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Marketing Plan Sample

Marketing Plan Sample

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  • MEDIA OBJECTIVE 1: Drive click-throughs and traffic to Patagonia.com wedding
  • MEDIA OBJECTIVE 2: Grow awareness of Patagonia Inc.’s destination wedding gear
  • MEDIA OBJECTIVE 3: Drive additional click-throughs and general awareness of
  • MEDIA OBJECTIVE 4: Capture .05% of the wedding markets in top U.S. cities that

Project: Patagonia, Inc.

Destination Wedding Travel Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Matthew Seward

Patagonia, Inc. IMC Plan


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report presents a detailed integrated marketing communications plan for Patagonia, Inc.’s expansion into the destination wedding gear and information markets. Based upon background research on Patagonia, Inc. and current market conditions, it has been determined that there is great potential for Patagonia to increase its annual growth from 5% to between 8-9% by expanding into this market. Further, the expansion can be undertaken while still adhering to Patagonia’s corporate mission of conducting business while also supporting the environment. The primary marketing objectives and strategies recommend a mix of online, catalog, and in-store integrated marketing communications tactics to achieve the projected growth through customer and prospect wedding gear online registry creation. The plan also targets prospects by offering destination wedding travel information through co-brands and the Patagonia.com website. Integrated marketing communications will be conducted using continuous and pulsing scheduling to attain the recommended reach and frequency to target audiences. The plan calls for Patagonia to engage and capture 1% of the total U.S. wedding market of approximately 22,726,624 to achieve goals for the first year of the campaign. If registry gear packages average $1,000, this will generate approximately $22,726,000 in additional revenue during the first year of the campaign. To measure success, the campaign incorporates customer and prospect web tracking, split testing, mailing evaluations, and loyalty program effectiveness.

Patagonia, Inc. IMC Plan


TABLE OF CONTENTS Section I: Patagonia, Inc. Brand Background……………………………………………4 Section II: Situation Analysis……………………………………………………………..6 SWOT…………………………………………………………………………….6 Marketing Influencing Conditions………………………………………………..8 Target Audience…………………………………………………………..8 Geography………………………………………………………………..12 Seasonality and Timing…………………………………………………..13 Competitors………………………………………………………………13 Budget Considerations…………………………………………………...15 Section III: Marketing Objectives and Strategies……………………………………….18 Section IV: The Message………………………………………………………………..20 Summary of Creative Strategy…………………………………………………...20 Creative Brief…………………………………………………………………….21 Section V: Media Objectives and Strategies…………………………………………….24 Internet…………………………………………………………………………...26 Direct Marketing…………………………………………………………………27 Sales Promotion………………………………………………………………….32 Public Relations………………………………………………………………….36 Section VI: Flow Chart of Brand Activity………………………………………………38 Section VII: Assessment and Evaluation………………………………………………..40 References………………………………………………………………………………..44 Patagonia, Inc. IMC Plan 4

SECTION I: PATAGONIA, INC. BRAND BACKGROUND According to Patagonia.com (2006), Patagonia, Inc. adheres to a core mission of “Build the best product, do no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis” that is still as strong as it was when Patagonia was founded by Yvon Chouinard over thirty years ago. As noted on OutdoorEd.com (2006), Patagonia continues to have values that reflect those of a business started by a band of climbers and surfers, and the minimalist style they promote. The approach taken by Patagonia, Inc. toward product design demonstrates a bias for simplicity and utility. The company also donates time, services, and at least 1% of its sales to hundreds of grassroots and environmental groups all over the world who are working to help reverse the tide that is environmental damage. Patagonia’s clothing is made for people who love the outdoors, as reflected by the quote on Patagonia.com (2006) that states “We enjoy silent, human-powered sports done in nature, where the reward involves no audience and no prize other than hard-won grace. These entail risk, require soul, and invite reflection. They bring us closer to the natural world and to ourselves.” That same risk, soul, and reflection is shown in all of the products that are created under the Patagonia brand. Examples can be seen in the clothing production methods used by the company, as well as the vehicles chosen to market them. Patagonia’s awardwinning catalogs are printed on recycled materials and feature environmental articles and images of materials that were recycled to produce featured clothing lines. Additionally, marketing channels that are not environmentally sound, like billboard advertising, are

IMC Plan not used. but once the zipper was replaced. Paints with low amounts of volatile organic compounds 5 are also utilized in combination with many other manufacturing processes that have been installed to store and conserve energy. My husband has a jacket that's 10 years old. In 1996. IMC Plan 6 . no questions asked. like REI. Inc. Patagonia switched to organic cotton that is used in clothing production. but there's also a huge difference in quality. and often with little or no extra cost. Patagonia’s limited number of distribution partners." Patagonia. While the cost of Patagonia clothing is higher than most competitors. this parka was ready to go another decade. Inc. an avid skier from MA. said “There may be a difference in price. Even left over fleece scraps used in the production of adult clothing is reused to create patchwork clothing for children. Manufacturing consumption has shifted away from virgin crude oil that was previously used to make garments. I just sent it back to have the zipper fixed. according to CIO. who bought her first Patagonia pullover in 1984. must also share similar missions and values. Clothing from the company lasts significantly longer than that of competitors and can be returned for repair.Patagonia.com (2006). the passion that is evident in the company’s pursuit of “green” manufacturing practices and world-class customer service justifies it and helps build out a loyal customer base.com (1999) in which loyal customer Leslie Barnes. known as the “Seedlings” line. An example of such exemplary customer service was expressed in an article on CIO. After 10 years you'd expect to buy another coat. which Patagonia repaired for free.

) Environmental issues champion – mission statement carries through to products.SECTION II: SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS A REVIEW OF STRENGTHS. geographic considerations. STRENGTHS    Customer service policies. lifestyle Accolades as a best company to work for. catalog Expansion into surf shops that stay true to corporate mission. OPPORTUNITIES. according to Gangemi (2006) WEAKNESSES  Slow to expand product lines. stores. according to Hamm (2006)   Sense of ‘community’ built for customers through website. campaign seasonality and timing considerations. marketing. including those for returns and repairs Employee knowledge/lifestyle fostering/policies (on-site day care. and budget considerations. philanthropic causes    Easy-to-navigate website Direct-to-consumer distribution methods – website. distribution channels. etc. AND THREATS The SWOT analysis for Patagonia is presented in the following section and is followed by analyses of influential market conditions including the primary target audience. expand into new outdoor sporting areas  Price points higher than some competition. particularly in the minds of uninformed consumers  Limited distribution partners Patagonia. Inc. WEAKNESSES. IMC Plan 7 . values. the competition.

com. sponsor college sports clubs. IMC Plan 8 . etc. according to MultichannelMerchant. co-branding – partner with hybrid automakers. Patagonia. Website could state the return and repair guarantees more prominently than in the footer of web pages.com (2005)  Limited product/brand knowledge outside of primary target audience when compared with other brands (while not everyone buys Columbia. according to Hamm (2006)   Limits on market share and growth versus mainstream competition Ambassador negative publicity – Dean Potter climbed Delicate Arch at Delicate Arch National Park in Utah – illegal – generated anti-Patagonia sentiments according to thepiton. etc.com  Increase top-of-mind recognition through sponsorships. everyone knows it via ads.com. etc.) and present clothing suggestions/environmental tips via online co-brands with links back to Patagonia.)   Potential for market saturation among target audience – too niche? High operating margins relative to the industry – high end of 12-15%. travel.com (2006) OPPORTUNITIES Line extensions – similar to surf shop expansion stated in above Strengths analysis  Expand travel tie-ins – like destination weddings – partner with travel destination websites (weather. Inc.discovery.

” The target consumer markets of Patagonia. In this plan. and comprised of those in the 25-30 year old. eco-conscious outdoor enthusiasts within the age ranges of 18 to 30. according to REI. Patagonia. An article from CIO. Inc. soon-to-marry end of the target and prospect audience. 7 countries in the Americas.  Global expansion of competition – like Recreational Equipment. Patagonia retail in 39 stores.THREATS  Competition with more attractive pricing. target consumers are committed to environmental. vs. moral. has a distinct corporate mission. the focus will be tighter. ethical. Inc. and philosophical causes and are highly opinionated and passionate people who seek out adventure and are curious to Patagonia. Inc. Europe.com. Patagonia. The North Face. psychographically. “Patagonia exists to use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. mainstream presence – Columbia Sportswear Company. are also unique when considering destination wedding travel. Inc. Inc. and Asia. in 82 stores in 25 states.. Inc.com (1999) notes that. according to Consumer Specialty (2001).com (2006). As stated in the company history section of Patagonia. IMC Plan 9 . Target consumers are demographically comprised of young. according to Hamm (2006)  Expansion of mainstream competitors into emerging markets. like China A REVIEW OF INFLUENTIAL DESTINATION WEDDING MARKET CONDITIONS TARGET AUDIENCE As outlined in the previous section covering brand background. etc.

in Table 1. Inc. feels.’s target audience. of who Patagonia customers are and who they are not. Below. Additionally. they do not ruin the environment that they are exploring. in slides one through three. it allows for analysis of other potential touch points with Patagonia customers over the course of any given day. two sample customers are presented. They do this while. cereal bar. skim milk 8:40AM Drives Prius to gym for work 9:20AM Arrives at gym 9:25AM Looks through schedule of clients for the day . we are better able to analyze what a typical customer thinks. at the same time.explore new things. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF PATAGONIA TARGET CUSTOMER To further analyze the psychographic characteristics of a typical representative of Patagonia. along with a typical “day in the life. until they go to sleep.” broken down by time of day from the time they wake up. coffee 8:40AM Drives to work in Lexus luxury car that gets good mileage 9:15AM Arrives at office 9:20AM Scans headlines of the Wall Street Journal and online newspapers Mary – Gym/aerobics instructor 6:45AM Wakes Up 7:00AM Does light strength and cardio workout at home 8:00AM Showers and dresses in workout gear 8:30AM Eats breakfast—fresh fruit. Bob – Financial Executive-Democrat 6:30AM Wakes Up 7:00AM Goes Running 8:00AM Showers and dresses in corporate casual attire 8:30AM Eats breakfast—cereal. Typical Day in the Life of a Patagonia Customer. Table 1. and does over the course of a normal day. 2006. banana. Again. it is useful to present a “day in the life” profile of a sample customer. this provides for a different way of thinking about our target audiences and making sure that they are being served. Following the profiles of Bob and Mary are visuals. In doing this.

baked chips. the stock market. reads section of “The World is Flat” by Tom Freidman 4:00PM Hosts aerobics class 2:30PM Checks online headlines. and sports scores 3:00PM Completes presentation for meeting tomorrow in Chicago 4:30PM Has team catch up meeting 5:30PM Leaves work. continues to read “The World is Flat. drives Prius to Whole Foods.10:00AM Attends first meeting of day with regional sales manager 11:00AM Has conference call between NY and LA offices 12:00PM Lunch—has a turkey sandwich on multigrain bread. and water – watches news headlines in gym kitchen 1:30PM Hosts a yoga class 2:30PM Hosts water aerobics class 3:30PM Short break. listens to pilates audio program 5:30PM Stops at Whole Foods to pick up dinner – hummus. an apple. microbrew beer 8:30PM Watches “The Office” on NBC 9:00PM Logs into Mac iBook and surfs for destination travel deals 9:30PM Orders travel guidebook on Australia from Amazon. sits in traffic. checks over son’s math homework 7:00PM Walks dog while listening to MP3 player 8:00PM Eats dinner – grilled chicken. and a soda 1:15PM Meeting with investment clients 9:30AM Meets with first client and does cardio workout 10:00AM Meets with second client and does light cardio/weight training 11:00AM Meets with pilates class 12:00PM Lunch—has veggie pita with yogurt. veggies.com 10:00PM Reads “The Cell” by Stephen King 11:15PM Fall asleep while reading 5:00PM Leaves gym. smoothie 6:00PM Arrives home and eats dinner while watching the news 7:00PM Drives to local animal shelter to volunteer time 9:00PM Returns home. trail mix. pita bread. rice.” snacks on an apple 10:00PM Watches Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel 10:00PM Watches “Gray’s Anatomy” 11:00PM Falls asleep while watching the news . listens to NPR and classic rock on XM satellite radio 6:45 Arrives home to family.

. 2006.Patagonia. Inc. Bulleted. Who Patagonia Customers Are. IMC Plan Slide 1. In Visual Format. 2006. 11 Slide 2. Who Patagonia Customers Are.

and close proximity to a Patagonia retail outlet. CA The top destination wedding locations include: . CA Chicago. IL Legion of Honor. San Francisco. Inc. IMC Plan Slide 3. Who Patagonia Customers Are Not. as well as the top five U. In Visual Format. include:     New York.S. For reference. according to Callaway (2006). If successful. destination wedding locations. the top cities for weddings in the U. NY Los Angeles.Patagonia.S. 12 GEOGRAPHIC CONSIDERATIONS When making geographic considerations when planning how to best reach Patagonia’s target audience for destination wedding travel. is important. focusing on the top three cities with the highest number of weddings overall. 2006. the plan can be rolled out more extensively to other regions.

Additionally. the second group has greater brand recognition and revenue. online ad buys will be more concentrated in the April. COMPETITORS There are two primary areas of competition for Patagonia. Sudbury. Because the recommended Patagonia. Inc. . Hood River.Patagonia. NY Columbia Gorge Hotel. MA Chicago Botanic Gardens.com co-branding partnerships. The media that will fluctuate include direct mail. with similar durability and similar price points. with follow up placement in August and October. IMC Plan     Central Park. this media will receive continuous scheduling. June wedding season timeframe. OR Longfellow’s Wayside Inn. are evergreen. The second includes companies which manufacture and/or sell similar outdoor clothing products. Inc. explained in the next section. but that do not adhere to the same environmental guiding principles as Patagonia. Chicago. The content and information will change by the season to accommodate different wedding types and consumer interest changes by season. through quarterly list rentals. New York. The first includes companies that manufacture and/or sell similar outdoor clothing products and also incorporate environmentally focused mission statements and promises to consumers. IL 13 SEASONALITY AND TIMING The recommended media mix will incorporate a combination of pulsing and continuous scheduling. driven by more or fewer weddings during certain months of the year. Additionally. May. The first quarter of the year will not have a mini-catalog mailing because of fewer weddings during the quarter.

Inc. however. the parent company of the North Face. the company gives back to the communities in which its stores are located through grants and outreach programs that often benefit the environment.com (2006). IMC Plan REI.Patagonia. Competitive companies that fit into the second group include Columbia Sportswear Company and VF Corporation. handbags. and backpacks.” A key differentiator between Patagonia and Prana. Prana looks for new ways to fold sustainable materials and practices into the line. This retailer was also founded by climbers and sells outdoor products for active consumers. the revenue generated by these two companies is also significantly higher when compared with Patagonia Inc. according to Hamm (2006). below. In addition to much greater brand recognition. Inc. for key revenue numbers for Columbia Sportswear Company and VF Corporation. whereas Prana is more focused on casual clothing and accessories like shorts.com (2006). Inc. pants. is an example of a company that can be categorized into the first group listed above. See tables two and three. According to REI.’s $260 million in revenue in 2005. is that Patagonia is deeply rooted in durable outdoor gear.com (2006). 14 Prana also fits into the first group and is a competitor in manufacturing and retailing of environmentally friendly clothing whose mission statement is similar to Patagonia’s. . According to Prana. “With every new season. we hope to lighten the load on our natural resources with each small step. from the energy we use to the fabrics we select.. according to Hoovers. golf shirts.

2005 www. 2005. this campaign will target 1% of the market. VF Corporation (subsidiary is North Face.hoovers.hoovers. IMC Plan Table 2.000.000. If all couples in this target group were to buy a package worth $1. or. list rentals.Patagonia. 22. which incorporates employee training..624 weddings in the U.000.com Table 3. Inc. Inc.com BUDGET CONSIDERATIONS The budget for this campaign.726. according to theweddingreport.272.com (2006). revenue generated will be $22.) Sales Growth. Of the estimated 2.S. is estimated at $758. To break . 15 www. Columbia Sportswear Company Sales Growth. online ad buys.726 wedding couples. and mini-catalogs.

com top U.500 per ad until click throughs run out x 2 months = $3. 758 couples.000 Total for Employee Training: $23.500 per ad until click throughs run out x 5 top site landing pages x 2 months = $15. or . June) = $4.com and powder.000 o Hotel: $150/night x 20 trips x 2 employees = $6. reminder ad buys in August and October: $1. May.500 o Pulsing. May.Patagonia. Inc. June) = $18. and Chicago: o Build up to wedding season ad buys: $2.100 for shirts w/destination wedding messaging o $15 per employee training kit x 3 managers/store x 20 stores = $900 for kits • Travel to train employees o Flight: $350 per flight x 20 trips x 2 employees = $14.000 • Google AdWords tied to Destination Wedding Searches o Build up to wedding season ad buys: $1.500 o Pulsing. Inc. August.500 per ad until click throughs run out x 3 months (April. Los Angeles.000 per ad until click throughs run out x 3 top targeted newspaper sites landing pages x 2 months = $12.000 • Banner Ads in travel/wedding sections of online versions of newspapers in major target cities of New York.000 • Banner Ads on climbing. IMC Plan 17 .500 per ad until click throughs run out x 5 top site landing pages x 3 months (April. Detailed budget estimates are included below in sections A through E.000.03% of the target market. reminder ad buys in August and October: $2.000 o Pulsing. June) = $22. June.000 B.com that correspond to month before destination wedding mini-catalog drops (March.000 per ad until click throughs run out x 3 top targeted newspaper sites landing pages x 3 months (April. destination wedding site search landing pages o Build up to wedding season ad buys: $1. would need to buy a package for $1. A. Banner and Online Ads: • Banner Ads on travel. Patagonia Employee Destination Wedding Gear Package/Registry/Travel Information Expansion Training and Outfitting • Uniform shirts with relevant information/Training Materials o 20 stores x $7shirt x 15 employees per store = $2. IMC Plan 16 even. reminder ad buys in August and October: $1. May. October) to target audience from Climbing Magazine and Powder Magazine list rentals: o Patagonia.yahoo.S.

May. Creation of destination wedding gear package mini-catalogs for Patagonia retail outlets in target cities.000 The Break Even Point: • If 1%.500 per ad until click throughs run out at cost of $16 CPM x 2 websites x 4 months (February.000 for the campaign to break even.000 C. the revenue generated will be: $22.000 • Catalog creation for list rental mailings: 20.500 Total Estimated Destination Wedding Campaign Costs: $758.000 Total for creation of mini-catalogs: $490.272.com.000 x 3 sites = $75. and list rental mailings: • Catalog creation for target city Patagonia stores: 5.000.com (2006).000 catalogs x $1.500 • Catalog creation for other Patagonia stores: 2.000 E..125 Total for list rentals: $7.375 o Powder Magazine: $125 CPM per select x 11 (approx.000 Total for Patagonia.000 subs in target) x 3 rentals = $3. 9.000 subs in target) x 3 rentals = $4.com. IMC Plan 18 .50 x 3 quarterly drops: $270.624 wedding couples in the U.000 • Creation and maintenance of co-branded destination wedding travel information and link backs: $25. Patagonia.726.000 Total for online ad presence: $87.com Website Updates and Co-branding site (lonelyplanet. according to theweddingreport. other cities with Patagonia stores.50 production x 3 cities x 3 quarterly drops = $67. July. of the estimated 2.S.o Build up to catalog drops: $1.000 catalogs x $1.50 x 17 stores x 3 quarterly drops = $153.000 catalogs x $1. Patagonia.000 • Approximately 758 couples would need to register and have purchased a gear package worth $1. theknot. 11. List Rentals: • Cost to rent select target audience lists from Climbing Magazine and Powder Magazine for 4 mini-catalog mailings: o Climbing Magazine: $125 CPM per select x 9 (approx. Inc. travel. or 22.discovery.com) updates and buildouts: • Creation and maintenance of wedding registry/e-commerce portal and destination travel information landing pages: $75. September) = $12.com/co-brand website updates: $150.726.500 D. purchase packages worth $1.

and Challenging to Patagonia.5% and 7. to 8-9%. STRATEGY: Capture 1% of the U. See tables two and three from the competitors portion of section II for additional details..’s target audiences. Accomplish this through setting up destination wedding package partnerships with destination travel suggestion portals Patagonia. The following objective meets these criteria and can be executed upon within the year. IMC Plan 19 .4 million.S. to grow total sales for 2007 to approximately $281 million. an actionable objective and strategies can be derived to help continue to meet the needs of Patagonia. or an additional $20. that is. Measurable. GOAL: Increase Market Share/Profit utilizing 25-30 year old. and define prospective customers to grow the customer base. accelerate the “slow growth” pace established by Patagonia from 5% annually. they must be Specific. around $260 million total in 2005 according to Hamm (2006).SECTION III: DESTINATION WEDDING GEAR MARKETING OBJECTIVE AND STRATEGIES From the SWOT portion of the situational analysis presented in section II. the parent company of The North Face. according to Hoovers. soon-to-marry age range.8 to $23. As defined by Duncan (2005). Inc.4%. for Columbia Sportswear Company and VF Corporation. Inc. wedding market by expanding into the increasingly popular “destination wedding” sector. soon-to-marry target audience OBJECTIVE: Through expansion into destination wedding/travel markets that target college graduates in the 25 to 30 year old. increase profit margins. Achievable. gaining on the sales growth percentages of 5.com (2006). such objectives need pass the SMAC test. Inc. respectively.

If this strategy proves to be successful in the U. it can be expanded to Patagonia’s markets in Europe and Asia. according to weddingreport.S. If Patagonia captures 1%.com into co-branding opportunities.726 weddings of the estimated 2. Suggest appropriate Patagonia destination gear clothing packages through co-branded sites. . theknot.624 weddings in the U. and has target couples register for suggested groups of sporting gear worth an average of $1.(lonelyplanet. If they are successful.com) to reach the 25 to 30 year old.7 million would be achieved. Incorporate links back to Patagonia.com. Keep the strategy scalable by starting with ski and climbing gear packages and cobranding opportunities.. travel.S.com. annually. an annual gain of $22. Create packages for specific destinations and active sporting activities and make recommendations that keep the environment as it was before the couple gets there to enjoy it.discovery.com (2006). This would occur in tandem with capturing leads and growing top-of-mind awareness among prospects. Set up gift registry functionality that also captures wedding couple prospect information as well as that of the guests who buy registry items. This can also be matched back to current customer information to track increased purchasing through this strategy.000 total per couple.272. soon-to-marry end of the target customer and prospect spectrum. or 22. expand to sites that fit the Patagonia mission and sporting goods lines.

like a couple in tux and wedding dress scaling a mountain. For those ads running in key cities or on the climbing. IMC Plan SECTION IV: THE DESTINATION WEDDING CREATIVE MESSAGE SUMMARY OF DESTINATION WEDDING CREATIVE STRATEGY 20 In this destination wedding package and information campaign. Additionally. Alternatives could include imagery like a plastic wedding couple on top of a “cake” that’s shaped like a mountain or cliff. a wedding couple could be sprouting out of the ground like grass blades or plants to keep with the “It’s a Nice Day for a ‘Green’ Wedding” tagline. the header will be “It’s a Nice Day for a ‘Green’ Wedding” with text indicating that the catalog is the premiere issue. or skiing. introductory. etc. a garter belt or bride’s bouquet seen midair with a cliff in the background as if thrown by a climber. Imagery in the online banner ads and catalogs will convey wedding-themed imagery. Inc. or jumping from a cliff. In mini-catalogs. etc.com websites. For banner ads. the central tagline that remains consistent throughout is “It’s a Nice Day for a ‘Green’ Wedding” which will be supported by text that is appropriately tied to each mediums call-to-action. See the next section for a complete creative brief . and call out information on the URL to visit and set up a destination wedding gear package today. Patagonia. the text can also mention that prospects should stay tuned for “special catalogs coming to a mailbox near you”.com or powder. IMC Plan 21 . wording such as “Click Here to See How You Can Save the Planet and Have the Perfect Destination Wedding with Patagonia” will be incorporated. Inc. etc.Patagonia.

nervous. What do they currently think? This is our big day.DESTINATION WEDDING CREATIVE BRIEF Introduction Couples in the planning stages of destination weddings. according to Adams (2006). couples have apprehensive thoughts about wedding registry gifts that. Inc. Additionally. according to Callaway (2006). everything needs to be perfect. who specifically plan to have unique destination weddings that fit their active lifestyles. relaxing solution for couples who are registering? Why are we advertising? We want to be a top-of-mind destination wedding gift registry sporting goods provider while upholding the mission of Patagonia (2005) that states “Patagonia exists to use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. include: Patagonia. We want to receive wedding gifts that show good taste.” Who are we talking to? Soon-to-be married adults. quality. 25-30 years old. How can Patagonia consistently be top-of-mind for destination wedding outfitting while keeping true to our mission and be an easy. and reflect who we are as a couple. Items on couples’ gift registries are extensions of who they are. and want everything to be “just right” on the big day—regardless of how large or small the ceremony. are busy. This is our chance to have “nice things” and get what we need to start a household. IMC Plan 22 .

Inc. reception. What the hell is it? What would we like them to think? Patagonia is the single most reliable. After all of the hectic planning for the big day. Why should they believe it? Patagonia (2006) is true to its corporate mission. Patagonia is respectable. by doing the active sports we love in comfy Patagonia gear. Patagonia walks the environmental walk while talking the talk. the gear suggestions Patagonia makes are trustworthy and worth the cost —just like a wedding dress. tuxedo. and customer service. well planned. Don’t need it 3. Patagonia. and strong as the ceremony. but laid-back. durable. How convenient! This is the easiest part of the planning we’ve done! What is the single most persuasive idea we can convey? You both deserve rugged clothing and gear packages that are as durable. IMC Plan 23 . product quality. Too expensive for a gift 4. Because of this. This is awesome—Patagonia already has pre-created packages and gear combinations that we can customize online and our guests can buy them as practical wedding gifts through our Patagonia registry. Already have it 2. As a company. long lasting. etc. honeymoon and lifetime journey that you’ve both embarked upon. our destination honeymoon will allow us to relax in comfort.—because our truthfulness is reflected in other areas of our business.All material goods fall into one of these categories: 1. worry-free line of clothing we can take with us.

com landing pages from co-branded partner websites to environmental information for specific destinations  Patagonia.  The “forward to a friend” link option on the destination wedding pages on Patagonia. etc. types of clothing.com website landing pages from co-branded partner websites to skiing/climbing destination wedding gear packages  Patagonia.Creative guidelines   Central tagline is “It’s a Nice Day for a ‘Green’ Wedding” Patagonia.com  Recyclable. offering suggested packages as well as customizable packages via drop-down menus for size. two-sided perforated mini-catalog inserts that call out the new destination wedding gear package registry service and can also be mailed to a friend  Green Patagonia Shirts with tagline included and wedding-themed image on the back for employees  Design 5 1/2” x 7” mini-catalogs with skiing/climbing themes Patagonia.com comprehensive skiing/climbing destination wedding gear package website pages. Inc.com destination wedding package tab on homepage and prominent call out of the new service on the homepage during intro quarter  Patagonia. colors. IMC Plan 24 .

Inc. long lasting. annually. . Patagonia. and lifetime journey they they’ve embarked upon. intends to make sure that customers and prospects feel that the company’s products are the most reliable. Further. Inc.000 total per couple. honeymoon. At minimum. or 22. captures 1%.SECTION V: DESTINATION WEDDING MEDIA OBJECTIVES AND STRATEGIES As identified in previous SWOT situational analysis data from section II. Through proper media selections.726 weddings. media selections will focus on delivering the central idea that couples deserve rugged clothing and gear packages that are durable. expansion into this market will grow leads and top-of-mind awareness among prospects. Inc.com (2006) and has couples register for suggested groups of sporting gear worth an average of $1. durable. This will accelerate Patagonia’s slow growth pace from 5% annually to between 8-9% annually if objectives are met. Secondarily. Patagonia. worry-free lines of clothing couples can take with them on destination honeymoon adventures. an additional $20 to $23 million in revenue is expected if Patagonia. and specifically. according to theweddingreport. and are as strong as the ceremony. target consumers will feel that after all of the hectic planning for the “big day. destination wedding markets to target soon-to-be married 25-30 year old prospects and customers. reception. will expand into destination travel.S. of the estimated 2.272.” they can relax in comfort by doing the sports they love in comfy Patagonia gear. well planned.624 weddings in the U. As outlined in the creative brief.

36. Relative Attributes of Major Media (1995). GEOGRAPHIC. Inc. as shown in Table 4: Table 4. MEDIA OBJECTIVES. as stated in the creative brief in section IV. FREQUENCY. The two variables that determine this are reach and frequency. STRATEGIES.com information and registry landing pages and direct marketing via the Patagonia.6% have accessed the Internet in the past 30 days. which measure breadth and depth of messages. The primary mix of media will incorporate the Internet via cobrands and Patagonia. strategies. Media selections are supported by statistics on infoplease. catalog that will be segmented into destination wedding minicatalogs. AND MEDIA SELECTIONS 25 As explained by Duncan (2005) media objectives explain what needs accomplished to allow customers and prospects to be exposed to marketing communications messages. Inc. Use of these media vehicles are further supported by Surmanek (1995) in his analysis of relative attributes of major media. AND TACTICS INCORPORATING REACH. Media: Attributes: Internet Direct Mail Target selectivity Control Time of Exposure Vehicle Used Most Often Reach Message Impact Good/best** **when e-mail is incorporated Best Home/office Low Low Best Good Home/office Low High .Patagonia. and scheduling recommendations will allow for the selection of media that most effectively reach the intended target audience while conveying what Patagonia should mean to them. which include our 25-30 targets.com (2006) showing that of those in the 18-34 demographic categories. IMC Plan The following media objectives.

A 1% breakout is also included along with most 26 frequently visited portions of each site and number of pages visited per user if available. Build out informative.com/ avg.theknot.com and 5% to shop. 2006. with bi-monthly updates beginning in early March. Site Name: Average Daily 1% of average Traffic per 1 daily traffic million Internet users: www. environmental . Table 5.com 695.com.lonelyplanet.com travel. Capture 1% of daily cobranded site traffic per month. Website stats from Alexa.8 page views 5% of users go from discovery. the average daily traffic per 1 million net users is shown below in Table 5.050 Most frequently visited sections of site/Avg.com to travel.com. IMC Plan MEDIA OBJECTIVE 1: Drive click-throughs and traffic to Patagonia.theknot. just before peak wedding season.000 6.theknot.com. Inc. Page Views per User: 67% go to lonelyplanet.000 3.000 1.discovery.discovery. FREQUENCY: Information and click through messaging will be monitored and modified on a monthly basis.com. 2006).com/ avg.com 195. REACH: According to Alexa. and 6% to weddingshop.com.discovery. and theknot. 36% to weddings.Patagonia. 7. lonelyplanet.lonelyplanet.com (2006). 4 page views 44% go to theknot.950 MEDIA STRATEGY 1: Complete co-branding relationships with above-listed websites by the end of Q4 2006 (December 31.950 www.com 305.com. for further targeting co-branding placements.com wedding registry and destination travel information through co-branding Internet relationships with travel.

REACH: Lists will be rented for selects of Climbing Magazine (9.Patagonia. according to Climbing. Climbing Climbing Powder Magazine Website Magazine Demographics Demographics Demographics 39. Make keyword purchase selects to drive users to co-branded sites. IMC Plan content on Patagonia. 2005.com wedding registry functionality that allows customization by registering couples.610 total) that fit the profiles of our target audiences. Dollar amounts spent online by selects are in line with the costs of $1. 2007. especially as wedding season begins in the May/June timeframe.’s destination wedding gear mini-catalogs and customizable online registry through list rentals for quarterly catalog mailings (excluding Q1.000 destination wedding gear packages.com stats. 27 MEDIA TACTIC 1: New content and links will be tested and will go live by March 15. which runs from May through November according to Hunt (2006). Build out Patagonia. Table 6. FREQUENCY: There will be quarterly mini-catalog drops. list rentals will increase and expansions into other sporting categories beyond climbing and skiing will occur.000 Total Paid Print Subscribers Powder Website Demographics N/A .371 total) and Powder Magazine (11.047 N/A 43. Climbing and Powder Target Audience Stats.com as related to destination wedding travel. Inc. which is outside of normal wedding season) and corresponding online activities. If the response rate is successful. MEDIA OBJECTIVE 2: Grow awareness of Patagonia Inc. see Table 6. Site co-brands will be live by April for the lead in to prime wedding season.

MEDIA TACTIC 2: In addition to quarterly ad placement.3 readers per copy) 24% (9.000 N/A N/A N/A $1.com.336 805 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A MEDIA STRATEGY 2: Quarterly Online skyscraper ad placement on climbing.47% for users of climbing.371 of total paid subscriber base) N/A N/A 31% (37.com and powdermag.610 of total paid subscriber base N/A N/A 31% (17.050 of unique monthly users) 520. • Online Skyscraper Ad Specs/Costs for Climbing.371 of total paid subscriber base to Climbing and 11.610 of total paid subscriber base to Powder) through direct mail house to verify interest and further target mailing lists for future mini-catalogs if targets reply to e-mails and indicate that they are not interested in destination weddings.com will provide a lead in before delivery of mini-catalog to mailing lists of selects.Total Reach % in 25-34 age range Total monthly page views/unique users Average $ Spent Online Page Views Per Ad: Click thrus: 128.com and PowderMag. of 3.com: 160x600 pixels.$16/CPM .000/55. according to the publication’s online media kit.000 (avg. of 4 readers per copy) 27% (11. right column of page .855 (avg.000 280.245 171.com.820 of unique monthly users) 510.10% at approximately . Data were unavailable for click-throughs on powdermag.000/122. Click through rates for online ads are above the industry average of . a follow up e-mail will be sent to selects (9.

Hood River.WLrf9BF moL?p=central+park+NY&sugid=0) 3. beginning in April ’07.com ads placed on search landing pages for top five U. New York. MEDIA STRATEGY 3: The top five destination wedding sites in the U. Chicago. NY (http://travel. 29 REACH: Reach will correspond to travel. OR (http://travel.com/p-hotel369596-longfellow_s_wayside_inn-i. IL (http://travel. just before the kick off of the wedding season in May. destination wedding locations according to Callaway (2006). IMC Plan MEDIA OBJECTIVE 3: Drive additional click-throughs and general awareness of Patagonia Inc. Inc._ylt=ApDbH3Eni9QQc0Kqlhmt14f8xmoA) 5.com. an increase in keyword purchases through ads. Sudbury. CA (http://travel.com/bin/search/travel.com/p-hotel375825-columbia_gorge_hotel-i. Longfellow’s Wayside Inn.S. FREQUENCY: Ad placements will occur quarterly.com/p-travelguide2733825-california_palace_of_the_legion_of_honor_san_francisco-i) 2.yahoo. destination weddings in general and Patagonia’s new presence in the category.google.yahoo. San Francisco. MA (http://travel. Additionally.yahoo. Chicago Botanic Gardens. These ads will drive general awareness and are not specific to skiing or climbing.com.com.com’s expansion into destination weddings through advertising on travel._ylt=AvBvoorHBp9LzGkZN.yahoo. ._ylt=AtRQVRZCHjot8jXZmTdgn9z8xmoA) Buy skyscraper ads to run quarterly on travel.S. include: 1._ylt=AoQ1a2m5rRSDGPX3bUThbOH8xmoA) 4.’s/Patagonia.Patagonia.com will be made to make searches for these destinations more relevant and targeted to Patagonia. Legion of Honor.com/p-travelguide2825013-chicago_botanic_garden_chicagoi. but rather.yahoo.yahoo.yahoo. Central Park. Columbia Gorge Hotel.yahoo.

and that also have a Patagonia retail store nearby. Chicago.com’s expansion into destination weddings in top markets and reinforce with quarterly in-store displays of mini-catalogs. right column of page. cost TBD Utilize Google AdWords to set CPC ads that are charged for only if prospects click through from them to Patagonia. May.com. according to theweddingmarketreport.05% of the wedding markets in top U. IMC Plan 30 MEDIA TACTIC 3: Ads will be staggered and more heavily weighted at the beginning of the traditional wedding season.com’s destination wedding registry and portal higher in search results for destination wedding information. August. FREQUENCY: Increase gear package sales and viral awareness of Patagonia’s/Patagonia. and New York.Patagonia.yahoo. MEDIA OBJECTIVE 4: Capture . and other relevant terms TBD. expand into other top wedding cities.com (2006). CA. running in April.S. Keyword purchases should also be made to rank Patagonia. cities ranked in the top ten for most weddings. searches for climbing/skiing destination weddings.com: 160x600 pixels. If objective is successful.S. cities that are also located in near a Patagonia retail outlet. In California. the nearest Patagonia outlet is in Santa Monica. All are major metropolitan areas with large numbers of weddings that also have Patagonia retail outlets in the vicinity. • Online Skyscraper Ad Specs/Costs for travel. NY. and October. cities that have been selected include Los Angeles. Inc.S. which is served by the Los . MEDIA STRATEGY 4: The top three U. Ads will run during destination wedding searches. June. REACH: Target three U. IL.

740.9% in 25-54 7.866 $225.422.000 $121. costs TBD 31 Geographically. ads will be purchased in online editions (travel. Total Readership Demographics that Total in age range fit profile Online Newspaper Chicago Tribune 1.503. MEDIA TACTIC 4: To grow sales and awareness. 2006. The standard skyscraper ad will be used for these online publications as well.000 19% 18-34 356.000 New York Times 13.677. right column of page.877. and there are stores in downtown Chicago and New York.269.120 3.332 $2.372.766 New York 123. these cities also represent the West. Table 8.000 22% 25-34 660.159 . Number of Total Value .328.571 $1. Refer to Table 7 for targeted reader demographics that fit the 25-30 year old destination wedding profile as outlined in each newspaper’s media kit. for reference.191. IMC Plan Angeles DMA.com and retail outlets.000 59.05% of the weddings total number of weddings Chicago 54.190 $4.729 Los Angeles 75.133.889. These numbers justify spending on online ads to reach the target and drive to Patagonia. Demographic information for major newspaper online ad placement.05% target information. 2006. Table 7.000.05% of the total value of weddings $87.480 range Refer to Table 8 for information on number of weddings and total value in each city and the . and East coasts.630 LA Times 3. leisure and/or style sections) of the major newspapers that serve each area.826. Inc.190 2.Patagonia.  Online Skyscraper Ad Specs/Costs for targeted online newspapers: 160x600 pixels. respectively. Midwest. Number of weddings and value in selected cities.320 .400 6.

com for destination travel information and registry sign up. Inc. IMC Plan 32 To supplement online ads. destination wedding market.Patagonia. This is supported through the expansion of Patagonia Inc. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND SALES PROMOTION OBJECTIVES AND STRATEGIES Specific public relations and sales promotions objectives and strategies can be incorporated to further support the overall campaign objective of growing Patagonia Inc. Inc.com into the destination travel. IMC Plan 33 . and purchase of.com to accommodate the registration for.com. and Patagonia.com) to Patagonia. travel. Patagonia.com. destination wedding gear packages for active couples. theknot. Patagonia retailers in targeted geographic regions will have additional copies of quarterly mini-catalogs and customer service representatives with specific knowledge of the destination travel industry and environmental precautions. SALES PROMOTIONS OBJECTIVE 1: Convert 1% of total weekly traffic to co-branded destination travel/wedding sites (lonelyplanet.’s “slow growth” rate of expansion from 5% to between 8-9% annually. The company will act as a preferred source of information on the topic through co-branding and awareness as well as launch mini-catalogs and a wedding registry portal through Patagonia. and. Those public relations and sales promotions objectives and strategies that will best support the overall campaign objectives are presented in the following sections.discovery. more specifically.

726 (1% of total weddings in U. lonelyplanet. customers click ‘go’ and will then get 3% of their total purchase donated to an environmental charity.  Online order confirmation referrals: When current customers complete order transactions via Patagonia. via their e-mailed order confirmation notification. according to Patagonia. in-store. and catalog promotion can nominate soon-to-be married friends who are environmental champions in their area for the sweepstakes. and charitable contributions to local environmental causes made on their behalf by Patagonia.com) in the special Patagonia destination travel information section.com or tear out cards in Patagonia catalogs. As added incentive to check out the sites. Inc. gear packages. destination wedding mini-catalogs among 30% of the targeted 22. IMC Plan 34 .STRATEGIES:  “Nice Day for a Green Wedding” sweepstakes: Current Patagonia customers and prospects who become aware of destination travel gear packages through online.discovery.S. Inc.com.com. The topthree most compelling stories will win an all-expense paid wedding.com. or theknot. Inc. a special alphanumeric code will be included that can be entered on any partner site (travel. OBJECTIVE 2: Grow awareness of Patagonia. Prospects/customers nominate the couples through online registration at Patagonia. they will receive. Once entered. information about Patagonia’s co-branded online partners that offer online destination travel/wedding information.

IMC Plan 35 . 3% of the customer’s purchase total at checkout will be donated to a local environmental cause (clean the bay.).S. If so. the mini-catalog will be included in the customer’s bag at check out.com destination wedding gear registry use to $6. STRATEGIES:  “Go Green” Loyalty Card Program with “Refer a Friend” incentive: Increase revenue through frequency of purchase and registry referrals among Patagonia. Sales associates will be trained to inquire during the checkout process into whether customers are planning to marry or have friends who are in the near future. park clean up.theweddingreport. the customer can have their name or the name of their friends added to Patagonia’s system to receive destination wedding travel updates via e-mail in addition to the mini-catalog. etc. recycle program funding. As an incentive for providing the information.  POP customer referral: Additionally. STRATEGIES:  In-store training program for associates: Provide sales promotion training to all in-store associates and management to grow awareness and usage of destination wedding gear package mini-catalogs.com (2006)) wedding couples in the U.8 million (30% of projected $22. OBJECTIVE 3: Increase value of Patagonia. Inc.7 million in revenue for first year of program) during the first and second quarters after program launch. land remediation. within first quarter of program launch.

 Exclusive in-store gear preview invites: These would include an incentive for current customers and select wedding prospects to bring a friend to preview destination travel gear packages with exclusive colors. Tie-ins to the “Nice Day for a Green Wedding” promotion mentioned above could also drive interest. 4% of the customers purchase would be donated to an environmental cause to which Patagonia is affiliated. which would equate to $100. and for every 100 points earned. Discounts and passes are based on “Go” points that are earned over time. For signing up. etc.com kiosks while at the event will drive trials and use. in select retail outlets before the general public gets to see them. Customers receive discounted travel to “Patagonia approved” environmentally sound travel destinations as well as free admission to specified Patagonia-sponsored events worldwide. and the distribution of destination wedding mini-cats. For example. regional artist designs. $1000 and they can invite two friends. Additionally. for example. two trees would be planted on behalf of the member. Patagonia. etc. the more friends they can refer. The event would also feature regional environmental speakers. Inc. The “refer a friend” component would allow current customers to refer friends to try Patagonia and receive special one-time pricing incentives for doing so. IMC Plan 36 . The more “Go” points a customer has.customers through a “Go Green” loyalty card program. on-site incentives for setting up a wedding registry at Patagonia. they can spend $500 and can invite one friend for special pricing.

discovery. wedding market within first year of program launch.” Ensure that positive destination wedding gear package reviews are also incorporated into other online consumer opinion sites like epinions.  Testimonials: Highlight testimonials of couples/wedding invitees who’ve successfully used the destination wedding registry and information services of Patagonia.S.  Press releases to highlight uniqueness of the “Go Green” loyalty program: Promote the program as one of few programs that truly give back. STRATEGIES:  Destination Wedding Gear Product Reviews: Increase placement of product reviews that highlight ruggedness and durability of destination wedding gear packages from Patagonia. Utilize publications like Consumer Reports online to increase brand awareness and positive attributes that make Patagonia “best in class.com.. all while providing free admissions to sponsored events and travel discounts. travel.276 according to theweddingreport.com destination travel package expansion among 1%. recommending “Patagonia approved” destinations that support the environment. IMC Plan 37 .com. (22. and lonelyplanet. etc. through tree planting.com.com (2006)) of entire U.PUBLIC RELATIONS OBJECTIVE 1: Grow brand awareness of new Patagonia/Patagonia. This also provides consumers with information to incorporate into blogs and other online forums for additional product buzz.com – tie in with links to co-branded site articles on theknot. Inc. Inc.

com. Generate positive peer-to-peer buzz.S. IMC Plan 38 .discovery.com.com. Patagonia.com gear registry pages by 20% within the first year of program./Patagonia.276 wedding couples (1% of total weddings in U. and travel. Inc. estimates of how utilization of these services is helping the environment through conversion to environ-friendly clothing purchases.  Distribute quarterly press releases: Highlight increases in registry/destination wedding and travel information use.) to Patagonia. tree plantings. Inc. Chouinard speak at environmental events/Patagonia sponsorships about the launch of new destination wedding expansions. according to theweddingreport. Generate additional buzz by providing randomly selected customers with exclusive invitations to these events. OBJECTIVE 2: Increase click-thrus from co-branding destination travel/wedding partner sites (lonelyplanet. STRATEGIES:  Send founder Yvon Chouinard on a speaking tour: Have Mr. OBJECTIVE 3: Create awareness among 40% of 22.com as “the most credible resource” for environmentally friendly destination wedding travel information.Patagonia.com (2006)) of Patagonia. and how they’ve used the gear on destination honeymoon trips. etc. theknot.

and sales promotion objectives and strategies. Inc. recommending Patagonia. continuous scheduling will be used for the gathering of testimonials.com co-branding partnerships with travel.STRATEGIES:  Influence environmental opinion leaders/experts to submit Op-Ed pieces to media: Pieces will be distributed to newspapers and online outlets. which was also outlined in the situational analysis in section II.com are evergreen. SECTION VI: PATAGONIA DESTINATION WEDDING BRAND ACTIVITY FLOW Given the above stated media.com. endorsements. Because the Patagonia. this media will receive continuous scheduling. lonelyplanet.’s founder and other credible sources to increase exposure. as well as other topical environmental information. and theknot.’s claims of being “the” environmentally friendly destination wedding source for gear and planning. When possible. IMC Plan 39 . Send press releases accordingly and work in interviews with Patagonia Inc. the recommended media mix will incorporate a combination of pulsing scheduling. etc. especially those in major metro areas with the highest numbers of weddings annually.com. as “the” source for “green” wedding planning and destination gear. the rollout and maintenance Patagonia.  Endorsements: Get the endorsement of WWF. Inc. GreenPeace. public relations. Additionally. to substantiate Patagonia Inc. endorsements will also be included in the pieces.discovery. The content and information will change by the season to accommodate different wedding types and consumer interest changes by season.

Dec.of the customer “Go Green” loyalty program. The media that will fluctuate include direct mail. special “members only” events.yahoo. Apr. and speaking engagements.com “Nice Day for a Green Wedding” Sweepstakes In-Store Employee Training Customer Testimonials Endorsements “Go Green” Loyalty Program Speaking Engagements Press Releases . July Aug. sweepstakes. powdermag. May. online ad buys. lonelyplanet. with follow up placement in August and October. including those that are in three major online newspapers that were identified in the last section. Jan. and those tied to Google AdWords will be more concentrated in the April. Sept. op-ed and press releases. Nov. Oct.com. Mar. DM catalogs Online Ads (travel. Scheduling Strategy. Media: Figure 1. The first quarter of the year will not have a mini-catalog mailing because of fewer weddings during the quarter. June wedding season timeframe.yahoo. May Jun.com.com.com. Additionally. theknot. Feb.discovery.com. AdWords Co-branding with travel. online order confirmation referrals and POP customer referrals. 2006.com. those on travel. climbing. See Figure 1 for additional details.

DESTINATION TRAVEL INTEGRATED MARKETING CAMPAIGN ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION INTRODUCTION There are several methods that can be incorporated to evaluate and assess the overall success of the Patagonia. and provide documented results related to campaign marketing communications.com. Web tracking can be achieved by implementing a program like Technorati or Web Trends to monitor what unique users are doing and where they are going. and conversions (i. INC. using these methods will help to reduce risks so that strategies are effective in the future. web page visits. As stated by Duncan (2005).com destination wedding/travel info. . also outlined by Duncan (2005) include cost. Inc. time spent on Patagonia.e. Destination Wedding Package integrated marketing campaign. This will help to ensure that recommended assessment and evaluation methods. are on track and achieve the desired outcomes.. ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION METHODS EVALUATION 1: Monitor click throughs. outlined below.Op-Ed Pieces POP Customer Referrals Online order confirmatio n Referrals Exclusive In-Store Events SECTION VII: PATAGONIA. and validity of test methods. travel.discovery. pages.com.com’s destination wedding gear package registry) from co-branded websites lonelyplanet. registration on Patagonia.com. enrich planning and managing of similar campaigns. provide controls to ensure proper campaign execution. Variables that will need to be evaluated further. time. and theknot.

part of the media objectives set forth for the Patagonia. op-ed pieces. Inc.Patagonia. Inc. success will be measurable by tracking whether or not Patagonia is on target to receive 1% of the total monthly web traffic from co-branded partner sites to the destination wedding information and registry pages on Patagonia. This will be measure monthly. easily implemented monitoring services include eWatch and ReleaseWatch. EVALUATION 2: Monitor the success of press releases. IMC Plan Using metrics that are available from such programs. If specific copy or topics are identified as generating greater wire pick up over others.com can utilize this service to receive daily updates of press coverage.com (2006).com. can be generated. Inc. with quarterly reports generated to compare success during different times of the year. It will be particularly important to measure click throughs and conversions during peak wedding season versus off-peak. more messages will be created that cover Patagonia. the effectiveness. both in cost and web traffic generation to Patagonia. MEASURES OF SUCCESS: The PRNewswire service will be effective in evaluating average press hits that are generated from press releases. Patagonia. and Yvon Chouinard media tours using PR clipping services from PR Newswire. destination wedding travel expansion IMC 41 campaign. MEASURES OF SUCCESS: As stated in media objective 1. According to PRNewswire. op-ed pieces.com. .’s expansion into destination wedding markets using similar. and media buzz that surrounds press tours by CEO Yvon Chouinard.

is more successful in generating response. Inc. versus those who respond in any other markets. Los Angeles.Patagonia. This evaluation can be conducted during the first quarter of mailings and then used to guide production of future quarterly catalogs.000 42 subscribers whose names were rented from Climbing and Powder magazine lists. the nearly 20. incorporate two covers into the production of the skiing destination wedding mini-catalog. . versus those who respond in targeted metro areas of New York. The catalogs will have two separate. list rentals can be discontinued. EVALUATION 4: Conduct a split test using different mini-catalog covers for the same catalog. For example. This will test whether customers are affected by the messaging or creative elements. unique codes that will be requested via phone and online inquiries to determine which. if either. other lists can be tested. including those in areas with Patagonia retail stores. This test will be conducted with the Climbing and Powder magazine subscribers that are part of mailing list rentals. If not. or. This will assess whether those who are specifically targeted have higher response rates than general catalog traffic. This will help to determine whether the response rate of prospects who are part of rented mailing lists is greater than others. IMC Plan EVALUATION 3: Monitor mini-catalog mailings via customer database to determine who is clicking through and creating registries on Patagonia. MEASURES OF SUCCESS: Make quarterly comparisons of the original database of targeted customers to whom the catalog was mailed. and Chicago.com and requesting more information on destination wedding travel. specifically.

but also those of prospects who are referred to Patagonia by current customers. 4. This will allow Patagonia to track not only recency and frequency of purchases by current customers.Patagonia. there are purchases made beyond the initial introductory offer colleague referral discount purchase.500 the other. purchases by current customers. and more frequent. and their use of loyalty points. The code used by a customer and their referral will be the same. Inc. a single version of the skiing and climbing destination wedding travel catalogs will be produced. MEASURES OF SUCCESS: Monthly reports will be generated to track whether the “Go Green” loyalty program is cost effective in facilitating more. MEASURES OF SUCCESS: This test will help to determine if creative elements influence customers’ decision-making and response rates. EVALUATION 5: Monitor the effectiveness of the customer “Go Green” loyalty program by assigning unique. If it is determined that creative design does impact response. options for creating online and phone surveys to get additional information on what elements of the catalog were most appealing can be evaluated.000 subs to Powder. 5. it will be used to determine if. and 5.000 subs of Climbing. Assessments of the use of . If not.500 will receive one version of the cover. of those prospects who are referred by current customers. Of the approximately 11.500 will receive the other.500 will receive one cover of the 43 climbing destination wedding gear mini-catalog. and 4. customer-specific codes to each loyalty card. IMC Plan Of the approximately 9. Additionally.

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htm 16. Couch potato.com/archive/081599/green.xhtml ?ID=cthjkffsctfrhs 17.com/chicago/mediakit/ 45 12. Thomas R.JPG 20. Duncan.html 14.corporate-ir.www. Consumer Specialty (2001).jpg 18.Patagonia.zhtml?c=132215&p=irol-homeprofile 21.depts. Retrieved September 1. Retrieved September 25. evaluation. IMC Plan 11. 2006 from www. (2005). Advertising and IMC media planning. 2006 from http://www. 2006 from http://www. Retrieved September 25. Media Kit. 2006 from http://premium.com/archive/081599/green. Spanish oak tree. Principles of Advertising & IMC.com.hoovers.wvu.ttu.cio. Retrieved September 1. (2005) IMC planning.html 15.com/news/marketing specialty_gold_2/index. Duncan. 2006 from http://phx.html 19.cio. 2006 from http://www. Principles of advertising & IMC. Thomas R.com (2006). Depts.actionsportsgroup. 2006 from http://multichannelmerchant. 2006 from http://www. Measurement. 2006 from http://www. Retrieved September 11. 411-435 23. Comedyindc. CIO. Company profile. 167-172 22. Retrieved October 2. Columbia Sportswear Company.tribuneinteractive.edu/hillcountry/research/images/TX%20Spanish%20Oak %20tree.cio. (2005).com/logos/couch%20potato.edu (2006). Retrieved September 1.com/archive/081599/green.com Turn Green .com (2006). Duncan. Media Kit.com Turn Green – Patagonia Company Profile (1999). 2006 from http://comedyindc. 694-695. ChicagoTribune. . Principles of Advertising and IMC. Thomas R.edu/subscribe/co/factsheet.html 13.Patagonia Company Profile (1999).ttu. (2006). CIO. CIO. Dick’s Sporting Goods Company Overview (2006). Retrieved October 2.libproxy.com Turn Green .net/phoenix.net/climbing. and effectiveness. Retrieved October 2. Climbing.com (2006).Patagonia Company Profile (1999). Retrieved September 10. winter 2000. Inc. Gold award Patagonia.

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