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Intern Application Part Questions New

Intern Application Part Questions New

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Published by: Rahul Bose on Apr 21, 2011
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Name: Address Street: City: State: Zip Code: Country: Email: Phone Number


You must be at least 18 years old to be considered for an internship at PETA. Do you meet this requirement?



Interns may be asked to drive on PETA business. Requirements to drive on PETA business include the following: You must be at least 21 years of age, you must have a current valid U.S. driver’s license with a minimum of three years’ driving experience, and you must have a clean driving record.

Do you meet these requirements?



If accepted, you will need to purchase a copy of your current driving record and take it with you. Please give PETA the receipt if you would like to be reimbursed for the cost.

Have you applied for an internship with PETA before? Yes No If yes. when did you apply? Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Yes No If no. are you willing to practice a vegan lifestyle while at PETA? Yes No . when and whether you were accepted: Have you applied for employment with PETA before? Yes No If yes.

and let me know if you agree or disagree with it and why. review our stance on euthanasia (http://blog. starting with the most preferred: 1) Start Date: Month Day Year End Date: Month Day Year 2) Start Date: Month Day Year End Date: Month Day Year 3) Start Date: Month Day Year End Date: Month Day Year Do you currently reside in the US or Canada? Yes No If yes. Please list three date ranges which you are available.Have a look at our Web site. please provide three references below: 1) Name 2) Name Phone Number Phone Number Email Address Email Address Company/Title Company/Title .peta2.com/2009/03/why_we_euthanize. The minimum length of stay is four weeks and the maximum is six months.html). PETA Internships begin on the first Monday of each month.

By applying for an internship at PETA. and your initialing below indicates your agreement to do so.3) Name Phone Number Email Address Company/Title If no. . Va 23510 Your account will be deleted if the letters of reference have not been received within 45 days of submitting this form. you will automatically be signed up to receive PETA’s enews and special announcements. please mail in three letters of reference to: PETA’s Intern Program Attn: Intern Supervisor 501 Front Street Norfolk. How did you hear about internship program? PETA. and I grant PETA permission to contact the above-named references. where: I attest that the information that I have provided is true to the best of my knowledge. You may also receive emails from PETA’s international affiliates.org Email ale rt from PETA or pe ta2 Facebook Other If other.

You will be contacted via email within five business days of receiving your resume and the above form.Initials: Date: Thank you for your interest in PETA’s intern program. .

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