Overview of case

y Manmohan & Adhish had never travelled by air. y Booking of tickets y Experience at reception counter y Looking for window 19 y Experience at security area y Experience at aircraft y Better service in destination airport by employee

. Manmohan and his son don t get good service and better information.Question & Answer Q-1 what is the service which a customer pays for? y The customer pays for the getting good services with proper information y Here.

.Q-2 when dose a service start and when dose it finish ? y Service start with getting of information and it complete with satisfaction. y Manmohan and his son do not get proper information so they are not satisfied.

Q-3 How do Manmohan and his family contribute to service experience ? y Manmohan and his family member has somewhat bad experience of service at originating airport. . y They get better service at destination airport.

y They got somewhat good and bad experience as same other person got. . they both get same service as other passengers get.Q-4 Are the provisions of service different for Manmohan and Adhish? y No.

:.Q-5 How do employees affect the service experience ? y Employees affect most in service y For E. . But on the other airport the behavior of employee was very nice to the Passengers. The behavior of the security was also rude.The employee of Window 6 reply very politely about the window 20 The announcer was not speaking clearly.g.

‡ reception counter was not on proper way ‡ The voice of the announcer was not clear ‡ The seating plan of TV screen was such that only 20 to 25% of the passenger can see the information.Q-6 How dose physical evidence affect the service experience ? ‡ The physical evidence is also important in service. .

Q-7 How do other customers affect the service experience ? y The service experience of other customer support was not adequate as they were not looking patient at the time of watching TV screen. Some people were shouting to gain attention of the enquiry attendant. One fellow was smoking in non smoking area. .

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