think we are following the Constitution, you need to know who is lying to whom. They do not want you to understand modern day slavery. If you understand and object, they will not get your wealth for free. There are great profits to be made in slavery. Their next goal is to ensure your slavery through a cashless society, giving the banker absolute control over you. OUR GOAL IS TO HELP YOU GET OUT OF DEBT NOW. WE HAVE SIX WAYS TO PUT CASH IN YOUR POCKET THAT CAN BE USED TO PAY OFF YOUR DEBT. Will you be a slave? Or will you be free? In this report, we define counterfeiting as creating money. It does not mean that the banker committed a crime. When we use the words steal, or theft or swindle, we only mean that the banker received something for free or counterfeited money. It does not mean the banker committed a crime. We are not saying the banker is a criminal. We're simply trying to use everyday words to illustrate the genius of the banker to get your wealth for free without going to jail, as a politicians approve of it, and as the politicians in the till, collecting from the banker - What a genius system they devised...for themselves. The voters deserve the government that they voted in. Will you vote for a politician representing the masters or the slaves? Who is fooling whom? The bankers are trying to talk us into a cashless society. That will give the bankers absolute total control over the slaves. They will not have to place shackles on your wrists or ankles to enslave you. This is the time to join us, and act together, and change the laws. The banker was the master and you were the slave because he understood money and banking and you did not know why it was so important for bankers to loan other depositors' money and not create money. Will you join us and become free and wealthy? Or will you remain a poor slave forever? The vote of informed slaves will stop slavery and enforce the Constitution giving us equal protection. President Lincoln was right all along. The free information Tom has provided on this site hardly scratches the surface. He wrote two books in every day language exposing it all. America's Hope: To Cancel Bank Loans Without Going To Court, Volume I, by Tom Schauf. The book is 256 pages, 63 chapters. It shows the readers how to argue the bank loan agreement like a CPA expert witness would in court. Bankers fear you learning this information. Some lenders have offered to zero out a car loan and let the borrower keep the car or have the borrower pay 50 cents or 20 cents on the dollar, and the bank zero out the loan, and the borrower keep the house, or car, or item purchased.

Are You and Your Wife Working as Slaves for the Banker?


Tom wants you to read the books so you can help teach others. When you read the book, you will see why bankers do not want this exposed in court. Bankers hope you do not read this book. Get the book before we settle out of court and this book is no longer in print. The American Voters Vs. The Banking System, Volume II, by Tom Schauf. The book has over 350 pages and 40 chapters. This book is a continuation of Volume I. You need to read Volume I before reading Volume II, which is why the two volumes are only sold together. Volume II gives more details and more sophisticated arguments an expert witness would use in court or arguing the bank loan agreements. It has over 600 questions the bankers fear you may ask. The book gives more proof and convincing arguments plus court cases the bankers lost. Volume II gives you the Federal Reserve Bank publications and page numbers admitting that Tom Schauf is correct. Many of the people who read Tom's books read it over and over again. People keep telling Tom they get new insights and greater understanding every time they read it again. People who read the books understand how to greatly increase their investments and protect their retirement money. © 2002 Thomas D. Schauf. Unauthorized duplication, translation, importation, or distribution by any means electronic or physical is strictly prohibited. You have permission to link to this special article by Tom Schauf, as long as the full URL of this page is displayed in the address bar. http://www.bankhonesty.com/slavetothebanker.shtml

Are You and Your Wife Working as Slaves for the Banker?


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