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S.No 1. 2.

Course Discrete Mathematics Introduction to Programming Languages through C Business Accounting Data and File Structure PC Software Lab. Digital Computer Fundamentals and Assembly language programming E-commerce Data Base Management Systems Operating Systems Design Methods and Analysis of Algorithms Software Engineering Computer Networking OOP Computer Graphics Operations Research /Numerical Methods Compiler Design Managerial Finance Soft Computing Techniques /Theory of Computation Internals of OS and Network Programming Multimedia and Web Technology Simulation and Modeling Parallel Computing /Advance Course in DBMS /Advance Course in OS Comprehensive Viva Dissertation

Type Core Core Maj.E Core Core Core Min.E Core Core Core Core Core Core Core Maj.E Maj.E Maj.E Maj.E Core Maj.E Core Maj.E

L-T-P 3-1-0 3-1-6 3-0-0 3-1-0 2-0-6 3-1-6 3-0-0 3-1-6 3-1-0 3-0-6 3-1-0 3-0-0 3-0-6 3-1-6 3-1-6 3-0-0 3-0-0 3-0-0 3-1-6 3-1-6 3-1-6 3-1-0

Credits 4 7 3 4 5 7 3 7 4 6 4 3 6 7 7 3 3 3 7 7 7 4 4


3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.





19. 20. 21. 22.


23. 24.

10+10=2 0 Total Credits

20 135

(Core:82 Credits/ Maj. E :30+20=50 Credits / Min.E :3 Credits/

Total = 135 Credits)

( 13 )

Combination. Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics. Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications. Chomsky Hierarchy. Graph Theory with Applications to Engineering and Computer Science.C. Gottfried. Elements of Discrete Mathematics. B. Lattice. PHI. J. Object-oriented Programming. Hasse Diagrams. Discrete Mathematical Structures with Applications to Computer Science. McMillan. Dornhoff and Hohn. Adjacency and Incidence Matrices. Tat McGraw Hill. Operators and Expressions in C. 2001. 1991. Introduction to Mathematical Logic.P. R. Boolean Algebra. McGrawHill. Generating Functions. 1999. Permutation. C-Library. Discrete Mathematics.B. P. 1985. The C Programming Language. R. Break and Continue Statements. WHILE. C Made Easy. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) R. Pointers. Structured Programming. Procedural Languages.S. K. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) J. Application to switching circuits. Tata McGraw-Hill. Block Structuring. R. Recurrence Relations. Deo. Arrays. Basic Concepts of Graphs and Trees. Logic Programming. Planar Graphs. Function and Program Structure in C. Introduction to Programming Languages Through C Credits: 7 MCA-102 High-level programming Languages and paradigms. Grimaldi. Schildt. C. VandeKopple. Finite state Machines: Moore and Mealey. Ritchie. Programming Languages. Rosen.MCA-101 Discrete Mathematics Credits: 4 Poset. Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Programming with C. FOR. McGraw-Hill.W. DO. Structures. Applications of Graph Theoretic concepts to Computer Science. N. Trembley and R. 1996. Sethi. Data Representation. McGraw-Hill. Data Abstraction. ( 14 ) . Addison-Wesley. Syntactic Structure. Hutchinson and S. SWITCH. Kernighan and D. Johnsonbaugh. Just. Semantics. 2003. Introduction to Programming Language C. Applied Modern Algebra. Input and Output functions. Programming using the C Language. PHI. Pearson Education. Data Type. Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion. Functional Programming. Spanning Tree. Shortest Path. McGraw Hill. D.M. Transitive Closure. Graph colouring. Osborne McGraw-Hill. Liu.Manohar. Programming Languages. Parameter passing.L.H. H. B. Control and Repetitive Statements : IF-THEN-ELSE. Formal grammars.P. Pearson Education. Procedure activation. Appleby and J.

L. Data Structures using C. Use of Mathematica. Multi-list File Organization. cost Accounting Vs. Data Structure. 1991. Dequeue. Direct. B. Data Structure. Stack. File Structures. Elements of Accounting. Quick Sort. Preparation of Cash Book and Bank Reconciliation statement. Cost Accounting: Definition. Financial Accounting. Sahitya Bhawan. Database Package using Access. Basic algorithms for Creation. Standish. A. Definition. Internal Sorting Algorithms : Bubble. John Wiley and Sons. Jawahar Lal. ( 15 ) . Linked Lists. Heinemann. Advanced Accounting. Manipulation of Data Structures. Cost Accounting. Marginal Costing. 1988. Inverted Files. Hash Table and Collision resolution. S. Tata McGraw Hill. Shukla. Classificvation of costs.Gupta & M. MCA-105 Business Accounting Credits: 3 Introduction. Tharp. Queue. Augenstein. PHI.L. Tape sorting and Merging.L . Preparation of Cost sheet. C as the programming language for implementation of these algorithms. Prentice-Hall. Radhaswamy. Dr. Final Accounts: Final Accounts of Sale proprietary concern. Tennenbaum. Principles of Double Entry System. Salzberg. Kalyani Publishers. Jain and K. McGraw Hill. Sultan Chand. Advanced Accountancy. Classification and Summarization of business transactions. Addison-Wesley. Heap. PC Software Laboratory Credits: 5 MCA-104 Document preparation using MS Word.P. Heap. Electronic Spreadsheet. 1988. Hashing Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Lipshutz. Langsam and M.MCA-103 Data and File Structures Credits: 4 Data Structures: Basic Data Structures : Arrays. Narang. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) J. objectives and significance of cost Accounting. File Sorting. S. Tree. Y. M. Latex. File Structures: Primary File Organization: Sequential. Kellock. J. Cost Accounting. Partnership and Joint Stock Companies. Indexed Sequential. File Organization and Processing. R. Recording.M. Concepts and Conventions of Accounting. A.

Electronic Commerce – Frameroork Technologies and Applications.M. Polling. IT Acts. Completeness of Instruction Set. Definition. J. other models – Brokerage Model.P. ROM. Electronic Purses. Security tools and risk management approach. I/O devices with special reference to modern peripheral devices. Smart Card. E-Marketing. Objectives. Details of the instructions of P-IV with timing diagrams for instruction execution. Addressing Schemes. ( 16 ) . Info-mediary Model. Data Transfer Schemes : Hand Shaking. etc. Counters. etc.Hayes. Character Codes. Computer System Architecture. E-Supply Chain Management. Microprocessor Architecture Programming Applications with 8085/8080A. 1992. E-cheque.P. credit card. Multiplexer. Advantages and disadvantages. Electronic Payment Systems: Special features required in payment systems. DMA. Basic Model of Stored Program Computer. Sorting. Instruction Execution mechanism. Associative memory Organization. E-Customer Relationship Management. Business to Business. Suggested Books: (1) Bharat Bhaskar. Redundant Coding. I/O Processor. McGraw Hill J. Y. Gaonkar. Traditional commerce Vs. E-Commerce opportunities for industries. Complex. Yu and C. Business Ethics. Organization of CPU.Mano. Computer Architecture and Organization. Switching Algebra. Assembly Language Programming : Assembly Language of P-IV. Growth of ECommerce. Consumer to Consumer. E-Commerce Credits: 3 MCA-202 Introduction. Machine Language Instruction Processor. Types of threats. Marut. RAM.MCA-201 Digital Computer Organisation and Assembly Language Programming Credits: 4 Information Representation and Manipulation. Security Issues in E-Commerce: Security risk of E-Commerce. Registers. Summation. McGraw Hill. Cache Memory. E-Cash. Types of E-payment systems. Cyber laws. Design of Assembly Language Programs for Common Application Problems such as Maximum finding. E-Commerce. Instruction sets : Reduced. Basic building blocks of digital computer: Flip flops. M. Assembly Language Programming and Organisation of the IBM PC. Switching function minimization using Karnaugh's map (up to 4 variables). Tata McGraw Hill. Aggregator Model. Memory Organization. Logic Gates. PHI. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) Malvino. Forces driving E-Commerce. Assembler. Wiley Eastern. TMH. Digital Computer Electronics. De-Morgan's Theorem. Overview of 32-bit Processors. Digital System design and Microprocessor. E-Commerce Models: Business to consumer. Searching. McGraw Hill. Community Model and value chain Model. Multiple Precision Arithmetic.Hayes.

Virtual Memory. virtual processors. index file. J.. implementation of concurrency primitive. Ravi Kalakota & A. Macmillan India. interrupt mechanism. Case Study of Oracle. Wiederhold. File system. Business on the Net_Introduction to the E-Com. Fourth and PJ normal forms. Time sharing. Segmentation. T. Principles of Database Systems. System calls. Functional. Shell Programming. E-Commerce: A Managerial Perspective. Frontiers of Electronic Commerce. Process Control Block. Schemas and Subschemas. UNIX and Linux as example systems.(2) (3) (4) (5) Ravi Kalakota & A. Support for concurrent process : Mutual Exclusion. Query processing. Multiprogramming. Multivalued and Project-Join dependencies. Device Driver. Process. Operating System Credits: 4 MCA-204 Evolution of Operating System. Whinston. Galgotia.J. Relational Model : Relational Algebra and Calculus. blocking and wake up. lock and unlock primitives. Memory Management. Hierarchical and Network Model: DBTG proposals. Basic concepts: User. Interrupt Handler. Decomposition. Addison Wesley. BCNF. Database Design. ( 17 ) . P. An Introduction to Database Systems. Query optimization : General strategies of optimization. 2002. scheduling algorithms. Process Scheduling: Process states. Pearson Education. database system architecture. job. Physical Data Organization: Hashed. Pearson Education. Page replacement algorithms. B-tree. PHI. Electronic Commerce – A Manager’s Guide. data manipulation languages. McGraw Hill. Shared Data. Normal Forms: First. Paging. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) C. Data Base Management System Credits: 7 MCA-203 DBMS Concepts: Data abstraction. Agarwala Kamlesh. System Deadlock : Prevention. Storage organization for relations. I/O Supervisors. Security in DBMS to gain integrity mechanism of roll-back and recovery. UNIX-C interface. Busy form of waiting. data independence. Data Models: Data modeling using entity relationship. Vol I & II. Whinston. Joseph. New Delhi. Ullman. Date. Second. Multiprogramming system: Queue management. validation and data translation of database operation and management. disk scheduling. N and Agarwala Deeksha. Resources. Memory management: Address Protection. synchronization.B. Critical Sections. Batch processing. Systematic Query optimization using cost estimate. Relational Query language.B.D. Third. Optimizing Algebraic Expression. Detection and Avoidance.

Horowitz and S. Aho. N. Brassard and P. Shortest Paths. Design of solution strategies. MCA-301 Elementary Data Structures. etc. Design Methods and Analysis of Algorithms Recurrence relations.Bratley. Project size and its categories. Intractable Problems: Basic Concepts. Basu. etc. al. UNIX and Netware. Reduction. Graph Colouring. Hopcroft and J. Galgotia. Adversary argument.). K. Shortest Paths. NP Completeness. ( 18 ) . Hamiltonian Cycles. Simple Algorithms. Software Design: Various design concepts and notations. Addison Wesley. John Wiley. Manuals of DOS.K. PHI. The UNIX Operating System. PHI. Analyzing Algorithms. Design Methods : General Consideration. Backtracking (8-queens problem. Planning a software project. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) A. Merge Sort. Project-control and Project-team standards. Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms.). McGraw Hill. Primality Testing. G. Performance of software systems. Nondeterministic Algorithms. Galgotia.E. etc.). Haberman. Operating System Concepts.). P. Travelling Salesperson. Quick Sort. The design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms. Approximation (Graph Colouring. Dynamic Programming (Chained Matrix Multiplication. etc. PHI. 2005. Branch and Bound (0/1 Knapsack problem. Cook's Theorem. etc. Software metrics and models. Fast Fourier transforms. Task Scheduling.). Hedetniemi.Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Peterson and Silberschatz. Probabilistic Algorithms (Numerical Integration. Operating System Principles. J.Ullman. etc. Problem Reduction. Lower Bound Techniques: Comparison tree. Hansen. Credits: 6 Addison Wesley. Algorithm design paradigms and representative problems: Divide and Conquer (Binary search. E. Software cost estimation and evaluation techniques. Introduction to Algorithm. A. Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms. Christian. Knapsack. Algorithmics. PHI. Optimal Storage on Tapes. Goodman and S. Introduction to Operating System Design. Optimal Search Trees. S. T. B.H.). Coremen. New Delhi. S. Verification and Validation methods. Greedy Method (Minimal Spanning Tree. Modern design techniques. Examples of NP-Hard and NP-Complete problems. Design Methods and Analysis of Algorithms.). Sahani. etc. Bin Packing. Asymptotic Notation. Documentation and implementation procedures. Polynomial Evaluation and Interpolation.T. et. Arithmetic with Large integers. 2001 Software Engineering Credits: 4 MCA-302 Introduction to Software Engineering : Software development and life cycle. Basic Computational Models.

Data and Computer Communication. R. Tanenbaum.Schwertz. Software development environments. PHI. data encoding. network interface. faults. Hierarchy. multiplexing . network security issues. C++. Fairley.E. signals. Keshav. Routing. Local Area Network topology.Documentation of Project-systems. Computer Communication Network Design and Analysis. Mall. Metaclass. Local Networks. Object. repair and availability. Software Engineering. 1982. Stallings. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) W. Message Switching and Packet Switching. J. Narosa Publishing House.S. Inheritance: ( 19 ) . Circuit Switching. M. A. Reliability and availability models. D. McGraw-Hill. B. McGraw-Hill. PHI. etc. attenuation. layered and hierarchical approaches. Naming and Advertising.A. Network services. noise. S. asynchronous and synchronous transmission. Data Communications and Networking. electronic mail. McMillan. ADA (C++) language facilities for handling large software Projects. transmission media. McMillan. Introduction to high-speed networks.S. manuals and implementation. Instance. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) R. Computer Networks. 2001. Software Reliability: Definition and concept of software reliability. 2003. Software Engineering. PHI. Computer Networking Credits: 3 MCA-303 Elements of data communication : Concepts and terminology. Pearson Education. Radio and Satellite Networks. Jalota. Network Architecture and Distributed Processing: OSI reference model. medium access control protocols.Lamb. Class: Superclass. Prentice Hall. internet protocols and standards. Object-oriented programming paradigm and design. Forouzan. principles of inter-networking. exception handling. Modern Programming Language features Relevant to Software Engineering : A brief introduction of ADA. Martin. software errors. An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking. Polymorphism (Operator Overloading). Use of database as a study tool. Subclass. Fundamentals of Software Engineering. W. 1999. Stallings. channel capacity. Modula II languages and explanation of concepts such as data abstraction. analog and digital data transmission. delay distortion. Pressman. Software Engineering Concepts. R.A. Software engineering. Computer Network and Distributed Data Processing. TMH. Performance considerations. Object Oriented Programming Credits: 6 MCA-304 General concepts. concurrency mechanism. Prentice Hall. Networking : Communication network.

Object-oriented Interface Architecture.two and three vanishing points). Class definition. Functions. Process Management. Reusability and OOP. B. Memory Manager. Operators. Software Engineering – A Practitioner’s Approach. Budd. Applications: Use of OOP concepts in different areas: 1. Object-oriented Data Model. Selective. Encapsulation. Architecture of an object-based OS. 3. Class Extension. Mirror Images. Operator Overloading. Object Structure. Memory Allocation for Objects. Object-oriented Data Definition Language. Wire Frame Prespective Depth. Introduction to OOP languages: Class concept in SIMULA. Transformation: Translation. Object Modeling Techniques. Conditional Compilation. Capabilities. Hybrid Object-oriented language like C++. Object-oriented graphics: Requirements of Graphics System. The C++ Programming Language. Bezier Curves. Object-oriented methods: Object-oriented analysis. Example OODBMS. Constructor and Destructor. G. Sutherland Cohen. Construction and Testing. 2. R. Advantages of Object-oriented approach. Addison-Wesley. Object Identifier. Object-oriented standards in Graphics. Case study in OOSE. Pressman. S. Cooperating objects. Mid Point Subdivision. Windowing Transformation. ( 20 ) . McGraw Hill. Templates. Subprograms and Storage Management. 3DTransformation. Data Abstraction. Isometric Projection. Scaling. Details of C++: Data Types: Primitive and User defined. MCA-401 Computer Graphics Credits: 6 Graphic display devices (monochrome and colour ). Type Definitions. Testing in OOSE. DDA line drawing algorithm. 4. Classes: Friend. Part Hierarchies and Computer Graphics. Booch. Window and Clipping: The Viewing Transformation. Addison-Wesley. etc. Object-oriented Software Engineering : Architecture of OOSE method. Input and output. Rotation about an arbitrary axis. Multiple Views. Virtual Functions. Interactive device. Seed fill algorithm. Multiple. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) T. Rotation. Derived. Storage Representation. Stroustrup. Cyrus Beck Algorithms. Device Management. Type conversions and Casting. Function prototyping. Type Hierarchies and Inheritance. B-Splines. Object-oriented OS: Objects and operations. Filling algorithm: Edge fill . Type Constructor and Destructor. File Handling . An Introduction to Object Oriented Programming. Pure object-oriented language like Smalltalk 80. Orthogonal Projections. Curve drawing using Hermite polynomial. Coordinate system. Case studies.Hierarchical. Programme-defined exceptions. Generation and Display of Graphics Objects. Line and Circle plotting using Bresenhem's algorithm. Phigs and Part Hierarchies. Pointers and reference parameters. Addison-Wesley. Structures and Expressions. Object-based communication. Object Oriented Analysis and Design. Nesting of Classes. GKS and Object-oriented system design. Object-oriented DBMS: Introduction. Perspective Projections (one .

Gilloi. Mohan. Curved Surface Generation.S. P. McGraw-Hill. Application of Linear Programming to Economic and Industrial Problems. Falsiposition and Newton-Raphson methods for solution of nonlinear equations. (4) G. 2003. project control.K. Linear Programming: Simplex Method Revised simplex method. D. Generation of Solids. Addison-Wesley.F. Rogers and Adam. (5) K. P. Introduction to Computer Animation. MCA-403 Numerical Methods Credits: 7 Note : Emphasis is on computational methods Errors in Computer Arithmetic. Duality in Linear programming. CPM: Diagram. McGraw-Hill. Suggested Books: (1) Taha. Errors in the solutions. Baker. Gupta & M. Hearn and M. Convex programming. minimal spanning tree problem. Gillet. Foley and A.E. Replacement policies for items that fail completely. Optimization Theory and Applications. 1996.Hadley.Segmented Display Files: Display File Compilation. Operations Research. max-flow problem. representation. Sequencing Model: Classification of self problems. Introduction to Shading. Normalization. Wiley Eastern. Convergence of Solutions. shortest route problem. Sweep method. processing of two jobs through m machines. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) W. Mathematical Elements for Computer Graphics. Procedural Elements for Computer Graphics. Computer Graphics. Chand & Sons. Macmillan. PHI. Interactive Computer Graphics.D. Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics. Geometric Model and Picture Structure. Segment Table. critical path calculation. Nonlinear Programming: The Kuhn-Tucker conditions. processing of n jobs through two machines. Replacement policies for items whose efficiency deteriorates with time.D. Interpolation. Project Scheduling by PERT. D. (3) S.Rao. Van. Bisection. Introduction to Operations Research. Graphics Standards: GKS/PHIGS/X WINDOW. Replacement Models: Introduction. three machines. McGraw-Hill. Swarup. Addison-Wesley. PHI. Quadratic programming. probability and cost consideration in project scheduling. J. S. Operations Research. construction of time chart and resource labeling.K. Operations Research Credits: 7 MCA-402 Network Analysis: Terminology of network. Linear programming. Hidden Line and Surface Removal. Rogers. (2) B. ( 21 ) .

Gauss-Siedel and Iterative methods for system of linear equations. McGraw Hill. Elementary Numerical Analysis.Boor. Simpson's Rule. Balagurusamy. Run time storage management. Functional areas for managerial decision in Finance – Investment decision. Theories of capital structure and leverage analysis for determining optimum capital structure. The Theory and Practice of Compiler Writing. PHI. McGraw Hill. Academic Press. Eigen-vector. MCA-404 Compiler Design Credits: 3 Compilers and Translators. Suggested Books: (1) V. J. objective of Financial management. P. Predictor-Corrector Method. Statistical Analysis : A Computer Oriented Approach. Sources of Finance and Optimum Capital Structure: Sources of long term and short term finance. construction of parsing tables. Rajaraman.Gauss. Diagonalization of Real Symmetric Matrix by Jacobi's Method. operator-precedence.Acton. Compiler Design in C. 2000. Computer Oriented Numerical Methods.Conte and C. Addison Wesley. Symbol table organization. (2) F. Eigen-values. Finite Automata and design of lexical analyzer. Pivotal Condensation. Matrix Inversion. G. Sorensen. Syntactic and lexical structure of a language. Nature and scope of finance. profit position and equilibrium of a firm under perfect competition. Financing Decisions and Dividend Decisions. PHI. Numerical Methods.d. Numerical Methods that Work. (4) S. Disambiguation of grammar. Error detection and recovery. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) Aho. (3) A. Trembley and P. Affifi. Ill conditioned system. Numerical Integration : Trapezoidal Rule. predictive. Syntax Directed Translation. Gauss Quadrature Formula. Ullman and Sethi. Polynomial Interpolation using Newton's and Lagrange's formulae. basic parsing techniques: shift-reduce. Managerial Finance Credits: 3 MCA-405 Introduction. (5) E. Numerical Solution of differential Equations: Runge-Kutta Method. Harper and Row. Numerical Differentiation. Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition. Error in numerical Integration. Holub. Weddle's Rule. ( 22 ) .A. Management of Revenue and Profit: Features of cost and Revenue curves. Context free grammars and derivation of parse trees. top-down. Automatic construction of efficient parsers: LR parser.D. Tata McGraw Hill. Principles of Compiler Design.

Gupta(Eds). 1995. Sultan Chand & Co. New Delhi. Computing with Neural Nets and applications of Neural Network. Operations on Fuzzy sets. New Delhi. N. An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms. 1996. 1991. New Delhi. Mitchell. Suggested Books : (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) J. Kluwer Academic Press. Goldberg.N. Hopfield Network. P : Economics for Managers – A Professional Guide.. Theoretical Foundations of Genetic Algorithms. 1994. Brigham: Managerial Finance. Fuzzy Sets. Zimmerman. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) M. Thompson Learning. Neural Network Design. Introduction to Fuzzy Sets. 1989. M. Genetic Operators and Parameters. Seffer & Simm Co. Dwivedi D. Bombay. J. Optimization. Genetic Algorithms+ Data Structures = Evolution Programs. Walker EW: Financial Management. Applications. Fuzzy Relations. Neural Networks. Fuzzy Set Theory and Its Applications. Backpropagation. Klir and T.Financial Analysis: Ratio Analysis: Liquidity. A. Crowson. G. Freeman and D. New Delhi. AddisonWesley. (10) H. Neural Model and Network Architectures. Haynes. Z. H. Genetic Algorithms in Search. Prentice Hall of India Ltd. Michalewicz. Macmillan. E. J.. Uncertainty. Fuzzy Measures. Implementation Issues. Profitability operating and Proprietary Ratios. IEEE Press.K. Mote & Paul: Managerial Economics. New Delhi. Ltd. B.. C. Soft Computing Techniques Credits: 3 MCA-501 Introduction to Genetic Algorithm. Academic Press. Fund Flow Analysis with the analysis of working capital charges. Fred Weston & Eugene F. Prentice Hall of India Ltd. Springer-Verlag. 1991. Vakil. PHI.T. 1992. And M. Ltd.. cash flow Analysis. Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic: Theory and Applications. and Programming Techniques. Tata MacGraw Hills Pvt. New Delhi. M. 2000. Ltd. Yuan. Sinha & M. Folger. J. Neural Networks: Algorithms. Tata McGraw Hill Pvt. and B. Genetic Algorithms in Problem Solving.. Hagan. Soft Computing & Intelligent Systems: Theory & Applications. Associative Learning. Prentice-Hall. J. Competitive Networks. Beale. Supervised Hebbian Learning. D. James Van Horne Essential of Financial Management. and Information. Prasanna Chandra : Financial Management. Addison-Wesley. G. : Managerial Economics. ( 23 ) . Perceptron Learning. Klir. Demuth. Prentice-Hall. Prentice Hall of India Ltd. Joel Dean : Managerial Economics.. Applications of Fuzzy Set Theory to different branches of Science and Engineering. 1988. Lau (Ed). London. and Machine Learning. 1998. Skapura.

Shell Programming . Osborne McGraw-Hill. Yates. Security issues. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) H. E. I. Sipser. Buffering. R. The unix model. 2002. IP addressing. 1979. Deterministic and Non-deterministic finite automata. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) R. BOOTP. TCP/UDP/IP. UNIX Network Programming. John Wiley. W. Cohen. B. PHI. Line printer spoolers. Image Compression. Kernighan and R. Stevens. Remote procedure calls. A. The UNIX Programming Environment. D. J. non-context-free languages. Regular expressions and Finite automata. Web Servers. Communication protocols. 1997. Barry Nance. Working of Internet. Ipv4 to Ipv6. 1997. J. Turing machines and its variants. 1996. Authoring tools.MCA-502 Theory of Computation Credits: 3 Mathematical Preliminaries. WWW. I/O subsystem. FTP. Transport layer interface. Pushdown automata. and E-mail SNMP. DCHP. Context-free languages and grammars. remote execution. 1996. Introduction to Automata theory.H. PHI. 1985. Pike. Network Programming in C. ( 24 ) . HTTP. Bach. Connections. Ullman. IPC. D.R. Papadimitriou. Languages and Computation. ARP. PHI.. memory management. Process structure and control. Remote login. Web Browsers. Properties of context-free languages. M. Multimedia DBMS. Addison-Wesley. W. Hopcroft. Introduction to Computer Theory. SMTP. PWS Publishing Company. Minimisation of state set of Finite automata. Elements of the Theory of Computation. Library and other routines. ICMP. Decidable and undecidable problems. Internal representation of files. J. CT thesis. Recursive and Recursively enumerable languages. The Design of Unix Operating System. Data Compression. etc. Interprocess communication. A User Guide to The UNIX System. Multimedia Applications. RARP. Internet Routing/EGP/BGP/OSIF. PHI. Remote drive access. Process scheduling. Distributed UNIX systems. Digital Motion Video. System calls. 1990. Introduction to the Theory of Computation. Berkeley sockets. Thomas and J. Internet Services. Unix Kernel. Multi-media and Web Technology Credits: 7 MCA-504 Introduction to Multi-media Technology. Audio System. Internals of UNIX OS and Network Programming Credits: 7 MCA-503 The general overview. M. Domain Name Server. Prentice-Hall of India. Web page makers and Editors. Lewis and C.

A. Steinmetz and K. Prentice Hall. Minsky's Conjecture. Multimedia over IP Mobile IP/Next Generation Internet COM. ASP and its security issue. CGI. J. Crouch. Parallel Computing Credits: 4 MCA-601 Introduction. System Simulation with Digital Computer. Computer Simulation Application.R. Banks. Perfect shuffle network. Prentice Hall. Multimedia: Computing. Ring. 2000. Introduction to Simulation. Lakeland. general principles. Internet: An Introduction. Communications and Applications. 2002. Web Development with Visual Basic 5. Discrete-Event System Simulation. Nelson and Nicol. 1991. Computer Aided Modeling and Simulation. Modeling and Performance Measurement of Computer Systems. output analysis. Simulation Modeling and Analysis. Greenberg and J. Commer. Static Networks : Tree. verification and validation of simulation models. M. DCOM. Introduction to Simulation software. S. Addison-Wesley. Queuing models. PM2I.A. Amdahl's Law. Linear Array. J. Random numbers. Reitman. Building Professional Web Sites with the Right Tools. Hypercube. Barnes. Web-enabled Databases Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) C. Chapman.Plug-Ins and Delivery vehicles. Scripting. D. HTML. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) T. Carson II. TMH. PHI. Simulation of LAN. Star. System Simulation. Payer. Simulation and Modeling Credits: 7 MCA-505 Introduction.D. Spriet. Random-variate generation. McGraw-Hill. B. N. B. Cube. URL. McGraw Hill. manufacturing systems. PHI.connected-cycles. Gordon. 2000. TMH. Diamond Network. Forouzan. 1995. Prentice Hall. Statistical models in simulation. Deo. J. Stems. Chordal ring.I. PTR. A. R. Firewalls and Encryption. ILLIAC IV. TCP/IP. PHI. Mesh. PTR. Wiley. M. TMH. Butterfly. Nahrstedt. Manuals for SIMULA/SIMSCRIPT. Law and W. L. Computer system. Kelton. 1998. Mesh( 25 ) . Asset International. TCP/IP Protocol Suite. Web Programming with ASP and COM. W. PHI. G. J. VoIP. Torus. Input modeling. J. Academic Press.

Matrix multiplication on Mesh. The Design and Analysis of Parallel Algorithms.J. PHI. Advance Course in Data Base Management System Credits: 4 MCA-602 Design Theory for Relational Database: Functional Dependencies. Boolean Circuit Model. Associative processing : Example systems like STARAN. Parallel Sorting : Odd-Even transposition sort on Linear Array. Fourier Transform on Butterfly. Introduction to Distributed and Parallel computing. V. Introduction to Parallel Algorithms. Pyramid. Cube. Rajaraman. Designing Efficient Algorithms for Parallel Computers. M. Generalized Hyperbus. Crichlow. McGraw-Hill. PRAM algorithms: List Ranking. etc. Maximum of an Array. Algebraic Manipulation. Omega. Multivalued and other kinds of Dependencies. Joseph JA JA. Introduction to Parallel Algorithms: Addition on Tree. Theorem 2 (Borodin)$. Blocking Networks Baseline. Quinn. PSN. PEPE. S. Theory of Odd-Even Merging. Batchers network. Optimization of Selections in System. Associative algorithms such as Pattern matching. Incomplete Hypercube. CREW EREW. Prentice-Hall of India. Addison Wesley. etc. Dynamic Networks: Non blocking Network CLOS. Mesh. Bitonic sorting on PSN. PComplete problems. $ Relating Sequential Space with Parallel Time. McGraw Hill. Banayan Hypercube. Security. Theorem 1 (Pipepenger and Fisher)*. Optimization under Weak Equivalence. Akl. Linear Array. Normal Forms for Relations. Flip(Cube). Merge Splitting sorting. Query Optimization: Basic Optimization Strategies. PSN. Folded Hypercube. ( 26 ) . etc. Computational models: PRAM : CRCW. Zero-one Principle. Decomposition of Relation schemes. Security in Statistical Databases. Constraints in Query-by-Example. Torus. Security in query-byExample. Database Protection: Integrity. PHI. Twisted Cube. Suggested Books: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) Hwang and Briggs. Time and comparator requirements for odd-even and Bitonic sorting. Simulating CRCW on CREW & EREW. NC Problems. Exact Optimization for a Subset of Relational Queries. Schemes.G. Hypercube. etc. Enhanced Incomplete Hypercube. Computer Architecture and Parallel processing. Finding maximum and minimum elements. Cube.of-tree. Elements of Parallel Computing. Mesh. Cross-Connected Cube. Not-smaller-than search. etc. Parallel Prefix on a list. Summation of Vector Components. * Relating Sequential Time with Parallel Space. Cube. Finding Roots of trees in a Forest. Rearrangable Benes Network.

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