Electrical Sciences ELE-102

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Topic : Applications of Synchronous motors

This term paper is prepared under the guidance of my teacher and writers who helped me to give basic concepts.I am really very much thankful to my teacher and the books.I will never ignore the importance of the good references.It has been defined with a basic knowledge to standard level of the topic. I would also like to thank my friends who were always there with me and provided me all the knowledge and informat ion that they were having with them. Without the help of these people my project report could have never so informative and successful.

Sachin Sharma

motor.C. Applications : In the Synchronous motor. Unlike an Induction motor. the rotor locks into step with the rotating magnetic field and rotates as synchronous speed. the Synchronous motor is excited by an external DC source and. and the motor will stop.Summary : Introduction to Synchronous motors Construction Operation Starting Methods Special Properties Applications Advantages References Introduction to Synchronous motors : Synchronous motor is an A. If the synchronous motor is loaded to the point where the rotor is pulled out of step with the rotating magnetic field. These motors are like induction motors in that they both have stator windings that produce a rotating magnetic field. no torque is developed. A synchronous motor is not a self-starting motor because the torque is only developed when running at synchronous speed. therefore requires slip rings and brushes to provide current to the rotor. therefore the motor needs some type of device to .

com/motors/synchronous_motor.eolss. Synchronous motor uses a wound rotor. References : http://www. Slip rings & brush used to supply current to rotor.htm http://www. This type of rotor contains coils of wire placed in the rotor slides.htm .engineersedge.net/ebooks/Sample%20Chapters/C05/E6 -39A-05-03.bring the rotor to synchronous speed.

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