Christianity and Buddhism Compare/Contrast While Christianity and Buddhism had several similarities in their diffusion and

the way they got followers, the two religions were mostly different. Although the two religions spread and obtained converts differently, they still had several aspects that were similar. One similarity would be the attraction of the lower class people which led to a rapid spread in both religions. Both Christianity and Buddhism had missionaries to find more converts and eventually led to imperial acceptance; Byzantium accepting Christianity and China accepting Buddhism. One difference that the two religions had was the direction they spread. Christianity started from the Middle East and went to Europe in a westward fashion. Buddhism on the other hand, started in India and moved eastward to China. With no competition of other religions in the direction of their spread, it was easy for both Christianity and Buddhism to obtain converts. Another difference was their level of acceptance in their early stages. Buddhism became increasingly popular after it started due to its lower caste appeal and having no association with social structure, while Christianity was persecuted from in its start, until the conversion of Constantine.