--------------* What is difference between QA/QC? QA is the Process Control & QC is Product Control. QA is preventive e.g. process design, Auditing,Reporting. QC is detective e.

g Testing, Review * How you will manage quality at this site which is vast consisting of towers, c lub house, villas etc? Elaborate your role alogn with your supporting staff. * What kind of statistical analysis you can perform to analyse quality of concre te supply (SD in str) * How you will make sure approved material is used on site as per approved metho d statement? (Site / storage yard audits & checking brands) * When material is delviered to site, what is the next step you do? * outline content of a method statement? * What do you mean by site demo? * what NCR? How you close it? * How sulphate and cholide pose threat to concrete? How you can mitigate these e ffects? * What is durability of concrete? * How you will varify the mix design when concrte is recived on site? If you fin d any deviaton in mix what action you would take? * How you will identify the aggregates in the mix? * Why the curing of concrete is important? * Can we add water at site if mix is stiff at site? What will happen if w/c rati o is increase in the mix?

* Are you responsible for Quality manual? NCR corrective correspondence doc control frequency and type of audits cont. improvement employee induction training inspection and testubg shedule

Risk assessment for various activities ..material purchase / storage process .