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Sally Kilby Monday, October 04, 20104:31 PM Lucy Kbjian FW: SR-710 Consultant Costs Cost of consultants. pdf

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From: Dennis Woods Sent: Monday, October 04, 2010 4: 19 PM To: City Council Cc: Sergio Gonzalez; City Clerk; Chu Thai; David Batt; Michael Ten (; Richard Adams Subject: SR-710 Consultant Costs
Dear Mayor and Councilmembers, Staff has received several requests for the approximate costs of the SR-710 consultant team. Please see the attached PDF which is copied into this e-mail.

SR-710 Consultants Costs October 4, 2010
Tony Rossmann:

$2,058,015 (FY 1991 to present. City's electronic records go back to 1991) $108,316 Approximate Yearly Cost
Initially Contracted in Late 1980's

Jan Chatten-Brown:

$152,778 (02/18/2009 to present) $101, 852 Approximate Yearly Cost
Contract signed January 2009 for representing the City to oppose use of Measure R money for SR-710 North Extension. Note: Chatten-Brown had earlier costs billed under

Tony Rossmann's contract which is included in Mr. Rossmann's total above.

Mike Roos:

$499,583 (FY 2002 to present) $62,447 Approximate Yearly Cost
Contract Signed in December 2001

FY 2009/10 Budget:

$90,000 - SR 710 Special legal Counsel $153.049 Expenditure

($63, 049) Budget overage Note: City Council authorized an additional $50K, however billings still exceed total budget by $13,049. $126,000 - SR 710 Strategic & Transportation Services $72.352 Expenditure $53,648 Costs savings FY 2010/11 Budget: $90,000 - SR 710 Special legal Counsel $126,000 - SR 710 Strategic Services

Dennis l. Woods
Transportation Manager I CITY OF SOUTH PASADENA City Manager's Office 1414 Mission Street South Pasadena, Ca 91030 Direct: 626.403.7236 I Office: 626.403.7210 I Fax: 626.403.7211


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