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the skin is oily, wipe it with soap and water and let it air dry. € Remove hair from electrode placement site (dry shaving is preferred over shaving with water). € How to clean skin:
‡ Rub site briskly with alcohol pad. ‡ To remove dead skin and improve contact where

you'll place the electrodes, rub the skin with gauze until it's slightly red. ‡ Place electrode.

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A five lead system uses black, white, red, green, and brown A three lead system uses only the black, white and red leads. The black and white leads are placed on the shoulder area. The green and red leads are placed on the lowest rib on both sides of the torso The brown lead is placed at the 4th intercostal space, just to the right of the sternum.

Remember this saying: ´snow falls over grassµ

Remember this saying: ´smoke goes over fireµ

the electrodes everyday. € Make sure all electrical patient care equipment is grounded.
€ Change

‡ Reduces risk of shock
€ Be

sure all the lead cables are intact. € Make sure the leads are connected tightly to the electrodes. € Patient movement frequently causes interference.
‡ For example, the action of brushing teeth may cause

interference that mimics V-tach.

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