Principles of management

Communication; a. Verbal b. Non-verbal Verbal: a. Oral b. Written Non-verbal: a. Signal b. Body Language Signal: a. Audio Signal b. Video signal Communication Barriers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Physical barriers Psychological barrier Mechanical Organizational policy Semantic barrier

Effective Communication: y y y y y y Clarity on thought Use simple words Get acknowledge from the listener Pre organize on thoughts is must Keep eye contact Good body language is needed

Organizational Behavior: Understanding Global Organizational behavior: a. Predict certain behavioral response to change c. Hetero mixture of communities Goals Of Organizational behavior: a. Homo same community b. Strategic planning Multi cultural: a. Globalization b. Explain individual and group behavior b. Control behavior Inter disciplinary contribution: y y y y y y y Context: Specific setting in which the organizational behavior is enacted y y Organization as system Formal & informal organization Psychology Medicine Sociology Engineering Management Anthropology Political science .

Physical Feature B. Heredity b. Brain c. Behavioral measures 3. Bio feedback d. Cultural factor C. Family factor D. Social factors E.Personality: Read Definition Determination of personality or factors defines personality: A. Self report questionnaires Matching personality and jobs: Refer table at page no 196 . Projective test 2. Situational factor Personal characteristic in organizational: y y y y y y y y Locus in control Machiavellianism Self esteem Self efficiency Self monitoring Positive or negative effect Risk taking ability Type A personality Measuring Personality or measurement of personality: 1. Biological factor a.

c. Attention process Retention Process Motor reproduction process Reinforcement process ID Ego Super ego .Trait: y y y FRAID: a. d. b.

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