in establishing a direct billing relationship with the hotel must comply with the minimums, limitations and procedures set forth in this policy. PRIMARY CONTROL IMPLEMENTATION AND RESPONSIBILITY: It is the booking Sales Manager's responsibility to establish a method of payment prior to the group’s arrival. The Responsible of Sales and Marketing, C.A / F.C and General Manager are responsible for administering and monitoring adherence to this policy. PROCEDURE: The method of payment must be addressed in the initial sales phase and the method of payment must be agreed to in the final sales contract. Pre-Payments Process: Direct Billing Privileges will only be granted to certain groups or companies. For groups that will not be considered for direct billing and require payment in advance, the procedures to handle advance payments are as follows:  Any events that fall into the category of Political, Sports, Travel agencies, School functions, Weddings, Religious, Christmas Parties, Contests, any function depending upon ticket sales, and any business with total billable revenue under SR 15,000 will not be considered for direct billing.  For such groups where payment in advance is required by policy, it is the booking Sales Manager’s responsibility to communicate this policy requirement to the client during initial phase of the sales process.  The booking Sales Manager must ensure that full payment is received (7) days prior to the start of the event. This may be in the form of cash, credit card or company check. (Accounts Receivable is responsible for getting check guarantee approval for all checks received within the last 5 days prior to the group’s event, and for obtaining credit card approval for the amount of the prepayment at least 5 days before the function.) Any payments made after this 5-day window must be in the form of cash or cashiers check a minimum of 3 days (72 hrs.) prior to the group’s arrival. FULL PRE-PAYMENT must be received a minimum of 3 working days prior to the start of the event or the event will not take place. Governments, Military and Embassies Purchase Orders will be accepted in lieu of a Credit Application to establish a direct billing relationship with the hotel. The booking Sales Manager is responsible to ensure that the Purchase Order is sufficient to cover all charges, including service charges & Extra’s if any. (In general, such groups are not exempt from service charges, may consider net rates as per contract). 1 of 3 W.E.F: 25th December, 2010


the Controller is not responsible for the final outcome of the billing process. the booking Sales Manager forwards the application to Accounting for necessary approvals. Once reviewed. a minimum of 7 days in advance is required. 3) In the event that the CA & Financial Controller denies the application. If processing the credit application is done in-house. Direct Billing Authorization Process: Direct Billing privileges will be extended to groups and companies under credit facility or the Companies that do not fall under the prepayment requirement policy outlined on the prior page. Direct billing can be obtain by approval of CA & Financial Controller or General Manager in accordance with the following procedures: 1) A credit application must be sent to the client by the booking Sales Manager. It is imperative that the booking Sales Manager notify AR if the anticipated charges vary from this original amount. The credit card authorization must include an estimate of anticipated charges and forward it to Account Receivable. retaining a trace file copy for the sales file. The application is then forwarded with required documents to the Controller / GM for a credit decision. The application must be returned by the client no later than 15 days prior to arrival of the group/company. The final balance will be charged by AR the day after the event. Account Receivable is responsible to obtain a credit card authorization code three (3) business days prior to the start date of the event. at least two hotel references must be contacted to determine the client’s payment history. (For internal purposes. If the GM chooses to override the Controller’s decision. completed by the client and returned and reviewed by the booking Sales Manager.Credit Card Payment Events may be paid by credit card upon completion of a credit card authorization form and MUST include copy of the front and back of the card. and the client’s bank must be contacted to provide the client’s bank history. the decision may be appealed to the General Manager who has final say on the billing decision. but will make every attempt to collect the amount due. and acceptance/denial of the application communicated back to the booking Sales Manager at least one week prior to the arrival of the group.) 2) The credit application must be processed by Accounts Receivable. Page 2 of 3 .

Ensuring the mode of payment for Reservations.  All banquet functions and group check-in must be signed by the organizer nominated by his company with the name and contact number that should be clearly mentioned in sales contract as well  All quotations and sales contract must be signed by both parties prior to the event and same must be copied to accounts to ensure that each group or event in hotel has an approval form of payment in advance of their arrival.  Above policy must by adhere all the time for quick and dispute free receivables recovery Please note that violation or negligence will lead delay in payments or claim may totally deny.  Charges must be signed or acknowledged by the guest and all bills must be attached with master folio. the person not comply with above strict instruction will be personally accountable for any loss of funds Prepared by : Shakeel Ahmed Approved By: Approved By : Page 3 of 3 .  All quotations and rate inquiries must be copy to accounts followed by final agreed sales contract in order to gain intimate knowledge of event that will insist in billing process. Groups bookings and Banqueting:  All room reservations must be supported by the company letter clearly indicating coverage of charges incurred by the guest or sufficient coverage of services offered to guest  Any stay extension will be provided on company’s official letter or by e-mail of authorized person.

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