April 21, 2011

Fellow State of Ohio Employee:

I am writing to help you and other State of Ohio employees better understand the impact of a recently passed law, Senate Bill 5. This legislation brings changes to the way in which state and local governments and public employees work together on employment issues. It is important for you to understand the facts about these changes. KEY FACTS ABOUT SB 5 • State employees keep their pensions and healthcare benefits. • SB 5 maintains the right of Ohio’s public employees to collectively bargain for wages and working conditions, a right they have had since 1983. • SB 5 makes no changes to existing contracts and the State has no plans to seek changes in the current contract. • The current contract remains intact. This means cost savings days will expire on June 30, 2011, step increases will resume for bargaining unit employees, and many will receive compensation for personal days as outlined in the contract. • The current contract between the State and bargaining unit employees expires in 2012. Negotiations on future contracts will focus on wages, hours, safety equipment, and terms and conditions of employment. • A new system will be created to compensate public employees based on their job performance. The State of Ohio has a highly qualified and highly motivated workforce, and I believe a new meritbased system will allow employees to benefit from valuable incentives and rewards for their good work. Not only will a merit-based system help encourage continued high-quality service to Ohio taxpayers, but it will also potentially provide new opportunities for employees who are “stepped out” and no longer eligible for automatic step and longevity pay increases. I look forward to hearing your feedback as we build a new system that fairly and competitively compensates State employees for the honored and valuable service they provide to all Ohioans. Working together, we can move Ohio forward. Sincerely,

Robert Blair Director, Ohio Department of Administrative Services

Office of the Director | Phone: (614) 466-6511 | FAX: (614) 644-8151 30 E. Broad Street |Suite 4040 | Columbus, Ohio 43215

John R. Kasich, Governor Robert Blair, Director